Coming of Age Drama Sad

Power companies and crewmates struggled to return lights and gas back to suburban California; the biggest tsunami on record had just decimated the coastline. The survivors struggled to repair and people were at their pettiest. Especially one family of four. Father Anthony Richards’ was a coldhearted businessman who only cared about his bottomline. As such Anthony had no problem bankrupting the school districts. Which had a dominion effect of all the teachers hating his two children. Amanda took it out on everyone like the spoiled rich girl. while Justin choice more creative ways of enacting his revenge and pettiness. Normally it was a prank or rude rumor that was never traced back to him. So when the girl he sort of likes began to mock him in public he snapped.

 It all started when pretty girl Linsey had rolled her pretty blue eyes. 

“Who in there right mind would date, someone who thinks there God” 

“I never said i was God”

“Well you act like your higher the thou”

“At least girls like me,” he sassed folding his arms pointedly. “Your such a dork,” Lindsey rolled her eyes looking back at the older girls. “I bet even with your families reputation, not one girl will go out with you” Expecting the challenge. Justin arrogently, strolled up to the woman. At first it was going great until, he asked them out. Snid, cackling laughter echoed around him definingly. 

“Just kidding, ladies it was a dare” He said trying to laugh of the awkward felling brewing in his chest. It was anger. He knew what to do with anger, revenge. It was the only rational choice, Stocking from the court yard he avoided Lindsey for a whole week. Observing from a far and the force class time. Finally he had the prefect plam. He would show her how it felt to be humiliated. 

   Crafting a web of lies he forged a letter, spread a rumor that a boy liked her, and let the gossip meal do that work. It was the day of the big soccer game that his plan fell into motion.

Justin stared out from the bleachers, his plan would go into action about now. The letter would be found by Lindsey who would then ask out Mathew who would inturn turn her down. The reason justin was sure Mathew would turn her down was because he was gay. Justin had known this since last summer when he overheard a conversation.  As if on cue Lindsey ran away in tears. Justin happily went about the rest of his day. In his mind it had been no big deal. What Amanda need to grow up. However to Amanda it was devastating blow. The epitome of embarrassment. 

    After almost a week Lindsay still hadn’t returned to school. Justin never expected his rivil not to return to school. Sulking the whole way home he made a choice. Stepping of the bus, he walked to the nearest convenient store. Slowly he searched for anything that would cheer her up. In all honesty he loved her teasing. Maybe he had gone to far been to mean. Looking for something she would like he settled on a stuffed cat and her favorite starburst. From there he headed to her house. Once there he stood awkwardly in front of it until the door opened and he came face-to-face with her older brother. 

“Can I help you?”

“Is lindsey home?”

“Yea but she’s not feeling great”

“Oh, okay can you give her this and tell her it’s from Justin I live two house over, ugh thanks” Justin said shoving the items into her brothers hands as he ran off down the road towards his house out of sight. Her Brother found the whole thing amsing and gave the items to Lindsay. Who parked up in the next day return to school. Much to Justin’s delight. He did his best to be nice and polite to her. After a couple days he worked up his nerve to finally ask her out. Thrilled she had agreeed. The two were becoming inseparable. N with the en of school came summer and an endless amount of freedom as all of their parents worked and weren’t home to watch them. Occasionally Lindsey’s brother would check in on them but for the most part they were left to their own devices. It was fun and wild like teen love should be, they had there first date and went to the movies for another. Lindsey and Justin had started doing everything together. Including and not limited to attending Sunday services with her family. The Bible and sermons were beginning to get to him because he had done a lot of things wrong to people over the years. To him it had always been funny, nothing more than another joke. However after looking at it from somebody else’s perspective it wasn’t very fun or nice or even a good thing to have done. It was sad to say he was developing a conscience. And they by day it will slowly begin to wear him out. 

    Despite these feelings of confliction Life was nice. It was the last few weeks of summer. Going on about their seventh date. The young couple had began to spend all sorts of time together. Justin had come to like the way that Lindsay thought, her kindness towards other. An most importantly her A loyalty to her word an what she called honor. In reality it was integrity. Feeling conflicted in his heart he decided that he had to tell her the truth about the letter.

    It was date night when Justin told her the truth about the letter. At first she had been calm then a look unlike any other took over her calm eyes, like hell had been unleashed.

“What the fucking hell is wrong with you, I would have listened to my sister she was right your whole family really is crazy” From her hateful words Justin knew instantly that they were over that she was furious and that there was no coming back from it. Slamming her hands down on the table she struggled to find the appropriate words. None came to her instead tear stung her eyes as she ran from the restraint screaming. 

“I can’t believe you, stay away from me, I’m never going out with you again!”

July 25, 2021 17:23

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