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*Please note this story contains death, and illness. If this bothers you, feel free to click off. *

I honestly don't know what to say. I don't even know if half of the friends I made on here are still around. But if you are, hi. Its nice to contact you guys again ahaha. Its been... 4 years since I've been on here. 4. I'm glad to say that I'll be on here so much more, and post a new story maybe once a month. I missed you guys so much, and I cannot wait to reconnect. Enjoy this short story! -Katelyn

"Atlanta! Office."

I shoot my head up from the desk I barley got comfortable in. I haven't gotten sleep for... days. I don't even remember anymore. The nights and days blur together and I can't tell the time. Especially if your boyfriend is in the hospital.

I tuck the escaped strands of my bun behind my ears, and swing my almost empty backpack over my shoulder. I yank my phone of its charger, and swear underneath my breath when I realize it haven't been charger and rested at fifteen percent. No text from Hudson.

I rush up to my teacher, Mrs. Tubberman. "Did they say want they need me for?"

She pushes her guaranteed to be from Walmart glasses up and into her hair. "No they did not. Hurry back to class."

I almost shutter from the icy tone coming from her comment. I shouldn't be surprised. She's been like this entire year, and didn't give a crap about students lives. I sigh, and walk out of the classroom and right to the main office. I swing open the reception desk, and walk right up to the old lady.

"I got called to the office."

She looks up at me through her fake eyelashes. "Name?"

"Oh, right." I push back another strand of my hair. "Atlanta Jones."

A few clacks of her keyboard, she nods with some sort of recognition. "Yeah, your needed urgently in the principal office. Go ahead, dear."

I don't bother giving her a thank you and I rush right to the open room. There sat Hudson's mom, and my own mom. The principal, Dr. T.M is standing, looking over the scattered papers on his desk. He looks up at me, and uses his right hand to motion me to sit. The closer I get to my mom and Hudson's' there are bags underneath their eyes, and it looks like they just been crying. Oh no. Please no. Please don't be what I think it is.

"Why are you crying?" I spit out to the both of them.

Hudson's' mom holds her phone tightly in her grasp, then looks right at me in her eyes. "My love. I don't think your mentally... capable of processing the information."

I frown. "What do you mean? Just spit it out."

Mom rests her gentle hand on my forearm. "Don't yell, Lanny."

I close my eyes and refuse to let a loose tear fall. "Don't tell me. Hes..."


My mouth dangles open, and the tears fall without my permission. My posture completely hunches, and my hands retreat right to my mouth to dim the sobs that I managed to produce. My pride and joy. My significant other. He was... gone. That's the thing. It doesn't feel like he's gone. It feels like he's outside in his car, waiting to take us to a picnic and fall asleep on his bed later that night. He promised me once I graduated high school- which was in 2 weeks- we would move in with each other and start our life. Maybe even a family.

*two years ago*

"This is a very ugly flower."

Hudson nudges me with his elbow, a smile planted on his face. "That was the only one in the giftshop downstairs."

I smell the plastic of the petals once more, and chuckle. "Well... thank you anyways."

"Don't worry. Once I get out of these stupid tubes, I'll take you flower picking."

I put the plastic flower in my bag, and take his hand in mine. Its cold, but it is at least saying that he's here. Still trying. Hudsons' weak fingers lace with mine, and his thumb softly traces each of my knuckles. A smile plays on his lips, causing me to raise my eyebrows.


He holds up my hand and looks at it. "Its missing something."

I chuckle. "Like what? Am I suppose to have six fingers?"

Hudson brings up my hand and his lips softly kisses my ring finger. "A ring."

I shake my head, blood rushing right to the tips of my ears. The places that attracted blush the most.

"We're sophomores, Hudson. We can't get married." I manage to spit out.

"Not yet, we can't. Give it time."

I lean closer to his bedside, and look into his eyes. "Just beat cancer, then we'll talk about marriage."

Hudson straightens his posture, and grins. "Done, I feel much better now. What about marriage?"

I laugh, and tighten my grip around his hand. "One day, my love. One day."

*Present day*

"Baby, don't cry. He wouldn't want you like this." Mom offers another comforting touch, but I yank my arm away before she touches me.

"You said his chemo was working!" I yell to Hudson's mom.

She bites her bottom lip and uses a tissue to dab underneath her eyes. "A blood clot rushed to his brain last night."

I shake my head and let myself cry. "Why didn't the doctors do anything?" I yell once more.

"They tried, Atlanta. They tried. They gave him CPR, any medicine that could restart his heart but it was in so much stress."

"Well they didn't try hard enough!" I whimper.

Mom runs her hand over my hair. "Lanny... he left you something."

I look up at her. "What?"

Hudson's mom reaches in her bag, and pulls out a velvet box. Once I take it, I wipe my nose with my sleeve and pry it open. Inside is a beautiful ring with his birthstone in the middle.

"He was talking about how he was going to give this to you once he got out of the hospital."

I nod slowly, wiping my tears off my now sticky cheeks. Mom puts her hands on my shoulders. "He loved you, Atlanta. He still does."

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