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Christian LGBTQ+

Growing up in the kingdom of my Father I was the golden boy. The expected ruler, and what was expected was that I would bring great wealth to those who were my “loyal subjects”. I would punish those who did not adhere to the rule of the old laws. This is what the people believed anyway.

I knew what they thought, and it was that all they had to do was follow all the old laws, especially the ones they created themselves, ( those they loved the most!) and punish anyone who did not live as they thought they should. Anyone who was not one of them.

Like the poor. ( They had no money to take)

Like the differently abled. ( If you were blind or deaf or couldn't walk, you were useless to them)

Like those who are gay. ( Men loving men? How could they procreate? It must be bad)

Like the immigrants. ( being from another place meant they would bring new and different customs and ways to worship. There could only be one way! )

And, although they did not know it yet, like me, their future King.

You see, I was more, I was different . Extra. I was not strictly male nor was I female. I am both, and a third option too. Not exactly the master they were looking for and sure to disappoint those who assumed they knew me.

For year's everyone saw me as the up-and-coming King. Everyone feared me and loved me. They waited expectantly for when I would rule the Kingdom. They bent over backwards to please me, and quivered in fear when they didn't.

They thought they knew me.

Yet they never did.

They only saw the image that they had created.

Like a shoe a size too small, I never fit that image.

I was too far away from them, and they never knew me for who I truly am.

I held the highest position, but what I needed was to be with my people, less ruler, more friend.

I knew that living so far away, and allowing those old ways to persist was hurting the ones that needed me the most.

Those, like me, who did not fit in with the rest of society. My Father knew it to.

So it was decided that I was to pay a visit to our people, only I would not come as the kings Son, I would come as I really am. Jesus, the trans kid!

When I left the palace and visited the populace, I presented as I truly was.

I made friends with all the people, who, like me, did not fit in.

I soon met Mary, who worked as a sex worker, and struggled to survive in a place where she was used by the men in charge, and hated by everyone.

A sweeter soul I had yet to meet.

She deserved to be treated with kindness and to be loved.

She deserved to be able to provide for herself in a dignified way. Yet the laws in place prohibited her from owning property or living without a man to rule her. Ridiculous!

She was a wise and independent woman, and I dare say, she was one of, if not my closest friend, and when I visited her village, and accepted her as she was, she decided to join me on my travels.

I was proud to have her as company.

She in turn did not bat an eye at being seen with me!

Not because she knew I was the future king, she most assuredly did not, but I was openly displaying my difference and that was dangerous indeed.

On my trip around the Kingdom, I met and made quite a few friends, all outcasts in their own way, all rebellious against laws that persecuted them for those differences. After a few years of enjoying their company, and going head-to-head with those who upheld those cruel laws I decided to reveal who I was, the true and future King!

I came out to all of them. Showing them that this TransPerson was the true King.

I was the came from the Most High!

They at first, laughed at me, how could I, a mutant, “three in one” be that who would rule over them? Did I really think that I could change how things had always been?

I tried to assure them that instead if doing away with their old laws, laws that hurt the disenfranchised, and the marginalized, that instead, I would fulfill the heart of those laws. It was simple really. We would only be allowed to enforce laws that we're based on love. Love for all. Make the old new, but complete.

This enraged them!

They hated me just as much as they hated my dear companions. They hated me for being Trans, and my tolerance of those who did not fit within their narrow view of who was worthy of living in my father's kingdom. They hated that I would allow anyone to rule, and decide for themselves how they would live their lives. Mostly they hated me for taking away their power. If love was the new law, then their hatred was useless.

In the end they sent me away, and continued to live as they always had. I returned to my Fathers house, but I had enacted change during my time with my people. No longer was I seen as a man who ruled with an iron fist, I was seen as a King who had a kingdom full of misfits and outcasts, and for those who new me as I Am, as they/ them, and not He, they knew they were free to live their lives as who they really were too. They knew they were loved.

Sadly, I have never completely been able to rid my kingdom of those who hate and make laws that are cruel and I may never be able to. Even after all these years the hate continues, but I’ve also seen that those who have accepted my new laws, have multiplied and soon I hope they will one day be in charge and rule their respective villages with love and kindness. One day I hope to visit again.

March 18, 2023 18:41

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A.K. Pittman
19:11 Mar 18, 2023

As a mother was of two trans kids, as well as someone who has always loved Jesus, but not the one portrayed in religion, I could not resist this prompt and the opportunity to put out into the world a version of him that I think is more accurate.


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