Infinite Time

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American Creative Nonfiction

Daylight quietly seeped into the bedroom, behind the mini blinds. I winced at the sparkle of light reflecting off the lamp base. After a good stretch and yawn, I rise out of bed and find my stance on the floor. I open the door and move along quietly down the stairway, trying to avoid the creaky tread. After reaching the bottom landing, I grope for the light switch. The overhead light is brighter than the soft daylight. I search for the TV remote and flip on the weather channel to study the daily tides. Then I slowly draw the downstairs curtain in which natural light quickly floods into the living room. I unlock the sliding glass door, and step out onto the patio. The smell of salty air calms me down instantaneously. I look over to the right and a morning visitor is perched on the grill cover. A green anole apparently is looking for water droplets leftover by the morning dew, which is vastly dissipating due to the rising humidity. After a morning cup of coffee, I throw on some shorts and a tank top and slip into some flip flops. I grab my keys from the table beside the door and head outside. I walk along leisurely towards the beach access, taking in the bustling island life. The ground below quickly turns from pavement into a sandy loam. Waves crash in the distance and seagulls cry out. After reaching the top of the access, I study the tide pattern. I look left and right to determine which direction to continue walking. I make my decision so on my way back the sun won't be blinding me. I meander down to the shoreline to test the temperature of the water. My feet sense an initial slight chill and sea foam cling to my toes. I continue along the water's edge, checking out what has watched upon the shore.


I reach an eddy, flowing diagonally down the beach, signaling my time to turn around. I then notice the beach is getting more crowded as I walk back to my beach access. After dodging a frisbee and a group of bicycles, I look left and spot my turn off. I slip back on my flip flops and head back down the road. I stop off at a small cafe with a window to order a pastry and a coffee. I find a nearby bench and finish eating.


Suddenly, a brisk morning shower falls from the sky. This prompts the rays of the sun to reflect off any nearby surface, creating a glare. I continue onwards towards my villa, avoiding any large puddles of water. Right before the villa, I stop off at a putt putt course to play a round. One small group is ahead of me as they graciously let me skip ahead of them. I eventually finish, leaving there with 2 hole in ones and a toy trophy. With my hands full, I go back into my villa to decide what else to do today.


I step back out onto the patio for inspiration and to remind myself that I'm currently on island time. I go back inside to lather up with sunscreen and adorn myself with a swimsuit. I grab a towel and head to the pool, which has not been discovered yet today. The pool water is tepid and bearable. I prop up myself on the side of the pool and spin my legs in a bicycle motion. The water feels so relaxing. Then I grasp my nose, get under the pool surface, and come back up. After messing about in the pool, I look at my fingertips which are slightly wrinkly. I rise up out of the pool and find a lounge chair. I dry off and spread out my towel. The A.M. sun slowly radiates and I start to warm up. Before I nod off, I decide to head back in before I get burnt. I rehydrate and change out of my swimsuit, before relaxing on the sofa.


A golden ray of light awakens me from the sofa. With the everlasting daylight, it is time to think about evening ideas. I go upstairs for a quick shower. Afterwards, I adorn myself in a sundress and sandals. I toss my hair back and head downstairs. I head out again, this time to grab a bite. I arrive at the waterfront restaurant. The host directs me to my table, which is outside near the live music. The live music consists of a local band playing a cover. I peruse the menu and order. While waiting for my meal, I sip my beverage and lean back in my chair.

Another patron spots me and sits down at my table. We start chatting. I notice his eyes sparkle like the sunlight. He buys me another beverage. Our meals arrive and conversation continues. He walks me to my car afterwards and slips in his business card in my purse. As I'm driving back to my villa, I'm rehearsing the dinner conversation. Once I arrive back to the villa, I study the business card. I go inside and settle down on the sofa. I send the first message to the number listed on the card and await a response. Moments later, I receive an answer. It says to call in which I do. Little butterflies flitter around then quickly dissipate. As I'm on the phone, I pace around and then step out onto the patio. We talk indefinitely as the evening sky remains light. After all, it's island time.

The ocean breeze puts my mind at ease”

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net forever.” - Jacques Cousteau

You can never cross the ocean until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.”

I want to be wild, beautiful, and free like the sea.”

Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.” - Anonymous

"The tans may fade but the memories will last a lifetime."

March 23, 2022 09:40

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Michael Regan
00:07 Jun 01, 2022

I like first person stories, but you need cut back in the use of 'I'. For example: "Afterwards, I adorn myself in a sundress and sandals. I toss my hair back and head downstairs." Might be written as: "Afterwards, adorning myself in a sundress and sandals, I toss my hair back and head downstairs."


Carly Morton
18:21 Jun 01, 2022

Thank you for the tip. I do get kind of verbose sometimes. :)


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