Christmas Suspense Fiction

This is my worst nightmare, while driving on the icy highway, a semi-truck side swiped my car! I swerved off the road and my car got stuck in a snow embankment. " Great!" I said, being sarcastic. This was the icing on the cake of one of the worst days of my life. I had a pain on my forehead and felt something warm trickle down my face. " What the?" , I glanced in the rearview mirror and realized the warm thing trickling down my face was blood. " Fucking of course it's blood," I said, "What a great way to end this crazy day!"

I exited the vehicle to check out the damage. To my horror there was significant damage to my car! The tires were all busted, there was a huge dent, where the semi struck me and the windshield was cracked. I looked towards the highway and realized it was quite a distance away. I saw cop cars approaching and questioning the semi-truck driver, traffic was backed up and the snow was starting to fall. " Of all days to get in a car accident, it had to be on Christmas eve!"

I tried to get the attention of the officers and waved my arms frantically over my head. "I'm okay!" No one looked my way. " Wow, guy runs me off the road and he gets the special treatment." I went back to my vehicle and try to search for my phone. I find it between the seats and to my dismay the phone was rendered useless, the whole screen cracked and the battery was dead. "Great! Absolutely great!" me being sarcastic again. I better start making my way over to the officers.

I started the hike up the hill towards the highway and started contemplating on how this day took such a horrible turn. I woke up early, excited to pick up the holiday ham from the grocery store, to take with me to my parents house, as a Christmas tradition. I of course, almost forgot it was my turn to bring the ham . So naturally, I decided to get it early morning Christmas Eve, since there was a sale. I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years, since he decided he was bored and wanted to see other people. Funny thing is I thought he was the one, guess I got that completely wrong.

I haven't broke the news to my parents, and they absolutely adored him. They probably thought he would be proposing on Christmas, I guess they will be disappointed. I also was hoping for a promotion at work, where I have been putting extra over time at the department store, only to find they gave it to the new girl, who is the bosses niece. So, yes I have had one hell of a week. I started to get closer to the scene and when I approached the air around me started to get real foggy. I could not see anything around me.

The fog, was like a thick white blanket over my eyes, and all I could hear were the voices. " I don't know what happened really." Said the first voice. " Where is the other vehicle?" said the other voice. " I am not sure, I saw it topple over the embankment and the car disappeared into the snow." said the first voice. " Send an officer down to investigate and get EMT." The second voice, who was the officer. I think they are looking for me, I thought to myself. "Hello?! I am right here!" I shouted. No one heard me, I only heard the sirens of the ambulance approaching and the truck driver and officer speaking.

"Can they see me? " I thought to myself. " Can they hear me?" I turned back towards my car and it felt a long distance away, I decided to make it back to the car, since the officer and EMT workers were headed that way. I slowly made my way back, trying to be careful I didn't slip on any ice or snow. As I returned to the vehicle I froze. The officers approached the car and turned their heads away in sorrow, They started to speak with the EMT workers and they were preparing the stretcher. When they stepped back, that is when I saw myself.

"What in the world?" I was confused. "How is my body somewhere else? " I thought to myself. I could not move, I watched in horror as my lifeless body was slowly lifted on the stretcher. My body bruised and broken, blood gushing from a head wound. I was unconscious and not moving. Then I head the officer speak " There is no pulse, I am afraid she is deceased." I started to scream at the top of my lungs ," I am not dead! I am right here!," but no one heard my cries.

I tried to follow the EMT workers to the ambulance but the white fog approached me again. Thick white fog covering everything around me, as I started to get dizzy and feel faint.

I died on Christmas eve, traveling to see my parents, bringing the Christmas ham. I started to cry and my hot tears burned my eyes and I started to feel faint again, this time my whole body got weak, my legs gave out and I fell down into the snow. I saw nothing but the darkness. Then, I felt my face feel warm, I opened my eyes to see the sun shining in my face. I glanced around me, I was back in my bed, the shades were open and the sun was peaking through. " Was it all a dream?" I sleepily thought to myself. I yawned and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. My feet hit the cold floor, I can feel the smooth floor under my toes. It is real!

I brushed my teeth, washed my face and realized it was all a bad dream. The only sad truth is my boyfriend really did break up with me and I did not get a promotion, but I was alive! I did not care about anything else. I started to get dressed and hummed Christmas tunes to get me in a better mood. As I was finishing getting ready the phone rang. I picked it up, "hello!" I said cheerily, it was my mother. " hi sweetheart, I almost forgot to remind you, can you pick up the Christmas ham? It is your turn to bring it." I froze, my heart raced and then all I could see was a white fog around me and nothing more.

September 25, 2021 21:27

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Francis Daisy
10:47 Nov 24, 2021

Maybe pick up a turkey instead? :)


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Mariah Loiselle
17:32 Oct 04, 2021

Oh boy, don't pick up the ham! Don't leave the house! Haha! I could really feel the character's frustration with the day she was having. What a lovely read.


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