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You know those times when you are looking for a good book? You pick up something. And because someone is standing near that book. Maybe they consider you a friend because you picked up that book and they decide to recommend a book?

Well, that happened to me.

I was looking for stranger things. You know, like the Netflix program? And? The person there went up to me and said if you are looking for the strangest book to read. Can I recommend a book? The Bolivian Time TRaveler. https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1235346620230565888

I had never heard of it, nor the author.

The person recommended it. Saying the free version could be found at a platform called Minds. The person then went on to say that Platform had recently cut the book from 60k down to 20,000 characters but the first few chapters still l made you rethink reality for a time.

With that recommendation, I went to the site.

Chapter 5 Time

Time, or to be specific, the end of time. Why is it I have heard of time ending elsewhere? CO2 clouds freezing realities. Cloud killing everyone on the east coast, much of Europe and Africa? Time. I tried to study time. Thus outside of Anderson Time Institute for reading material. Along with several books on math, mirrors, and alternative thoughts about time.

Time is not studied that much. Meaning? Well, I did a quick search today. Today, the equation here is Time variation = -7.655 sin d+ 9.873 sin (2d+ 3.588). Where did the day of the year and the resulting value is in terms of minutes of variation? So? All that tells you where you will be watching time passing on earth. Sort of lost me. Why? Well. If energy is a mass which is usually made of light, multiplied by light cubed.

Time is the movement of the frequency of a light individual within the space given. Meaning? Each person, each object, has its own time. Laugh all you want. That is what John Von Neumann’s final calculation showed. Finally, in May 1957, the same month he published the paper. Meaning in some reality out in a real future. That no longer exists. When he lived until May 1957. There is a paper locked up in Princeton. Which shows some calculation predicting the outcome of chaos. What did he discover? There was no such thing as chaos. Everything. Meaning even my writing this story predicted and written out somewhere. Sort of like the Matrix. Specifically, he calculated that everything will happen according to a plan. Say what? Well. There is a God. He tells the plan, and the plan follows. When that plan is not followed out, he laughs. Specific in Psalms 2, where he sees Kings trying to break the bonds of his story. His laughter I described elsewhere. It is not fun to watch the undoing of time.

Examples? I gave? Watching military persons running to their stations. Following secret codes in their minds. Only their minds swapped so instead of firing some secret weapon. They make coffee. Or a secret agent plugging in a copier that fires an automated system. That is supposed to take all human response time out of the equation. Only the wires rewired. And instead of firing a billion dollar weapon. The copier prints out some spreadsheet with way too many numbers on it. Or where minds were even trained to follow a certain path. Well, somehow a bucket of water misguides the path, ending in a sort of ridiculous situation. If you watch their plans fall apart enough with God's laughter, you wonder which is more insane. Me as the storyteller. I’m listening to me repeat this story. Which I wrote out online on the Cosmo funnel only to have the story censored once more. Sure someone could fight. Sure. The German timeline fought and lost by winning. The completely mechanical non-automation systems work. Yet, when God withdraws to see what reality would be like for those people there. Instead of a Utopia. They created their own sex slave hell of sorts. Why? My memory is vague. However, once a perverted society. Meaning once perverted, always a perverted society. Thus, without God to change their reality or force them to repent and change their ways? They degenerated into a society that lasted some 368 years or so. And then? Chaos and evil go hand in hand. War is evil. Or insane. Most likely both.

When I first started seeing these examples, I wrote them out. There were ten generals tasked specifically with the war. To try what is considered breaking God’s bond or story.

I wrote much about three of those general plans. From a space fleet of 10,000 matching heaven. Being eliminated down to less than three percent of the force. The force fleeing and then nuking their own worlds. To a bizarre idea of enslavement to sex planets. Where sodomy and other evils happened. So God instead destroyed those worlds without much thought. To see the secret plans laid out by a general across the universe. That I got stuck on some other general’s plan. By mind swapping me to some reality. Where I was writing about how earth was to step outside the galaxy. Then that world was to fry for seven to twelve years in 2013 makes me wonder.

What do I ponder? Seems obvious to me. When I started my journals about my journey, I had not heard of the Montauk project. Then, doing research into the Montauk project, the bible changed. What changed? Christ's statement that the enemy came in the night and sowed weeds among the seeds. Say what? Evidence in some realities using Anderson described satellites to slow down time. Realities were able to see God’s stories and change the outcomes.

Meaning? I gave examples. Bayer bought Monsanto for 22 billion dollars less. Then what CNN news said in my reality in May 2016 plus or minus billions of years from now? Is that reality gone now? Well. If each outcome can change the final outcome could also?

That is the sadness. In all my realities, I do not see where everyone agreed to be good, walked away from evil and well were good. I wonder or ponder what would happen?

There is no question about what is at stake. My soul, your soul, the existence of reality. If God gets tired pulls the plug. Or if he wants to see what a corporation would do with humanity. That awkwardness of realizing that enslavement. Either to one God or a corporation is not something I was planning on doing in 2016, plus or minus billions of years.

Why plus or minus billions? Well. My journals concur I lived for a time on an earth where the internet stated the age of the earth was much older than here. Some of my memories in my journal specific dates, along with the memory of arguing with a Science teacher that the earth was not so old. Why would I argue? I am a difficult person to live with. Imagine someone tells you a story that hey, the mountain moved today. Realization that I am or might be mad is real. Realize that you all might be dead a long time ago. Because the color of your sun is dead red, not yellow is so awkward.

So people are dead? To me? I watch people wander the streets and think about the days of the television program “Walking Dead”. The straight walking path usually taken and less bunching up? Now it seems with the masks and all too close together. Who knows? I do know I am not writing this in my native language anymore. Time wise I am unsure what language, however God created the eyes to see and ears to hear. Meaning? I watch television. Programs that said one thing now say something else. Specific program: the American Ninja Warrior. Instead of matching the English words with the lip movement. The whole conversation takes place and the lips keep on moving.

So what does this mean? Change folks. Believe in Jesus. BE good. The only way of getting out of this mess is through a doorway of belief in Jesus Christ. Repenting and seeing what the next level of this game of life is about. Think the inciting events are already here. Corporations announcing vaccination cryptocurrency to tie your minds into a computer system. God’s book tells you they will not feel pain from a scorpion bite. Plague, the coming world war, famine already in Africa, and other natural disasters. I ponder the key event is you need to change because you want to be human. Not some Borg. Not some battery like The Time movie. Not some robot that can withstand scorpion bites. Think. Think would you want to be a slave to a corporation? A corporation that puts humanity under lock down? Either over a lie or a truth in which they released the virus? Either way, the possibility is that they started? Think covid-19 vaccine patented in England by November 2019. Seems rather odd?

Scientologists should listen to their movies. The Christians should listen to their bible. The anarchist should listen to the idea that corporations really are evil here. The potential that the end of time is being brought to you by a corporate sponsor is absurd yet? Could be the truth.

Why do I care? I have the awful feeling I have been here before. Déjà vu. I ponder or think about most movies and authors of movies. Most likely wrote some scenario of their reality and poof. We are living with them. What is my plan? Change. Repent. Believe in Jesus. Will that save me? I have wild dreams. I would not believe them as a child. How could I be so evil in my nightmares? I was not this way. I will not be that way. Those dreams where I would wake up with blood in my mouth I thought were horrible. I think or wonder if this is not somehow a dream. Were all my dreams real? It explains a lot of who I meet during my life. It would explain a lot of where I got promoted to during my career. Those were awful dreams. Is it still if this is not the dream? I need a plan. Change reality. BE good. Believe in Jesus. Simple. I am not asking you to do evil. Be good. Save yourself. I am too evil; you say. Listen, if this is not some real bad pizza dream where I have somehow lived for all these years in. Then time is ending. You do not want to go forward in time. That is already dead. This is the past. Maybe this moment in time is that last moment to believe in Jesus and change. Change.

Change how? No war. Stop talking about war. Put that money into feeding people. Change how? Tax corporations. Why is it that out of 3 or 2 trillion dollars? Some 96 percent of the money went to corporations while citizens got 4 to 5 percent? When you look and realize. That the United States budget taxation is 93 percent supported by the US citizen. With 7 percent by corporations? Why give money to corporations? Why are they not paying back 2.9 trillion dollars? Why are the citizens paying for golf fees for corporations? Change how? Break up the corporations. Where is Teddy Roosevelt saving the US of A? How long has new technology sat in the patent office not used? Thinking about people before profit is not a cheap saying. Without people, there is no profit. Without people, there is no creativity. The ideas of all could change the world. However, the people make the profit and make reality worth living. Change how? Be GOOD. Simple, BE Good.

Why? The Bible fulfilled. Earthquakes, volcanoes, wars, rumors of wars, to name a few. To continue plague, famine, the sun melting armies. Here riots, looting, zombies, now in Zechariah, hailstones the size of rocks, grasshoppers. The coming evils are nothing to laugh about. The story is fulfilled if you do not repent, turn from evil, do good, and believe in Jesus. Why? The future is dead. The first will be the last. The last will be the first. Meaning? If I was in truth on an earth 6.5 billion years into a future. That would be my first time making it. And this being the past? If this is the past. And I am telling you it is. Then the end might have already occurred. This is your second time through this film or more or light show since everything is light. Or a hologram film that played until God’s story was done right. It would explain a lot about time and déjà vu.

Sure there is a better plan? How about somehow storm heaven? I have seen that plan more than once. Humanity without someone directing humanity to do good. Tends to become evil. The rich are those greedy enough to want to steal the little a poor person has for what purpose? The poor need to eat too.. Fight God? I am sure that has happened and failed. What about the mark of the beast? The mark of the beast changes humanity into slaves to corporations. Not allowed to reproduce. Physically paralyzed to force you to purchase this medicine or that? Discrimination not allowed food or work without being nonhuman? Sounds like something evil even most people would recognize. Review of an old journal.

Last of the ten general reports Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.4 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw Expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7 16 April 2017earth date 4.6 to 4.4 variable on search billion years old Expeditionary Force number 123. Subject: Platform used failed.

Subject: The sun?

1. The sun has gone from yellow to bright burning white.

2. Discovered that Katrina 2003 original memory here 2005 that a mirror was placed to cover the sun at 340 two 450 miles above earth’s orbit.

3. To hide Planet X which showed up in 2014 photos, original date and time.

4. Photographs well documented on google search Fallon, Montana and look up into the sky.

The end of battles plural is upon humanity. The first earth’s plurals are watching the end of times on this branch of the tree of life. Sure, I jest. No. Gods pruning the branches. December 12, 2017, nukes hit Hawaii in some realities. Early 2016, something hit earths so hard that every single structure collapsed. Bunkers skyscrapers to one-story buildings, everything the lady said. What about my reality? Why did I start swapping out? Secrets. I ponder or think that is a resolution. There are secrets.

April 20, 2022 17:27

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