It was a cold gray day as usual in that part of the city, people were not friendly at all, they were even quite rude to each other. I went for a walk as I used to do since I was widowed, I bought some white flowers to my wife, I would take them to her grave like every day; but that day something was different, the atmosphere felt heavier than usual, and most curious, a black cat was following me, it was the tenth time I saw him on my way that day, I decided to ignore it, since I do not believe in superstitions, however, during the night I could not stop thinking about that animal, do you need a home? I was wondering. In the morning, I did the same tour as the day before, but I couldn't find the cat, so I returned to my house.

When I opened the door, I saw the cat sitting on the sofa, next to it was a note, "don't leave your window open", oh! Someone brought you and you went through the window; I told the cat. I let him stay in my house, after all I needed a pet. I checked the house, and no window was open, an old woman was outside, on the street watching me check the windows, I went out to greet her, but she just said "don't leave your window open" I immediately understood that she was the one who brought the cat:

- “What window are you talking about? My windows were closed, how did the cat get in?” I asked.

- "You checked the wrong window ... not all windows are glass," he replied.

That lady was definitely crazy, so I went back to my house to feed the cat.

The days passed and nothing strange happened, until I began to notice that my eyes changed color, my eyes were black, but they began to turn a greenish color, so I went to the doctor, but everything was fine with my vision, it was just a special condition, nothing to worry about.

After a few months my eyes were completely green, and the cat's eyes, his eyes were black, when I first met him his eyes were green, whatever happened with my eyes, was also affecting that animal. I took him to the vet and like my doctor, he didn't find anything wrong, so I just ignored it.

One day I went to the library, maybe I would find in the books the answers to that strange case of changing color eyes. After hours reading books about medicine, I found an old book that talked about spirituality and how this can affect your body, there they talked about the soul, and diseases, but I didn't find anything related to my eyes. I returned home without any clue about my condition, maybe my eyes would return to their natural color over time.

Months later, my eyes were still the same green color, the cat was already very old, so after a while, the cat died, I buried him in an animal graveyard in that town, since I didn't have my friend the cat and I still missed my dead wife, I decided to move and went to live in China.

In China people were much friendlier, I got a job quickly and lived comfortably in a quiet neighborhood. Everything was peace and quiet until one day, someone knocked on my door, it was that strange lady that I once saw in my old country, she had come to live in China, that explains why I never saw her again.

- "What do you need, ma'am?"

- "I need that you close your window" he replied.

I closed my window quickly, I didn't understand why it bothered him, but I did it so that this lady left at once.

- "You are still stupid ... I'm not talking about those windows ... but about these" he said pointing to my eyes.

- "What are you talking about?" I asked

- "How is the cat?" she asked

- "My cat died a while ago" I replied

- “! silly boy! ” she said

- "Madam ..."  she interrupted me

- "I tried to help you, but I see it's too late" she replied

- "Madam, I don't understand what you're talking about" I replied

- "It's too late, he is already entered through your window" she said

- "If someone came through my window, I'll take it out, don't worry," I replied

- "He will not be the one to go out your window" she said and left

Days later I started to get sick, I had recurring fevers and hallucinations. I was in the hospital for a month, then I felt much better, when I got home, I saw myself in the mirror and ...

-          "my eyes…! my eyes are back! ” I shouted

My eyes had turned black again, after all it was just a passing illness. I was so happy, everything started to improve.

However, at night I always dreamed about the cat, so I decided to go back to my country and visit his grave.

When I arrived at the cemetery, I brought some white flowers, I was too tired from the trip, so I fell asleep next to his grave.

When I opened my eyes, I was in front of the library, the building looked bigger than I remembered, but it was still the same old building. I felt very strange, I approached a puddle of water to see my face, but there I only saw his face, I only saw the cat.

I closed and opened my eyes again and again to wake up from that nightmare, but it wasn't, I had become that cat that I had buried with my own hands, I ran all over the city and suddenly I saw it, that man was me, I was looking at myself, I even had in my hands the flowers that I had bought for that cat's grave, he looked at me and kept walking, followed him everywhere, he saw me at least ten times, but he did nothing.

Finally, I followed him home, I entered, he did not notice me and I sat on the sofa, next to me it was the note that said "do not leave your window open"

                                                                                          The end 

October 30, 2019 16:15

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