I worked in a convenience store that was a small neighborhood store. It was a popular store and a lot of the customers knew all of the girls that worked there on a first name basis and we also knew them by first names. I could tell you what days they filled up with gas, what refreshments and snacks they liked, and what cigarettes they smoked. I worked there for 15 years and most of the customers have my cell phone number and know where we live. they also know our whole families and we know theirs.

There was a lady named Buffy that would come in and buy things for her and her girlfriend, she would hang around and visit with me and tell me things about her and her girls. and about her girlfriend named Jane, who worked a lot to support the family and would come in every great once in a while. It was a slow Saturday night and Buffy came in and was not in a hurry to go home, said she needed a break from her girls for a few minutes. She asked me if I knew how she came to be in our community and I told her no I didn't think she had told me in the 3 years she had been coming in the store. She had a seat on our little stool we used to take breaks on when we didn't have customers or was doing paperwork.

She said that she had been married to a Mob Boss in Reno and that he was very active in the black market and illegal guns and such. She said that they had lived in a million-dollar home, had high-end cars, a private jet, and a yacht. She said that she had witnessed him murder a "friend" of theirs and that she went to the FBI and told them what she had witnessed. So the FBI had moved her and her girls down here to live with Jane { She said she and Jane had attended High School together} and that she and her girls were in witness protection. She said that if her husband found her he would kill her and the girls.

About 6 months after she told me this she filed charges against Jane and said Jane had abused her and was very abusive. I knew differently. Jane had come to the store to ask if we would write a statement about what we knew about the relationship, and how Buffy would act when she came in sometimes. I had witnessed road rage in our parking lot from Buffy, She had threatened customers in our parking lot on one occasion and I know she would come in somedays and be very friendly and some days she acted like she did not know us at all and was very hateful. somedays she looked and acted like she was heavy into drugs.

I wrote my statement and gave it to Jane to turn in to her lawyer. Jane was very confused when she read the statement that I had wrote and when she read what the girls had also written about Buffy's behavior they had witnessed.

" Who is this Buffy person?" Jane had asked me. Now I was confused, "The lady that lived with you." Jane was like " No, her name isn't Buffy, She is not in witness protection. She is very bipolar and had been in and out of treatment when I met her and I wanted to protect the children and give them a safe place to live."

Everything that Buffy had told us was a lie and come to find out she had a history of lying and of being the abuser. When it went to court the judge was appalled by all the lies that this woman had told and the history she had. He ordered her to get counseling and assigned a court-appointed guardian for her girls to make sure they were receiving the care they needed.

Jane and Me and my husband and daughter started going to a local pool hall that offered great food and I had gone to school with the owner of the poolhall. It was a place we could go play pool or listen to music or watch sports events on t .v. My daughter and I are still friends with Jane and her children and it has been 4 years since all this happened. We are the best of friends and we still laugh about the fact that Buffy had this lie going for 3 years and we had no idea why she would have told us everything she did.

It was a crazy mixed-up time but I got a best friend out of it and someone I can talk to and tell anything and everything to. I still talk to Jane daily and we still hang out. I am so Thankful that Buffy is gone and I Pray that her girls are okay. I no longer work at the store and I no longer buy into the stories people tell.

I could never figure out why she felt she had to lie to all of us, or what she hoped to achieve by it? It was scary to think that for 3 years she had played us and was telling all of us girls different things about her past and her ex-husband. When I had first met Buffy I got the feeling something was off about her, But I could never put my finger on what it was. The whole time my gut was telling me something was wrong and I refused to believe what I was feeling. After all, there was no reason for the lies. Now I listen to my gut feelings and I go by them. I have lost friends and I have refused friendships because of this but I think it was all for the best. It is truly sad when you have to lie or fabricate stories for no reason and good trusting people buy into your lies.

August 21, 2020 18:29

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