He was walking down a Wonderful Place which looked like a Beautiful Garden. The Sky was blue with Sunshine. He saw different varieties of Flowers, Huge Trees, Colourful Butterflies. He kept walking feeling pleasant. He saw Lilies & Lotus in a lake on his way. There were a few boats. He wanted to go in a boat to the other side of the lake. He felt a good fragrance in the air. So he got into one of the boats & started rowing with the Paddles. He also saw a Crocodile in the lake.

As soon as he went to the other side of the lake, the Scenario changed when the dusk started. It was threatening. Thunder Storms. Heavy Rains. He was walking across a dark forest feeling a sense of fear. He was lost. He felt as if there was a beast which is following him & going to take away his life. He heard strange sounds which made him run to save his life. The place was stinking.

On the way, he found a house which looked haunted and ran towards it. He was in a hurry. His heart was rapidly beating sensing death threat. As soon as he entered the house, he saw something which was brightly glowing in the sky. He couldn't look at it.

Sharma wakes up abruptly by this nightmare. It takes him some time to come to his senses. He wasn't able to sleep after that. It was around 1.30 pm at midnight. He drank water to calm down & went upstairs to come out of that nightmare. He felt better when he realised that it was just a dream, not struck in that haunted place.

He started looking at the infinite sky which was filled with Stars here & there. His mind still gathered the picture that came in his dream. After taking a walk in the Terrace & feeling calm, he figures out that the darkness in the dream which ended up with the glowing light was similar to the Dark Sky with the Stars. He often gets various dreams. He thinks there is a hidden meaning in everything he saw in the dream.

Sharma was married to Priya. They were having two lovely kids. Keshav was 10 years old & Seema was 7 years old. Sharma's mother Latha lived with them. Sharma was always busy with his works. He had no time to look after his family. Priya wanted to settle down in abroad. But Sharma dint wants to go anywhere except his land. They were having quarrels most of the time regarding this matter. As Sharma dint change his mind, Priya left. They both lived separately.

Sharma only had their children. Priya meets her kids once in a week in-home or outside. Their separation although had effects on the children, their granny Latha took care of the children like a mother. Keshav & Seema both were very fond of their granny. Granny used to wake, dress, feed & drop them to their school. The kids used to share everything with the granny. She used to tell them stories. Fairy tales were Seema's favourite.

During the weekends, Priya brings gifts, chocolates or whatever the kids wanted to have. She knew they kids longed for their mom. So she made sure that Priya & Kids talk to each other on a phone every day. Seema & Latha had a healthy relationship. Only the problem they had was the difference of opinion of Sharma & Priya. Otherwise, they wanted to be together.

On one day, when Latha had gone to buy vegetables, she had got hit by a truck. She was taken to the hospital immediately by the nearby people. After hearing the news, Sharma & Priya run to the Hospital leaving aside their works. Latha was badly injured. They were broken down by hearing the words of the doctor.

Priya went home to look after the kids. Sharma stayed in the hospital taking care of his mother. When the kids came to know, their granny was not well. They started to cry & felt bad as she was the only one who they had as a company at home. They used to share their feelings with her. They wanted to see their granny.

Priya consoled the Children & made them sleep. But Seema told his mom about the stories which her granny used to say. She loved the Magical Seven Stars Story which she heard from her granny. Priya listened to her words. Kissed them both & gave them the belief that her granny will be good & come back soon to be with them.

For a week, Latha has to be in the hospital. So Priya was in the home taking care of the kids & came to the hospital to look after her Mother-in-law. Latha got cured & returned to the home after a week. Kids were happy to have their granny with them. They hugged as soon as she came. They talked telling how they missed each other. Later, Priya told to Latha that she will stay with them no matter what. She wanted to live with her family. She told that she will talk with Sharma about this. Granny was overwhelmed with her talks.

Priya went to Shama & told what was in her mind. Sharma also opened up that how his life was dull without her. He said he will think about moving abroad & take steps for that. But Priya was satisfied to live there itself.

He remembered the dream that he had in recent time. He co-related those. He compared the Hunted house & terrible times of the dream to the Injuries Latha got. He compared the Glowing light to the Priya who had changed her mind. They thanked God for the life he got.

Keshav called them to come to upstairs & play with them. Granny was also there. All were together. Seema remembered about the Magical Seven Stars Story when she looked at the Sky. Hugged her granny. Latha once again told the Story. Everyone looked at the Stars.

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