LGBTQ+ Romance Sad

“How strange,” Pope stated as he poured the water into a coffee mug, the wisps of heat billowing out into the air freely. He scoffed to himself as he listened to Atticus ramble, plopping a bag of tea leaves into the steamy liquid. A reminiscent made its way onto Pope’s lips as Pope repeatedly dunked the small bag, his current mind elsewhere. He thought of simpler times, like the way that his bare feet would hit the dampened sand, dodging the many relaxing adults and almost tripping over several towels and umbrellas. Pope wanted so badly to be back on the coast, to feel the ocean’s water beneath his tiny feet that were now much larger. He barely noticed the scalding water that reddened his fingers, nor did he see his boyfriend’s gentle voice telling him to snap out of it. It was when Atticus snapped his fingers in front of Pope’s face, slowly sliding the cup out of his reach.

With a frantic wave of the hand and blows on his skin, Pope looked at Atticus’s concerned yet irritated glare with a frown. “What’s up with you lately?” the boy asked his lover, humming as he waved his finger before the other could answer. “And don’t say ‘nothing.’ You’ve been using that excuse for the past three days.” Atticus wanted to be mad at Pope, but if he didn’t know any better– he’d probably say his boyfriend was depressed despite his eccentric attitude. Pope didn’t answer his gaze locked on the ‘very interesting’ loaf of bread that sat on their counter. Atticus moved to stand in front of him, crossing his arms as he stared at the man that just now had a guilty conscience. He was expecting to hear an apology, even just a simple ‘sorry.’ but nothing came out of his mouth. Atticus sighed and took his hands into his own, his eyes holding no sense of dread or anything of the like. “Pope, I just want to know why. Why do you bring me tea every day? Why do you always get this faraway look in your eyes at random times? Why don’t we ever kiss anymore?” These were all questions that needed to be answered, in which there were many more that he could ask if Pope didn’t see that he needed to do so. “I miss being a kid, Atticus. I want to be at the beach again, like when we were way younger. I want to smell the ocean again, where the naturally salty air will always be willing to enter my nose. I want to see my parents again, but I wish they could have met you most of all. I make you tea every day because it’s the only other thing that I can connect the ocean with, which I know sounds stupid- but we both know I am!”

Pope’s chest heaved, tears running down his cheeks freely. Atticus wasn’t bothered by his sudden outburst; he was pretty pleased to hear the answers that he needed to hear so badly. He placed a gentle hand on his chest, his other hand going to cup his dampened cheek. He wiped his tears with his thumb, a soft smile on his lips. He leaned up and pressed a kiss to his lips, silently reassuring him that everything would be alright. It was going to be okay. That was what went through Pope’s head as his touch starved body reacted to his hands, restoring his hope that sat crumbled in his heart. Atticus long forgot the tea on the counter as they walked out into the living room, involuntarily deciding to spend their day together instead of apart. The signature octopus mug watched and waited for Atticus to come and pick it up. It wanted Atticus to drink its contents that have since gone cold due to the time difference between the initial moment that Pope made the tea and the following day.

The mug was pleased to see that their relationship had been somewhat repaired, even though it was inanimate. But in Atticus and Pope's minds, it had a dream that was able to be true just as much as theirs was.

Of course- if you tell someone your dream, will it ever come true? That is a fairy tale, but one can only hope that plans come true- especially for the octopus named Valerie, who received her name from Atticus.

A sweet boy dreams of things like fairy tales that will make things for him and the love of his life good. He wants nothing more than to make his boyfriend happy.

“How strange” indeed, and although it was something that Pope let slip out, it was something that Atticus noticed had nothing to do with their conversation. Perhaps he was stuck in his own thoughts- but it was always Atticus that brought him out of his stupor.

The two were meant for each other. Thus, the title- 'I Will Try For You'. Atticus wants to make Pope happy. But it's Pope that does everything in his power to make himself interesting, marvelous, spectacular, extraordinary. Because otherwise, Pope would just be another emo kid with anger issues. He knows this, but sometimes he wonders what made Atticus so drawn to him.

Perhaps it was his signature mango-hibiscus tea? Or was it his love all along?

January 12, 2022 03:16

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