He was giving me an innocent smile and judgemental stare. But.. I have a long list of questions for him.

They (questions) are

Where were you?

Don't you missed me even for a single second?

Why didn't you call?

You could atleast text me?

What if I did the same thing to you?...

But all my queries died when he gets closer to me.

'That's his magic.'

Let's begin with our first meeting.

My name is Rosy and he is David. We were not in the same college, company or any organisation. We met accidentally on the highway. We argued over a piece of paper which is thrown out of the window of someone's car. I was sure that it is him ( David). After a long time I realised my mistake, apologized to him and he kept the piece of paper in the dustbin.

He was doing nothing but only try to make me understand that I am wrong.

Gradually, we made deep connection and often started seeing each other.

He taught me to live life without anexity, fear and worries. We are living life without fear of losing each other's company. But everything will not go as we plan.

One day, I was trying to reach him but his cellphone is out of reach. I thought, maybe his battery died and kept trying after few hours. No matter how much I tried same response, "The person you are trying to reach is not available."

In the bottom of my heart, I am getting some bad vibes.

What if, something wrong happens with him, how can I survive?

I went to his house, workplace and his friends' houses but I got negative results. I was panicked at that time but some of his friends consolidated me that he will be fine wherever he is. My heart don't want to trust anyone.

I have to wait for 24 hrs to lodge a police complaint against his missing. I could not be able to get some sleep whole night.

Next morning, I get ready to go to police station and reported that David is missing since last morning.

He asked me few questions which was really frustrating at that time and completely irrelevant in my point of view.

"Who is David?

What is his relationship with me?

How did I know him?

When did I met him and since when I was in relationship with him?", The Police officer asked.

In order to get some help from them, I have to be polite so I answered all questions one by one.

David, the missing person, is my boyfriend and an employee of a MNC.

I told them the story of ours in detail.

After 3 hrs of questions answers session, they said ," Don't worry. There is a giant number of pending cases of missing person, some of them came home, some found dead and some are still missing. But, we tried our best."

That broke my heart like glass.

I came out and decided only I can do anything. Noone else is going to help me.

I asked my boss for leave until I get settled or found him. Fortunately, he agreed.

I started my search operation. Asked everyone, each person, everywhere but got nothing at end. I was wondering every place I can go. After whole day of search, I was thinking about him whole night, did not want to eat, talk to someone or do any other activities.

I was missing him on my own. His words, laughter and dad jokes was still inside me.

Now, it's been 6 months. No news of his. Neither from police station nor from anyone else. I was completely broken. I lose my mind, every single voice remind me of him.

I am also a human being and finally got a thinking that he is dead and never going to come again.

Now, I started to get out of this trauma and going to work. I am GRATEFUL to my boss that he understood my situation and didn't kick me out.

The day, I saw him again was really unbelievable. I took him to my house and asked my boss for a leave.

He granted.

He ( David) became too weak to walk. I took him to the bathroom and saw a number of bruises on his body parts. I was in shock but didn't dare to ask anything. I give him something to eat and called the doctor for his treatment. Doctor gave some medicines and asked for rest. I thanked to him.

He is sleeping now. I am both happy and sad. Happy for his comeback and sad for the pain the bruises caused him. I am staring at him.

After a good sleep, he is now awake.

"Don't you have any questions." He asked.

I replied a lots of.

Tears came out of our cheeks.

'I am sorry for the pain I caused. Actually, I was victimized by a trafficking gang. They took me a place which was completely unknown and blindfolded us . They used to beat us and even kill us without regret if we dared to go against them.' He told.

I really missed you every single moment. There was almost 60 persons including children. They used to sell our organs.

"How did you escaped," I asked.

" Before taking our organs they checked our health condition, I was the lucky one," he said.

I asked with a mix feeling of surprise and shock,' How?'

" I have cancer," He made me with a smile.

As I listened to this, there is no longer happiness on my face. Everything became blurred again. I can't believe what he said.

But anyhow I managed to get some comfort being with him.

I am happy that atleast he is with me now. I will make sure to treat him with the best doctor.

Now, tell me what should I do?

Should I fight against the trafficking gang or stay with him for the rest of my life??

July 31, 2020 14:30

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Himanshu Shekhar
15:10 Aug 12, 2020

This story seems to good one to me.Keep it up


Deepti Kumari
15:13 Aug 12, 2020

Thank you for your words.


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