How Can We Attain the Magnificent Light of Righteousness?

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“For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, has shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus our Messiah.”- (2 Corinthians 4:6)

Light is used to symbolize the Most High. The same light that shone brightly two thousand years ago, is the same light that illuminated the world at creation. It is a holy light that illuminates our hearts and lives. The book, Power of Creation Ahayah New Day: In the Beginning It Was Black demonstrates the strength and almighty power of God (Ahlahayam) who Brings the Material World into Being and lead us towards the path of the righteous. The book is an eye-opening awakening truth about the hidden black history of the Negros and who they are on the earth today. It speaks about their power and choice to choose lightness over darkness. It helped black people to face their day-to-day struggles and turmoil. Moreover, they gain an insight to reclaim heritage, reject old falsehoods, and reconnect with their righteous selves.

Tanzaniyah Kash, the author is a fashion designer who was inspired to write this book in honor of her beloved mother, Pearl Fisher. Her mother was a spiritual guide who developed righteous thoughts and helped to find her destiny in Yashayah light. The motivating words of the mother enabled Kash to attain personal strength, and self-control to avoid indulging in sinful wicked behaviors. She shared many treasures of spiritual wisdom with the believers who would take the time to listen. It was after her death; she understood the true purpose of worshipping God. By including poems from her late mother in the book, Kash highlights that the righteous thoughts of her mother enabled her to gain spiritual awakening experiences and enlightenment.

 Kash being a spiritual learner realizes there is something beyond ourselves that influences and accounts for life events, mysteries of the universe that cannot be explained. Many followers believe it is an undefined spiritual experience. Consequently, spiritual evolution helps to explore the whole new world, and discover the transcendental experience of the universe. Understanding the power of the creator enabled Kash to recognize and receive the truth of these words with joy as she thinks that the true light has given light to all Beings existing in the universe.

Through this book, Kash has boldly illustrated that life isn’t just about darkness or light, rather than it is about finding the light within the darkness. She reflected that those who wish to turn away from false teachings, gain spirituality and step into the light of true knowledge should follow the spiritual and religious doctrines of their ancestors scattered around the world. Without mature spiritual guidance, we easily get lost, deluded, confused, and discouraged. Spiritual teachers and gurus, spiritual books, and scriptures of our heavenly father, the one true and only Ahlahayam (God) is the way to know God’s truth and wisdom.

Kash expounds,

“Our Ahlahayam image is the most authoritative energy blessed to all the worlds and all of us that he created out of the dust of the earth. Yashayah blessing to all of us was giving us grace and mercy to change our rebellious foolish ways of worshipping false gods and idols."

The world of light is propagated by saints and mystics and spirits that allow us to see light in the darkness The Holy Spirit equips people for ministry, gives people specific insight and wisdom, that transform their personalities. Teach people how to interpret God's Word, communicate with the Father on people's behalf, and empower them to live according to God’s design. The book illustrates that Yashayah being their saviour has helped them to change their rebellious foolish ways of worshipping false gods and idols. He came to fulfill the promises of Moses, bringing blessings, peace, and comfort. By following Yashayah’s light, the New Black community are guided back to their father. They gain righteous reflection and learn about ethnic diversity. Hence, the teachings of Yashayah explain the profound truth about all races and ethnicities created in the image of God. Since all creations bear His image, they deserve to be treated with special dignity and respect.

The writer elucidates,

“Everything done in the dark is now in the light. open your eyes to survive in the demonic satanic new world order.”

As the world is facing turmoil and catastrophes, Kash through her stunning piece of writing aim to spread wisdom and truth among humanity. Being a spiritual guide, she hopes that her work will uplift others, enhance their personal strength, and help rebuild the broken spirits of African Americans and those who seek to know the truth in solidarity. Her splendid writing has helped to promote peace, love and hope in the world.  

The Most High is represented by light. The same light that lighted the planet at creation two thousand years ago still shines brightly today. Our hearts and lives are illuminated by a heavenly light. Power of Creation is a book about the creative process. Ahayah New Day: In the Beginning It Was Black depicts God's (Ahlahayam) awesome power in bringing the Material World into existence and leading us down the path of righteousness.

The book, Power of Creation Ahayah New Day: In the Beginning It Was Black written by Tanzaniyah Kash. The author of this book is a staunch believer, a mentor and a spiritual guide who talks about the role of ministering spirits. Spiritual Angels have invisible vigor that no can see or touch on the earth and are assigned to all of us at birth by God. They also act as a bridge to help us receive wisdom and divine inspiration.

The book expounds the characteristics and roles of spiritual angels. These angels are supernatural spiritual beings created by God (Neh 9:6) who can move between heaven and earth. They are usually invisible to human beings, but they can make themselves known either in a form that is indistinguishable from that of humans. Moreover, they are righteous and blameless, that they are mighty and powerful, and that they possess an abundance of wisdom. They worship to the Most High and serve as messengers of The Lord of Glory to humans. Spiritual angels assist in accomplishing the Father Almighty’s redemptive purposes, helping and protecting His people. They keep all the records of our deeds and actions, so we can’t hide the truth from them. What brings joy to the angels is when a sinner repents and puts his or her faith in Christ, responding in line with God’s missional purposes, it brings glory to them

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