Fantasy Science Fiction

- Wasn't the Big Bang our starting point for the domination of other galaxies? - Asked the humanoid zombie, with a face half meat and half metal that showed the differential characteristic to that of Commander Fermico: a pressurized collar to hold the slave, typical of the crew of the colonization space fleet.

 - Well - Commander Fermico answered - we must observe that the system where we find ourselves, that is, this world, did not come out of nowhere. In truth, we were the technological survivors of said explosion, and we continue in the fight for the survival of our species. Many machines that existed at that time were destroyed, because those quantum weapons of supravital reach, had the power to repel the molecular bonds of everything and any organic element or not, including programs and by-products of ingenuity, such as thought production processes. virtual of all survivors.

 Well, some of us survivors ⁹ had an escape system included, being able to flee in small aerospace devices. The planet of origin of all of us, the Earth, came to reversibly disintegrate in its crust, and its core was a blanket of heat and fire, which at that time were ill-advised to maintain the vital production processes that we now have in place. this colony.

 Or maybe they don't know? - Asking the humanoid crew that was getting the ship ready for takeoff - a fleet of undead remnants, a total of six - that in the rings south of the black holes attacked us with weapons quantum to the invading aliens from the intergalactic north, they have come to vomit their guts in an oath of allegiance and with their eyeballs in hand, a symbol of promise, they have rebelled against Star Command.

 - and we are going to look for them?

 - look for them? No. We are going to show you the new determinations of the Command.

 - determinations? ? - questioned the humanoid zombie - the command is just a hologram, a player of disintegration buttons of molecular bonds to infinitesimal levels to activate.

 These are the real intentions of the command: look, this is the report - displaying the holographic viewer where the command's virtual report was shown with its magnetic clamps hidden by cables and pieces of tin covering inert mechanical structures by not making contact with myoeuronal junctions in Irreversible process of decomposition.

 "Top Secret: Replacing Zombie Humanoid Equipment With First Generation Robotic Equipment."

 The crew, ambushed, freaked out, yelling and hitting the walls of the ships with all their might.

 - calm down! - Said the commander who had just joined the ship, who, tightening the emergency control, fired electric charges at the collars of the humanoid zombies, which soon calmed down.

 Once put together, one of them, not at all stuck, asks:

 . And what happens if that happens?

 - It's only a fifty percent chance - answered the commander, completely dominating the situation - And I personally think that suddenly, nothing is going to happen.

 You have to think that this procedure is expensive, and that all a fleet must be changed, which is not little.

 - We take off now! .

 And the spacecraft took off, in and out of various black holes by means of extragalactic velocity.

 - The mothership landed in the hangar of the planet WYZ-2.0.,, Of the third star system, where a colony of the last surviving zombies of the big explosion, were inhabiting shelters underground.

 Do we rescue them? - asked the humanoid zombie ..

 - Let's see if you can. . However, its primitive structure must be observed, since they are made with meat assembled with bones, a rudimentary raw material with a supporting function.

 However, my sensors observe a vast convertible space container for the entry and exit of its inhabitants, without batteries and self-sustaining through the generation of cyclical energy - explained the commander

 The zombie - Fermico, with some nuts in addition to metallic structures with high energy content and coding of programmed functions for the development of vital functions, possessed cathode ray vision included in its amorphous structure, which literally absorbed and included the information inside plasma bounded by a circular energetic membrane.

 - Effectively, . Container activity can be detected.

 Floating inside the ship, they approached the ovoid-structured container with light-sensitive walls, thus revealing four molecular bodies of hybrid zombies.

 They all had disheveled faces, the vacant gaze of magnetically dilated pupils, parched and cracked stomata, and loose nuts and circuits.

 Surely, the commander explained, they must have flaws in the programming due to exposure to radiation. Look! They go back and forth from one place to another, raising and lowering their stomata that they open and close.

 They are piled up.

 This is symptomatic in cases of spatial distress.

 They are not redeemable. Nor can they be returned to. They are pieces that were discontinued in production.

 As if to save our skins, the commander pressed the emergency button on his metal finial, transforming the metal into covalences forming human tissue.

 - There is a defect: the covalences is not complete, which results in little modular activity of the enzymatic response.

 What does all that mean?

 - That our bodies are going to be like zombies: incomplete, worthy of human underdevelopment.

 - Do you mean we are going to the zombie planet, Earth?

 - So is..

 - Oh no !

 - There is nothing to do here- said the commander - and

 we planted an atomic bomb near the container despite the plans of most of the crew.

 The ship then took off at once.

 -  toward ? - Asked the zombie pilot.

 - Milky Way.

 With extragalactic speed, we arrived at a remnant planet of the Apocalypse: Earth, unloading some boxed equipment, under the command of the commander.

 It was night, and the dogs in the prairies had ripped part of a zombie's thigh, and its arms.

 The vultures surrounded him, taking care of his open belly. His face, disfigured, was full of worms, disputing each piece with the hands of the undead that came out of their graves every night of the full moon

 As it could not be different, the roar of the wolf at midnight woke up the undead, those who came out from under the ground, and when they did not see the decomposing body to consume it, they began to look for blood from all sides, and just like that. monsters, roared and invaded the colonizing ship.

 On the run, the commander reversed the direction of the quantum bomb target, into the ship.

 And the ship exploded - as designated by the command report.

 - Now to start a new colonization on this planet! -


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