Why I Never Go To Parties

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Romance Sad High School

“Good job on your test Rose! You got a perfect 100!” Mrs. Lucy said. 

I looked around the room and noticed everyone was clapping for me. I studied all night for that test, I guess hard work does pay off. 

“It’s time for lunch, you’re all dismissed.” 

We all ran out to feed our growling bellies. Suddenly, Axel walked up to the microphone in front of the cafeteria and took it from the dean who was making announcements about upcoming events. Everyone grew quiet as we waited for Axel to speak. 

“Good Morning fellow pupils. What I am about to say is extremely risky, and it may or may not end well. I can walk out of this room with a smile on my face, or I can walk out of this room crying.”

“JUST SAY IT ALREADY!” Lucas yelled. 

Axel laughed nervously, and his face was flustered. Suddenly, he was looking over at me. 

“Rose, will you go to prom with me?” He asked. 

He looked intensely at me, but I was able to see the hopefulness in his eyes. The dean began to grab at the microphone, but he kept it until I answered. All the attention was on me. 

“Can we talk about this in private? You are putting a lot of pressure on me.” I said. 

“Rose, Please.”

“What the hell! Why not! Can you give the microphone back to the dean now?”

“THANK YOU!” The dean said. 

Axel did some odd victory dance, and a tear of joy rolled down his eye. The classmates' faces were in awe, and he ran over to me and wrapped me in his embrace. Lucas looked over to me, then got up and left the cafeteria. 

“I will see you tomorrow at the party! I will pick you up around eight, how does that sound?”

“Sounds good,” I said blushing. 

I went home that night reflecting on what just happened. My mom called me for dinner and was stuck in my thoughts. 

“Honey, what's wrong. You are always full of stories and have a bright smile on your face.” Mom said. 

“I am going to prom.”

My mom looked over to my father and glowed up with excitement. 

“MY BABY IS GOING TO PROM!” She screamed. 

“Mom, seriously?”


“No Mom. It was Axel.”


“Wow, thanks, Mom.”


The doorbell ringing sent shivers up my spine. I was not ready, I never went to prom before. I don’t even know how to dance! I opened the door, and Axel’s jaw dropped open. 

“Rose, you look stunning,” Axel said. 

I was too shy to talk, and as I looked behind him I saw a limo in the driveway. 

“Yes Rose, that’s for you.”

He offered his hand, and I took it. I couldn’t help my hand from shaking. 

Finally, we walked into the room with lights shining everywhere. Suddenly we were doing a slow dance, and I rested my head against his strong chest. His touch was warm against my body, and he ran his hands up and down my waist. He leaned in for a kiss, and I closed my eyes. Suddenly he pulled away, and I saw Lucas next to him crossing his arms. 

“Lucas, what do you want man?” Axel said. 

“I would like a word with Rose,” Lucas said. 

“No man, she is mine tonight. Lay the frick off.”

“It’s ok Axel. Just go get some drinks, I will be back in a minute.”

I went to another room, and Lucas looked upset. 

“Rose, Why are you with Axel, you know I like you.”

“To be fair, you never asked me. So how is any of this my fault?”

“You said yes! I liked you since we were little and you go with a guy you just met?”

“Again, you never asked me!”

“It's common sense, Rose! Use your brain, you're good at it!”

“Seriously? You are using my test scores against me?”

“Look, I am sorry. I just really like you Rose. I should have asked you.”

“He went in for a kiss, and his grip on my head was too strong for me to be able to pull away.” 


I looked over and saw Axel, who dropped the wine glasses on the floor. The wine was spilling all over his white shoes. 

“Axel, I was trying to pull away!”

“No, you weren’t. I understand you knew this idiot since you were little, and that’s why I said it was a risk to ask you. If you wanted to say no, you should have just said it. I hope you’re happy Lucas.”

“Axel wait! Please don’t leave.”

Lucas was smirking in the corner of the room. 

“What do you want Rose?”

“Look, it will make Lucas mad if he sees us having fun. So let’s go have fun together.”

“Is this what this is Rose? Is this some sort of game you are playing? Well let me tell you something, you played the game on my heart already. Don’t blame yourself, I am not as smart as you are. I thought it was a good idea to ask you hoping you and Lucas were just friends. I don’t want to get in the way of what you guys already have. I am going home, Rose. I just want to be alone.” Axel said. 

He walked out of the room crying and threw the flowers he was going to give me on the ground. I looked back at Lucas, who was continuously smiling. 

“Don’t worry about those stupid flowers, I got you some myself.”

He handed me a big bouquet of tulips, and I began to sneeze. 


I ran back home and cried the whole run there. I knew parties weren’t for me, and the whole night was a disaster. I was convinced I would never go to another party after this, nor was I ever going to talk to Lucas again. 

May 08, 2021 20:26

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17:46 May 17, 2021

i hope you can do another story after this. i would love to know what happens next


Rose Quartz
19:47 May 18, 2021

Aw you mean that? Thanks so much, I will take that into consideration :3


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Charlie Murphy
02:10 May 17, 2021

I feel bad for Axel. Lucas is a jerk! Great job!


Rose Quartz
19:48 May 18, 2021

haha thanks


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