Stranger things back my own story and title

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Kids Middle School Horror

Friday 9:00

At the mall:

In the cinema*

Max sat down nexts to her boyfriend* mike sat nexts to will * mike said will yeah said mike I brought some snacks said will u did said mike yeah smiled will do u want some said will yeah said mike ok said will will put his backpack in his lap and opened his backpack* help urself said will ty said mike ofc said will mike got 2 chocolates and 1 bag of Doritos ty again said mike ofc said will will got a coke and closed his backpack* the movie started* mike opened his bag of Doritos and ate some* will opened his coke and drank it* what is this movie said max oh it's call the diamond said Lucas the diamond I never heard of it said max will now u did said Lucas when the first scene came will started to feel something behind his neck* will put one of his hands behind his neck will got scared* mike saw will touching the back of his neck* will said mike will stop touching his neck and put his hand down * yeah said will r u ok said mike yeah said will r u sure said will ofc said will oh ok said mike mike got back watching the movie* in the road will use to take there was a grey weird thing blowing in the air the grey weird thing went nexts to the power thing from the lights* the lights from the store school in the mall and the houses went out* uh what just happened said Lucas idk said max nooo said mike my favorite scene was about to come out Steve i said it doesn't work said robin ur weak said Steve move let me try robin stepped aside* Steve turn it off and on* I swear if it doesn't turn on ur also weak said robin the grey weird thing went away the lights started to go back on* see I'm not weak said Steve walking away from the light switch robin rolled her eyes and got back to work* it's already done said mike bro said mike noooo it's already done said Lucas Lucas calm down said max no this is why I came here for no reason said Lucas Lucas said max the lights went off probably the movie was still playing and it got to the end said max but still said Lucas Lucas got up where r u going said max to another cinema said Lucas max got up and followed Lucas* noooo will let's leave said mike ok said will will got up his seat and started to walk * max Lucas will mike went out the cinema* guys said Lucas yeah said will and mike I'm going to another cinema wanna come said Lucas yeah said mike no said will aw why said Lucas because I promise my mom that I will come home before 9:30 said will aw ok said Lucas cya on monday said Lucas cya said will bye will said mike bye said will bye will said max bye said will will got on his bike and rode home* mike and Lucas and max got in their bike and went to another cinema* 3 minutes later will came home and got off his bike and opened the door from his house and got in and closed it* hi sweetie said wills mom hi said will will walked to his room and closed the door from his room and walked to his bed and sat down* will got scared and started to sweat he's back said will he's back the nexts day* mike do u copy said will this is mike I copy I have to tell u something said will what is it it said mike has to be in person said will oh said mike come to my house said mike ok said will will walked out his room and walked to the living room* mom said will yeah said wills mom I'ma go to mikes house I'll be right back said will ok said wills mom be careful said wills mom I will said will will opened the door from his living room and went outside and closed it* will got out his bike and rode to mikes house* 2 minutes later* will arrived to mikes house will knocked his door* mike answered* hi said mike hi said will come in said mike thanks said will ofc said mike will came in* mike closed the door * mike walked down his basement will followed him* will sat down in a couch he has in his basement* mike sat nexts to him* what did u wanted to tell me said mike will said mike will was breathing so fast* will said mike r u ok so last night when we went to the cinema when the first scene of the movie came out I felt something behind my neck said will like what said mike like when u drop on a roller coaster and when u feel that scared thing when it goes down said will u felt that behind ur neck said mike yes said will where u scared of the movie said mike no said will mike looked at will* is he back said mike will started to sweat * is he said mike ye- yeah said will mike looked at will still *to be continued......

March 09, 2024 06:50

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