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“Who are you?” 

“Whatever you wish to call me. Take my hand, child. We have a long way to go.” 

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on. Why is it dark? Where is my sister? Is she okay? She didn’t see the car, and…and I must have blacked-” 

“Your sister is fine; the car did not hit her.” 

“R…Really? Oh my gosh! That’s a relief-” 

“You did.” 


“Your sister ran out into the road, and didn’t see the car. You did, and tried to warn her; she didn’t hear you, so you had no choice but to push her out of the way. Your sister didn’t get hit, but you did. I’m sorry, child.” 

“Are you saying that I’m…dead?” 

“No, not yet. You’ve been in a coma for the last week, but it’s been decided that it’s time.” 

“If I’m not gone completely yet, then there’s still hope. Please just give the doctors more time.” 

“I’m sorry, child, but if I leave you here, you’ll be stuck in this void. The head trauma was too extensive, and the only thing keeping your body alive is life support.” 


“Please child, just take my hand. I will take you away from the dark and into the light.” 

“B..But my family, my sister. I can’t leave them, not like this.” 

“They’ll eventually have to choose whether or not to pull the plug. Do you really want to cause them that pain?” 

“If I leave, that will also cause them pain.” 

“...May I ask you something, child?” 


“Do you regret it?” 


“Do you regret pushing your sister out of the way, and taking the fatal blow for her? Would you rather have her lying in the hospital bed, and not you?” 

“No, of course not! I…I would do it a thousand times over.”  

“Not all say that.” 


“I visit hundreds of people a day, and there are more than you would expect who sacrificed themselves for another. However, sadly, many regret their decision. On the other hand, few-like you- don’t regret it, and say what you just said.” 


“Are you ready to go yet?” 

“No, not yet. Can we stay here for a while, and just talk?” 

“Of course, child. Just let me know, and we can begin our journey.” 

“Thank you.” 


“Can I ask you something?” 

“Yes, what is it?” 

“You say you visit hundreds of people each day. Does it ever get easier? Taking people, I mean.” 

“It depends. If the person has lived a full life, and died peacefully, then yes, it is easy,” 

“What about kids like me?” 

“It…it is then difficult. Usually, kids react the way you did: scared of the void surrounding them, wondering where their family is, and longing to go back even when they cannot. Though I've done this for thousands of years, it still breaks my heart when I am reminded that kids can also pass on.” 

“Are you the only one?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Are you the only one that leads people to the afterlife?” 

“Oh, no, no. There are many out there.” 

“How many specifically?” 

“Even I don’t know.” 

“I have one more question.” 

“You are quite the curious one. Go ahead.” 

“Do I deserve it?” 

“...I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re asking.” 

“When you first came, you tried to convince me to take your hand, so you could lead me out of this void, and into the light, but…what if I don’t deserve the light? I know I sacrificed myself for my sister, but what if that’s the only meaningful thing I did in my life?” 

“It wasn’t.” 

“How do you know?” 

“Before I come for a person, I take a look at their life, whether it is long or short. Your life may not have been a long one, but you were a kind friend, a caring sister, and a lovable daughter. Though you have your flaws, and made some mistakes, you have been forgiven, child.” 

“Can someone that’s lived a long, full life be forgiven that easily?” 

“Everyone is given the chance at forgiveness; it’s if they accept it, and learn from their mistake that matters.” 

“I think I understand, but I don’t know.” 

“That’s okay, child. Not everyone understands right away. I think we should go soon, child.” 

“Just a few more minutes. I have a lot on my mind, and I’m afraid if I go with you, I’ll forget everything.” 

“Okay, a few more minutes. What else is on your mind?” 

“My sister. Will she move on? She’s so young, but I’m scared she might not recover from this, and if she does…what if she forgets about me?” 

“She will move on, but that doesn’t mean she will forget you.” 

“Do you promise she will be safe?” 


“Do you promise?!”

“I’m afraid I can’t promise anything, child. I do not have that authority, I am merely just a servant of a higher power. I guess you just have to have faith.” 


“Can you have faith, child?” 

“I…I don’t know. I’m just unsure about, well, everything. I know we should go soon, and I don’t want to stay in this void forever. I guess I’m a little frightened.” 

“Your feelings aren’t uncommon. Like I mentioned before, kids are usually scared, but once they enter the light, their fear is chased away.” 

“What’s the light like?” 

“It bathes you in warmth, like a summer breeze; it’s calming, and it feels you with happiness, like the way you feel when you are spending time with your loved ones.” 

“Wow, the light is all that?” 

“Yes, child.” 

“Will it feel like a long time before I see my family again?” 

“I…It’s hard to explain time, child, but no, I don’t think it will feel very long. Not for you at least.” 

“I just wish I could see my sister one last time. Tell her how much I love her, and that I don’t regret saving her.” 

“You will eventually reunite with her.” 

“Can you do me a favor?” 

“Depends on the favor.” 

“When it’s my sister’s time, can you be the one to guide her?” 

“...Yes, child. I can do that.” 

“Thank you.” 


“Hey Mister?” 

“Yes, child?”

“I’m ready to take your hand and begin the journey.”

“Are you sure?” 

“Yeah, I’m ready to get out of the dark.” 

“Alright then, child, let’s get going.” 

February 23, 2023 20:36

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Kendra Lindholm
22:48 Feb 28, 2023

I was hooked and fully engrossed the entire time. So many of us are fascinated with death and I love your interpretation. It felt comforting more than it felt sad and I liked that. Very nice!


Phoebe DeNeve
21:15 Mar 01, 2023

Thank you!


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Mary Bendickson
19:37 May 05, 2023

I lost my 17 year-old sister due to a car accident in 1966 a week before I turned 15. I have dreams once in awhile of seeing her again. It seems so real as we catch up on our lives. Suddenly, I realize she is not the one to come visit me, I went to her. Somehow this conversation reminded me of that and I agree with Kendra's comment. Very nice! And thanks for following my stories. May I ask which one made you choose to do that. I don't remember coming across your name before but I read so many and am at that age...:)


Phoebe DeNeve
05:14 May 11, 2023

Thank you! And I'm sorry to hear about your sister. I haven't had time to read or write anything due to stress, school, and family issues, and that's also why I didn't see this message until now, but when I am online I tend to scroll through and choose stories at random, and that's how I came across your stories. I read your "Best Basset" story, and I loved it! I can't wait to read more!😊


Mary Bendickson
13:01 May 11, 2023

Thanks for reading and liking Hour Glass Figure. It was a different one for me. Thanks for taking the time to read and like☺️


Phoebe DeNeve
15:15 May 11, 2023

No problem! Have an amazing day!


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