Friendship Kids

Author's Note: This is not a romance story. It's a friendship relationship. Hope you enjoy the story! <3

Amelia was taking a walk in the park with her best friend, Suzy. They were enjoying the fresh breeze and the loud quacks the ducks made in the pond. Laughing, they continued with their walk. Amelia had some great news to tell Suzy and was dying to tell her.

“Okay look, do you know Rita Skeeter?” Amelia burst out.

“Yeah, the famous singer? I love her!” said a surprised Suzy.

“Well listen, I managed to get two tickets to her Friday concert!”

“What!” yelped Suzy. “Who you’re taking?”

“You, of course, you silly pants!” 

Amelia could tell her friend was pleased because she had bought her triple scoops of cherry ice- cream and a jam doughnut. They talked for a while before saying goodbye. Both of them could not wait to meet up for the concert.

 When Friday night came, Amelia waited for Suzy to arrive at her house so that they could go together. They were supposed to leave at 7.55 because it was a five-minute drive and they would reach the concert at 8 p.m. sharp, just in time before it started. It was 7.55 and then it was 8. Suzy never arrived. Worried, Amelia called her.

“Where are you? The contest is about to start!”

“Just chill. I’ll be there in a minute,” said Suzy lazily.

“What are you doing?!” said Amelia crossly.

 “Why are you so impatient? I told you I’ll be there,” said Suzy and hung up the call. 

 Amelia knew Suzy was a great dawdler. Sighing, she walked to another one of her friend’s house. She rang the doorbell and her friend, David came out.

“Hey, do you wanna come in? I’m going to watch Rita Skeeter’s concert online,” said David. “It’s Live,” he added.

“Well, I wondered if you would like to go to her concert,” said Amelia and waved the tickets in his face.

“What! How did you get those? Just wait a sec, I’m just going to get my alarm clock. Do you think she might autograph my alarm clock?” he eyed Amelia.

“Maybe?” she replied.

David ran inside the house and came back wearing a jacket and a yellow alarm clock. Just then, Suzy came to Amelia’s house to go to the concert. But she noticed no one was at home. She also noticed Amelia and David walking hand-in-hand to the concert.

Bubbling with anger, she went home.

 Amelia and David arrived at the concert ten minutes late but it didn’t matter because they were having too much fun. The place was bustling with crazy fans who were all screaming with excitement. Rita was wearing a glittery gold top and a fancy polka dot skirt with blood-red heels. “The rain pouring on my faceee” wailed Rita and the crowd went wild. There was a long cue for the autographs. When it was time to leave, David still had not gotten his autograph and Rita was already starting to leave.

“Wait!” he called desperately. “Please autograph my alarm clock!”

Rita looked surprised but handed him the alarm clock with her signature on it.


The next morning, Suzy was outraged with Amelia for taking David. She would not talk to her at all. When Amelia asked her what was the matter, Suzy burst out.

“You took David instead of me to the concert! You promised me!” she barked.

“But you were late. The concert had already started and you didn’t turn up.”

“I wasted three scoops of ice- cream and a doughnut on you!”

And with that, she turned and left Amelia standing in shock.

For a whole week, they did not talk. Twice, Amelia had gone knocking on Suzy’s door but she had shut the door in her face. Finally, Amelia put a small brown package in Suzy’s mailbox and left feeling miserable. Suzy was curious and waited until Amelia was out of sight and then opened the package to find The Journey of Rita Skeeter, a book she had given Amelia. She turned to the last page and found Rita’s autograph. Amelia had given her autographed book for Suzy to keep. There was also a jam doughnut in a plastic bag and some money attached to a note. It said, use this to buy three scoops of cherry ice- cream

  Suzy rushed to Amelia’s house with tears in her eyes knowing it was her fault. If only she hadn't kept Amelia waiting just to watch her favourite cartoon till the end. She knocked and Amelia opened the door and stared at Suzy, stunned as Suzy smiled weakly.

And then they gave each other a good long hug.

February 14, 2021 04:54

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Niveeidha Palani
11:54 Feb 15, 2021

Gave me Harry Potter vibes while reading this. 😉 A little more description here and there would be nice, but overall, a great read. :)


03:32 Feb 16, 2021

Thank you! I'll try to put more description right now! :-)


Niveeidha Palani
03:49 Feb 16, 2021

Aw, no problem.


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Nirosha P
12:28 Feb 15, 2021

Wow! Love the ending! Amelia was so kind! Well done, the story flow was beautiful :)


03:23 Feb 16, 2021

Thanks a lot! :)


Nirosha P
01:41 Feb 17, 2021



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Nancy Drayce
09:14 Feb 14, 2021

Lovely story!


07:55 Feb 15, 2021

Thank you! :)


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