The Night Before

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Drama Suspense Teens & Young Adult

I didn't know how we got here. It was too much, I can't , I can't deal with these types of things. My anxiety is going to make me pass out. My hands were covered in blood, I just couldn't, the floors were stained red, Laura and Jean were panicking. Everyone was freaking out, I needed to do something and I needed to do it fast.

And there it was..

*Knock* Knock*

Someone had started knocking on the front door, Jean looked at me, I looked at Laura, and Laura looked at Jean. We were so screwed. 

[ 24 hours earlier ]

I can't believe it's our LAST day of senior year and this is how we’re spending it. Hanna screamed, doing her best to voice herself over the blasting music. 

The four of us had quite a year but what made it better is that we had each other for every step of the way. I was always closer with Hanna, she understood me, she was adventurous, a little wild, bold, and daring, but that's just who Hanna is. 

What would you guys say if I told you I could promise you all one night of nothing but fun before we all wake up tomorrow going our separate ways to carry out unwanted responsibilities. Hanna asked as she wore her Hanna smirk. 

No way Hanna, I'm not getting into your crap tonight. Laura responded. Laura was the type to color inside of the lines. She followed all rules as a strong believer in following principles. She got straight A’s, she was focused, and determined for greatness but her greatest downfall is that she never gave herself a break. But if I was being honest with myself, out of the four of us, she’d probably be going the furthest. 

Alright that already sounds like too much work Hangover Hanna, I have some pot we can smoke. If you’re not a loser, meet in the back with paper and a lighter. Ahh, classic Jean. It's nice to think that we have a harmonious balance of personalities within the friend group. Jean was a classic stoner, severe munchies 24/7, high off of whatever whenever she got the chance. Nevertheless she was a good friend, she was always willing to lend an ear mostly because she was too stoned to say no but she was always there when any of us needed a place to crash or an extra $5. 

You know what. Yes, let's get out of here. Whatever it is Hanna, I'm down. Just get me the hell out of here and I promise when I'm a famous published author I won't forget you. I winked at her. Then there's me, plain old, basic me. I'm Spencer, I have big hopes, and dreams, but not enough motivation in me to live them out but that's another story for another time. 

Alright. That's what I'm talking about ladies. I know a guy who knows a guy that can guarantee us a night we’ll never forget. I'm gonna reach out to my contacts, I'll meet you all at Wilsons Park on 93rd in 25 minutes. Be back in a jiff. She blew us a kiss and took off. 

I know you ALL know that this is a very very bad idea. Laura outbursts.

I think we should just ride out prom and enjoy the night for what it is. 

Come on Laura hit this you might have something else to say other then, “ Hi Im Laura and I have a stick up my ass.”

I couldn't help but laugh. I couldn't imagine my life without any of them. We were all small pieces of a puzzle that looked so good together and fit perfectly. We ended up leaving the dance and making our way to Wilsons park just like Hanna asked. We were sitting on the park swings, swinging back and forth in pitch black for about 45 minuted until she finally arrived. We could hear cars approaching, about 10-12 big cards blasting music from blocks away. 

Nope, absolutely not. Im going home. Laura said. 

Hey ladies. Sorry for the hold up it took me a while to round up my troops. Meet the seven frat houses of Whitemore college. Hanna said with a devious smirk.

They were all so handsome, all in their own way. Some ripped, some dangerous, some tall, some short, and yet everyone of them seemed compelling in their own way. Hanna tossed me her car keys, interrupting my train of thought. 

Spence, you take my car and drive the girls to my house. I have the space, the drinks, and well lets be honest the most convenient space in comparison… She gazed off into a distance looking over at Laura. 

Laura and Hanna always had some type of animosity towards each other. Laura was hardworking, she had plans and she knew exactly how she was going to get what she wanted. Hannah always envied that. 

Im telling you this is a BAD idea. Laura warned once again. 

Alright officer get in the car . I responded chuckling at her inability to let go. What I hadn't realized that night is how right Laura actually was. I began speeding down the highway eager to see what type of night Hanna had planned for us. She was wealthier that the four of us combined, so she definitely had the room to fit everyone. I just hoped that she was making a good decision with who it was that she was inviting into her house considering the amount of money they had sitting in there. 

Are you kidding me Jean. You’re gonna stink up the whole car. Laura began coughing, attempting to scold Jean for lighting up in Hanna's car. 

You guys are a trip. Jean blew smoke in Laura's face laughing. I turned up the stereo in Hanna's car, rolled down the windows, and enjoyed what was light of my night before it was about to take a left turn. 

Alright guys we’re here. I alarmed waking the two of them up. We walked up the front steps, to find the door open. 

We all looked at each other puzzled, just as we stepped into the entrance from the front door our jaws dropped-

June 11, 2021 22:50

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Jay Luuu
13:43 Jun 12, 2021

Hey Ashley, a nice story. Very creative. But I'm a little confused. Can you explain to me what happened? Like who died and what was it they saw when they entered the house.


Ashley Hassan
03:38 Jun 13, 2021

Hi Jay Luu, i guess you’ll have to wait and find out 😉 I intend on revisiting many of my past stories to create a part 2, enhancing and furthering the plot.


Jay Luuu
06:12 Jun 13, 2021

:O alright! I can't wait to find out!


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