I am not a patient person. I walked in and took My seat and looked around the room at all the other people waiting. There is an older couple in their eighties possibly. They are each reading a Magazine. He is reading a fishing magazine and she has a cooking magazine. Both are dressed nicely as older people often do. She has her hair in a beautiful silver bun, He is neatly combed and oiled.

Beside them is a younger couple. They are quietly chatting between themselves. She is in Capri pants and a cool summer shirt. He is dressed in khaki shorts and a polo shirt. Her hair is long dark and braided. He has a shaved head.

Beside them is two men. They are excitedly talking about the Baseball game last night. They appear to be in their Twenties. Both athletic build. Both have buzz cuts and both are wearing Black Dickies cargo shorts and white t-shirts.

Beside them use a group of women, possibly all in their forties, and they are talked about a cooking show on HGTV and the dish that was made.all are in yoga pants and big flowing shirts. Hair is loose on two and pulled back on two.

There is a t.v. mounted on the wall in the center, it is showing a flipping show about houses.

I notice a nice Gentlemen dressed in his Sunday best. Silver white hair neatly combed

enter and after checking in he asks if he may sit in the chair beside me. I tell him yes it is empty and he sits. I am quietly watching the people in the room around me. ' You know I was in the war?" I hear him quietly say. "I loved being in the military, Always something to do, and always people telling you what you do. Never a dull moment." I am turned towards him now and I am listening like a child listening to a bedtime story." I met My gal there, She was Beautiful and Firey and she had spunk. All these boys were watching her, flirting with her and she straight up walks up to me and says I want to dance." His eyes are pale blue but they are shining with pride. " Here I was just 18 dumb as can be, very plain compared to those other guys and she picked me. We danced all night and visited. I learned her name was Irma, You would have liked her. She had a full head of dark curly hair and a body full of curves. Holding her in my arms while We danced was like Heaven to me. She was shorter than me and she smelled slightly of Honey Suckle. The had the darkest green eyes and a huge smile. Why I was in love right away." He is smiling and the whole room around us is quiet as can be. I am not the only one listening to this man tell his tale." It got late and I walked her home, she held my hand and when We reached her door she smiled and gave me a brief kiss on the lips, Then she said I would like to see you again. But I'm afraid I don't know your name. I laughed a little, it hadn't dawned on me I hadn't told her my name. It is Milton Harold House Ma'am I said as I tipped my hat to her." Now I am leaning in a little, I am captivated to no end. " Well, We went out every night that week. We danced and saw movies and talked about life and our families and the war. She told me about being a nurse and what it meant to her and me I explained why I liked being a soldier. I never killed anyone Thank God but I enjoyed the work I did. Well, the time came over the second week for our troops to move. I was so in love with her, But we had only known each other a week or so. I was heartbroken. I picked her up and we walked to the park with a picnic basket and blanket in hand. We sat and ate sandwiches she had made and wrapped in waxed paper, We drank soda and Ste grapes that we're sweet and tart. I finally told her, Irma My troop has been called out. I leave the day after tomorrow. I have fallen in love with you." He smiled and was a little teary-eyed " She looked at with tears in her eyes and said well fool you better marry me tomorrow then. And I did. The very next day Irma and I married and she transferred with our troop. the war ended A few months later and we moved to a little town outside a big city. We bought a house and I did books for a local mill and she taught girls to keep their homes clean and cook. We had and raised 4 boys into fine young men and 3 Daughters into fine young ladies. We had a ton of friends and family and We attended church for our 60 Years together." now I am crying and so is everyone in the room. There was not a dry eye in the place. "How did she die?" I quietly ask. " She died peacefully in her sleep ten years or more ago. But I still love her and miss her so much." I lean over and wrap him in a hug, I just hold him for a minute.

TThe door opens and a young nurse with dark curly hair walks over to us and says " Grampa are You telling these people about Grama again?" She has a huge smile on her face "Yes, I suppose, I was." He says and smiles at her. He stands and asks if she is ready for their lunch date and she says she is. "Thank You for the Beautiful story Milton, I will never forget it." He turns and smiles and they walk out the door.

Everyone in the waiting room is quiet, deep in their own thoughts. My name is called and I notice It has been over an hour since I sat down, I am not mad, I feel happy and content. I walk into the exam room and I am not worried anymore. The Doctor comes in and tells me my results came back.good. nothing to worry with. He asks me to schedule a follow up in six months and wishes me a good day. As I leave the office I can't help but wonder if my path had ever or ever would cross Milton's again.

several weeks pass and I have been making changes in my life. I am making myself happy.

II notice in the Obituaries that Milton Harold House aged in his nineties had passed in his sleep, I do not feel sad though. I know he is with Irma dancing or having a picnic in a Heavenly field. And I Am happy for him.

July 03, 2020 18:48

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