Head of The Snake

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Fiction Crime Thriller


TW: bombing

'Dad, please throw the ball.'

'No, complete this sandwich.'

'Dad, please.' 

'No, Albert. Complete this.' said Tim handing over the sandwich to his son Albert. They were playing on a lush green field in the centre of the town. It was Sunday, the only day of the week when working parents can spend some quality family time.

Albert finished the sandwich in six bites and ran after the ball. Their pet dog chased Albert but ran back barking. The silence in the garden faded out with the continuous barks of Tommy. Tim stood from his picnic chair to catch Tommy. Tim reached near the entrance of that garden when a loud bang shooked the entire garden. 

The explosion was so intense that the windshield of almost all the cars in the vicinity broke to pieces. The shrapnels did the rest of the work. 

Albert and other children playing on the ground breathed their last breath. All happened in a matter of seconds.

Luckily, Tim was tying the belt around Tommy, who hid behind the hot-dog cart. When the explosion occurred, the cart saved Tim from the shrapnels, but Tommy was not so lucky. The explosion hit him hard but not fatally. 

Tim survived, but the survivor guilt pushed him to depression. He was not sure how to cope up with the loss of their only child. Tim's wife, Alena helped him out of that depression. Now, the only task that Tim wanted to complete was to punish the bombers. 

Unlucky for bombers, Tim was a spy and he had all the resources to complete that task. Tim's agency had narrowed the suspect to Mangolistan. The country where the extremist had open ground to train and target the peace around the world. It was the sanctuary for the extremist where even the government was the puppet in the hands of extremists. 

'Update me on the case.' ordered Tim to one of his junior analysts.

'They used c4 with nails and bearing balls. It was remotely detonated and that minimized the destruction. There were five bombs but four failed to blast due to instant signal jammer. The blast initiated the R9 protocol and the rest of the bomb were diffused. One was right in that hot-dog stand that saved you. We have traced all the bombers involved in this to Mangolistan.'

'And what lead to that conclusion?' asked Senior Analyst & decorated soldier Tim.

'The face scanner picked up the alert faces in the park and we located all of them back to an abandoned warehouse where traces of C4 was found. The burned passports and tickets lead us to airport where we scanned faces for a match and they all were headed to Mangolistan.'

'Good Work.' 

'So, there is a development in that part of the world. The neighbouring countries agreed to let us carry out a strike on their headquarters.' suggested the junior analyst.

'No, we can't do that. We have to cut the head of the snake along with the other snakes.'


'Never mind. Where is the Chief?'

'He will be in, anyminute.'

'Okay. good work.'

Tim went inside his office and thought through his plan.

If all goes well, he will wipe out all those extremist with a single blow. Just like those extremists wiped out Tim's entire world in a matter of seconds. Vengeance was stealing his sleep and motivating him to be better. The only drawback of that plan was that he would not make it alive.

Tim knocked on the Chief's office door.

'Come in.' said Chief

'Good Morning Sir.'

'Tim! How are holding up my boy.'


'So, what is reason that you cancelled your leave.'

'Sir, I have a plan.' said Tim and sat on the chair opposite to Chief.

Chief just nodded.

'Sir, we can wipe out the extremist in a single blow.'

'Yes, we can blow up their headquarters.'

'No, sir. We have been doing that since ages. But when we cut off the head of snake, another one is ready to replace him.'

'So what are you suggesting?'

'To infiltrate the organization and to eliminate all the head of snakes one by one?'

'And what about those brainwashed soldiers?'

'A camp in their nation. We will run proxy government and control those brainwashed soldiers and feed in some sense or use them as labor. They were forced to choose extremisim, we will give them a choice to abandon it.'

'The sleeper cells will reactivate and we can not put a tab on all of them.'

'That is why the infiltration. I will send periodic update, and you keep tab. Execute them all at once when I blow all the snakes in the hole.' clarified Tim.

Chief and Tim discussed the plan to make it foolproof. 

The plan was approved by the government, unofficially. 

Tim infiltrated the extremist organization as a well-known Arms dealer. Tim stole the identity of the arms dealer who was caught by that agency a year ago. 

Tim provided consignments to the extremist, and they were happy with the arrangement. Tim showed interest in their activities, and the head of the extremist agreed to meet him. Tim, a natural smooth talker, impressed the head. 

After a month or so, Tim expressed to join the movement to play an important role in the organization. The head of those extremists agreed and put Tim in charge of the weapons depot. 

He planned a mission on paper and discussed that plan with the head. The hard part was to supply the weapon to a designated location for a simultaneous surprise attack on major cities. The head agreed and activated the sleeper cells to finish that task of providing weapons.


Tim marked the weapons with a bug that will activate and point its location. That way, Agency can track them down to keep a tab on them. 


Tim devised another plan where he invited all the head of those extremists organization. Tim planned to blow up the entire compound and take in the brainwashed soldiers. But the government of Mangolistan did not succumb to international pressure. 


So, Tim planted a bomb in the compound. He was about to blow up all when he received a message on his device.

The government captured the brainwashed extremist soldiers. The drone was ready to take down the entire compound inside which the heads of all level, were enjoying the feast and loud music, unaware of the outside happenings. Tim's Agency toppled the Mangolistan government by force and replaced it with a new puppet government.


Tim ran to a safe distance and ordered a go on strike. The strike took out all the enthusiastic extremist ready to lead the movement. No head of snakes or the other snakes to take the position of the head. All wiped out in a single blow.

Before the sleeper cells could react, the agents of another agency executed those sleeper agents inside their home. The execution was made in such a way that it appeared as an accident. Some had a heart attack, some drowned, some fell, and some crashed. All the secret extremist agents wiped out.

The friendly soldiers picked up Tim near the rubbles. He landed home with one organization less to worry about. 



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