Western Romance Sad

Regina's boyfriend had married a nurse. She had come down during breakfast. Her pace is as pale as the moon. 

“Regina, are you fine?” her boyfriend’s mother asked.

“I’m feeling very nauseous. I’m not sure why,” she replied, spreading jam on her bread.

“I’ll call the doctor,” he replied. After breakfast, she went upstairs to her room. The doctor came.

“She’s pregnant,” he announced. Edward immediately gasped. 

“Can I talk to her privately?” he insisted. Everyone left the room

“Meg, you never told me that you were - ,” Before he could finish saying what he wanted she immediately interrupted. 

“It’s not as if you care. Why did you marry that woman? You literally married her in front of my eyes,” she answered him in a scurrilous tone. 

“You don’t need to be mean to me! I’m sorry, alright,” he answered in a very calm tone. The doorknob opened 

“You will now sleep and take care of Regina. Get that? Please no arguing,”

“Okay, Mum” He then went to his room. His wife was there sitting on the bed with her legs crossed.

“Congratulations. You’re a Dad now,” she sarcastically answered. 

“You will be sleeping here alone. I’m just warning you not to upset her. I’m warning you also not to hurt my children at all,” he rudely answered, picking up his blanket and pillows. 

“Children? Twins?

,” she yelled pulling his arms

“Yes, indeed,”“You’re controlling me now? How dare you say that to me? Just keep in mind that Regna is my girlfriend and I have the right to do anything I want with her” he yelled. 

“It’s because I find something weird about her. She agreed to get married to my brother in a rush. I just want to find out about her. I already warned her not to mess with you.t,” She smiled at once and hugged him tightly. After an hour, it was dinner time. He brought her downstairs for dinner. He stayed with cousins.

“I guess it’s time to celebrate. Isn’t it Edward? You’re a Dad now,” his cousin's sister replied.

“You can go enjoy yourself. I will be with my mum,” she replied. Her mother was a plump woman. 

“You see Mum, I got my Edward back. He won’t leave me for months now. Plus, he married that nurse just because he found her strange and he wants to find out about her. After he finds out he will get married to me,”

“Really? That’s wonderful,” After ten minutes, the doorknob turned open. 

“Edward, is that you?” Instead, it was the nurse.

“Why are you here?”

“Sleeping with my husband, I see. Enjoy as this would last only until that baby is born,”

“Why? Edward would have to look after the child as well right? He will most probably just divorce you off when he sees his child needs him,” After that, she left. Months and months passed, the baby was born. Regina was laying down in the hospital.  The baby was next to Meg wrapped up in a blanket. Edward came in. He stared at the twin boy and girl and smiled. 

“Are you fine?” he asked in a loving tone. 

“Yes, I am,” It was a dark stormy night, and both kids were crying. They were in their crib crying.

“Regina, I told that we needed a maid. They are crying so much,”

“I can handle them. You can move to another room if it’s disturbing,”

“No, it’s fine. I can carry the Jack,” The swapped the babies and they soon fell asleep. Years and years passed

“Do you know that your parents are not even married? Your mother took my husband away ” she yelled. Anna was crying. Edward immediately lurched and carried his daughter away and passed her to Meg. The whole family heard the chaos.

“Susan, how dare you do that to my daughter? She’s only five and,”

“She’s your illegitimate child. You and that girlfriend of yours isn’t married,”

“Do you want to know the truth?”

“I actually got married to you because I was investigating you because of the love that I confessed. I only love Meg,”

“Ed, what are you saying?”

“Mum, I married this woman just to do an investigation on her. I have proved her wrong so you can actually leave now. I’ll send the divorce papers to your abode, sign them off and then yeah,”

“Seriously and then yeah. Then you get out of  our lives. Edward, say it!” Susan was in tears.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked. 

“I’m fine, we’ll get married alright,” They eventually got married. Years and years passed, Anna was at home alone with her mother and with her one year old dog. She soon heard the Porsche coming on the driveway. The driver had driven the car. Her father and brother came out of the car with the driver.

“Edward, where were you?” she questioned. 

“Boys night out in a pub. So fun,” he exclaimed. 

“That boy has his A levels exams and you are bringing him out seriously,”

“Well, I did it in medical school. I went to pubs but I’m still such a success. Our kids are geniuses so don’t worry,” he answered in a calm tone. After that she went upstairs.  Anna was in her room studying. Her father came in. He saw that there was a cut on her finger. Blood was oozing out. 

“Anna, you got a cut on your finger,”

“It’s not a big deal, Dad. I’m fine. I got it because I was washing a knife,”

“It’s a deep cut. You need stitches,” She just sighed. Her father came with a transparent box full of medical supplies. 

“He started stitching the wound..

“Done,” he politely answered in a calm, loving tone. 

“Good night, Dad,” she smiled.

“Love you, ,” After thirty minutes, Anna knocked on her parent’s door and she entered “Dad, I want to buy this laptop as mine is really slow and I can’t really do my school work on it. CanI please have your credit card? I will pay it back when I get a job,”

“You don’t need to pay me. Here’s the card. Spend how much you want,” After two minutes, Jack came.

“Hey Dad, the new PS is coming so can I have your credit card,”

“Of course not. Jack, we got a PS4. No way,”

“Of course you can, Jack. Here you go,” He went out grinning. 

“This is why Jack’s such a spoiled kid. He’s only twenty and he has a personal driver and his own gaming room,”

“Well, I had this when I was Jack’s age so why can’t he have the luxury?” he replied.

“Fine, fine, fine. But if he doesn’t pass his exams don’t question me,”

“He will be fine. Anyways, good night,” They both went upstairs. It was the next morning, Anna was eating breakfast. Her father came down and had breakfast. 

“Edward, can you not bring your son out to drink again? Look, I have no idea where he is. Most probably having a hangover,”

“Seriously Regina, why are you such a strict Mum? Just be cool. He’s a boy. I had hangover’s at his age. Just give him some Ibuprofen.  I’m going to work now,” She sighed and soon her son came down. 

“Eat the eggs. Eat Ibuprofen after this. You’re having a hangover am I right?” she rudely said.

“Yes, yes. No big deal. Dad did it when he was my age,”

“Yes, everything in the world is Dad. Dad did this and that. You know what your dad spoils you, Jake. Don’t you feel bad for your mother?” she asked, tears in her eyes. 

“I’m sorry. I’m going to my room now,” Days and days passed, Jake went out. His mother was at home. Anna was having a high fever and she was resting in her room. 

“Jake, where are you?” she spoke. 

“In a pub, Mum. Just tell Dad that I took the Mercedez,”

“Is the driver with you? Jack, answer,”

“No. I can drive Mum. Bye,” She immediately called Edward who was in the library using his laptop. 

“What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” he asked his glued to laptop

“That boy took the Mercedez and the driver’s not with him,”

“Okay, I’ll have a word with him once he comes home. He’s not picking the phone now,”

 All of a sudden, Anna called. 

“Dad, I’m not feeling very well. Could I have a head massage if you mind?” she called in a sick tone. Her father closed the laptop and went to his daughter’s room. She lay on his lap and he massaged her. After twenty minutes, they suddenly received a phone call. 

“Is Jack Edward your son?”

“Yes. Is my son fine?” she asked, feeling apprehensive. 

“He met with an accident. We have brought him to the nearest hospital but we don’t think he can survive,” His mother eyes were filled with tears. They rushed to the hospital. 

“I’m Dr Edward and my son is Jack. Can we see him?”

“Actually the doctor pronounced him dead,”

“My son’s dead,”

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