someone deliberately trying to make somebody else envious.

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John had always been a competitive person. He liked to be the best at everything he did, and he loved to make other people jealous. It was a way of getting attention, and he loved the feeling of power it gave him.

One day, John decided to take his jealousy to the next level. He started making plans to deliberately make someone else envious. He chose his target carefully: a friend who always seemed to have everything going for them.

John began to subtly undermine his friend's life. He would make comments about their clothes or their hair, he would criticise their work, and he would try to make them feel less confident in themselves. All the while, he would act like he was doing them a favour by being honest with them.

Slowly but surely, John's friend began to crumble under the pressure. They became more and more withdrawn, and their once-brilliant life started to fall apart. And all the while, John would watch and gloat, feeling happy and satisfied that he had caused someone else pain.

He had always been a jealous person, ever since he was a child. When his brother got a new bike, he wanted one too. When his sister got a new dress, he wanted one just like it. And as he grew older, his jealousy turned from material things to people. If his friend had a new girlfriend, he had to have one too. If someone at work got a promotion, he had to have one too. It didn't matter what it was, he just had to have it.

And that's how he ended up where he is today.

He had always been jealous of his brother's success. His brother was always the smart one, the successful one, the one who had everything going for him. And try as he might, he could never quite measure up. So he decided to destroy his brother's life.

He started by ruining his brother's relationships. He would seduce his girlfriend, or he would spread rumors about him. He would do whatever it took to make sure his brother was always one step behind.

And it worked.

Slowly but surely, his brother's life began to unravel. His relationships fell apart, his career stalled, and his life became a mess. And all the while, the man watched and laughed and enjoyed every minute of it.

But then one day, his brother finally snapped. He came to the man's house and beat him to within an inch of his life. And as he lay there on the floor, bleeding and broken, the man realized that he had finally gotten what he wanted.

He had made his brother jealous.

The young woman eyed her friend with a sly smile, knowing she had hit upon the perfect way to make her envious.

"So, you and John are getting married?" she asked innocently, watching as her friend's face fell.

"Yes, next month," came the reply, accompanied by a forced smile.

"That's wonderful news! I'm so happy for you," the young woman said, her voice dripping with insincerity.

She knew her friend had always wanted to get married, but had been unlucky in love. So when she heard that her friend was finally engaged, she had been the first to offer her congratulations.

But inside, she was seething with jealousy.

She knew her friend would be getting all the attention on her big day. Everyone would be fawning over her, telling her how beautiful she looked. And she would be the one left out, feeling like a third wheel.

The young woman knew she had to do something to steal the spotlight. And she had the perfect plan.

A few days before the wedding, she would "accidentally" let slip to the media that her friend was getting married. She would make sure to mention how the wedding was going to be a small, intimate affair, with only close family and friends in attendance.

Then, on the day of the wedding, she would show up uninvited, dressed to the nines. She would make sure to make a grand entrance, kissing the bride and groom on the cheek and wishing them all the happiness in the world.

She would then proceed to drink heavily and flirt outrageously with all the single men in attendance. All the while, she would make sure to keep a watchful eye on her friend, making sure she saw the envy in her eyes.

The young woman knew her plan was diabolical, but she didn't care. She was determined to steal her friend's thunder and enjoy every minute of it.

Some people seem to get a kick out of making others feel envious. They take pleasure in knowing that they have something that someone else wants, and they revel in the attention and admiration that comes their way as a result. In some cases, this may simply be a matter of bragging rights. But in other cases, there may be a more malicious intent at play.

Some people deliberately try to make others envious in order to make them feel inferior or to get them to do what they want. This can be a way of exerting power over someone or getting them to comply with your wishes. In some cases, it may be a form of bullying. And in other cases, it may be a way of manipulating someone into giving you what you want.

Whatever the reason, deliberately trying to make someone else feel envious is not a nice thing to do. It can be hurtful and upsetting for the person on the receiving end. So if you're tempted to do it, think twice. It's not worth ruining a relationship over something so petty.

When someone deliberately tries to make another person feel envious, they are usually feeling insecure or threatened in some way themselves. This behavior is a way of trying to regain a sense of power or control. Often, the person doing the envying is actually more successful than the person they're targeting. But they don't feel that way, so they try to bring the other person down. This is a very destructive way of relating to others and rarely leads to anything good.

July 30, 2022 19:24

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Sally Altass
21:45 Aug 10, 2022

I got a little confused with this. Not entirely sure who the story is about? The beginning of the story was great, John was the perfect gaslighter (if there is such a thing?), But I got confused when he started on his brother, as the description was the same as his friend. The introduction of the woman didn't add anything to the story - her plan wasn't that great. A bride wouldn't be bothered about what someone else is up to at her wedding, unless they attempted to seduce the groom. It just didn't really make sense. The ending was a...


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Kimberly Nettles
23:45 Aug 07, 2022

I became very confused and lost sight of what was happening when the M.C. was beat up. Thanks for sharing your piece with us.


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Rabab Zaidi
00:54 Aug 07, 2022



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