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Kids Happy Friendship

(To get an understanding of this story. Plz read Kayla and the Job first Thx) 

Has Kayla Continued her job. She Discovered more about her job, and had lots of questions. Here are the top ten Questions she was thinking.

10. How much was she getting paid?

Kayla was thinking if it was alright to tell Mark how much, she and her friends are getting paid. Even though this job is just working with all this junk. She was curious. Then suddenly she said it.

 “Mister,” She began to say. “How much are we getting paid?” “like this is a job, and the people got to be paid right?” Mark begin to say, “Ah yes people got to be paid if they are working hard,”

“It’s 20$ per hour,” Well right after he said. Kayla thought that was fair.

9. Celebrities were here??

Kayla and her friends were working really hard. They decided to check out more stuff. Then Mia saw something, her face went in shock. “Hey guys check this out,” Mia said. As Me and Jordan came to her. We were looking at a poster. It was Labeled Wall of Celebrities. It showed pics of Celebrities. Some we knew, and some well most of them we had no clue. Mark came to check on us, and saw us standing by the poster. “Well” He began to say. “This shows all the Celebrities that came to this store,” Me, Jordan, and Mia looked at Mark. Then we looked at each other, and screamed. “UH guys to loud,” Mark said. We all calmed down. If Kayla and her friends keep the job, they can meet CELEBRITIES!

8. What’s Outside?

When everyone was working, people came( No sign of Celebs) but Kayla was thinking of how people know where this store is, because the junk store was in a place, where there are no other stores around. It’s like abandoned Kayla though. She was thinking if they were a place, you know if they were on break, and if they was  a playground or something, but Kayla did not worry about it, her friends didn't no one did. So Kayla just continued her work.

7. Can we buy things?

To Kayla this was dumb to think about. I mean like she was thinking that she can’t, but she was not sure. What about if you get fired? She thought, she does not want to get fired though. She found something that her mom needed. A mixer! Then she decided to ask Mark. He replied so nicely saying yes. Kayla called her mom, told her, and she bot it. 

6. What was that sound?

Kayla and her friends had this job for a week so far, and got paid a good amount. While they were working, there was a sound. Kayla and her friends jumped, and wondering what that strange sound is.

“Oh sorry guys” Mark said. “That’s the phone” Okay that did not sound like a phone, it sounded like an alarm clock that went off, and for a week we never heard it until now.

5. Animals can come into the store?

Now you are probably thinking that no Animals can not be inside any store. Kayla and her friends thought that too. Just then a woman came into the store with her cat. “Excuse me,” Jordan kindly said. “Yes,” the woman said. “No pets allowed,” Mia said. “When was that a rule in this store?” The woman said .We were all confused. So we went to get Mark. “Can pets be in the store?” We told him. “Well for this store yes” He said. “How!” I said. “Well we did something that allows us to,” Mark said. Then the 3 girls were all thinking that this is not an ordinary Junk store.

4. More Peeps?

I mean like this store only has 4 people working, and still everything gets done so fast. Kayla and her friends were thinking if they can get more people to work here. Mia put a poster outside saying We are hiring. Just then a man comes into the store.

 “Hey big guy!” Jordan said.

“Uh Hey” The man said back.

“And what is your name?” I said.

“Dan,” The man said. 

“Well Dan,” Mia said. “We are looking for people to work here, so what do you say?”  

“Uh I already have a Job, and it’s way better than this job,” Dan said.

“Come on!” I said. “You can meet Celebrities!” 

“What!” Dan said. “A Celebrity can’t be here!”

We showed him the Poster, and he was shook. He knows all of those Celebrities!

“Now you want to Join?” Jordan said.

“Uh, still a No” Dan said. “I don’t believe this” Then he Left.

“What come on!” Mia said. “Well guys” Kayla began to say. “I kind of like it just the four of us”

“Well yeah ok” Mia and Jordan said. We went and took the hiring poster down.

3. What’s your experience?  

Kayla and her friends were on lunch break. Kayla told her friends a Question.

“What is your experience of this job?” Kayla said.

“Well my experience is alright. It’s not about how it looks, it’s about doing work, and learning  responsibility” Jordan said.

“Yeah your right,” Mia said. “Kids like us need to work, so that we can learn what to do when we grow up”

“You guys think the way I think” Kayla said.

2. Can we leave early sometimes?

Kayla was thinking of this Question, and told her friends what they think.

“We think that’s a great idea!” They said. They went to Mark to ask if that was going to happen.

“Uh Yeah that will happen, not everyday though!” He said.

This job was getting better and better for the girls.

1.  Will I have this Job forever?

Now this was the Question, she was thinking the most. She didn't tell her friends, but she had an answer.

She will have this for a year or two. ( She wants to meet a Celebrity first)

But not forever. She could also tell her friends were not going to have this job forever as well.

But this will help her to have a great job when she is older.

Just start slow.

December 29, 2020 16:28

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Ruby 💫
16:31 Dec 29, 2020

I could not really think of another topic for this prompt. So I decided it can kind of continue Kayla and the job I guess. Hope you Enjoy 😀 -Ruby💖


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16:37 Dec 29, 2020

hiii! great use of quotation marks! critique would be that you are jumping from third, second and first-person. Example: " Now this was the Question, she was thinking the most. She didn't tell her friends, but she had an answer." 'she' is second person and here, "I mean like this store only has 4 people working, and still everything gets done so fast. Kayla and her friends were thinking if they can get more people to work here." You jumped from first person( I )to third person (Kayla). So try and keep your perspective consistent through...


Ruby 💫
16:51 Dec 29, 2020

Uh Ok thanks!


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