A Bridge Connecting Two Worlds

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Sad Suspense Inspirational

      A Bridge Connecting two worlds

It was a difficult time for Brenden. Just a few days ago on Monday he had the heartbreaking task of taking his twelve year old Bichon, Cindy to the PDSA to be put to sleep. She was having problems with her breathing and struggling walking, not long after a successful operation to remove a cancerous lump on her belly. The Vet had warned Brenden that it may spread as there were already signs of it showing on her chest. He had decided to keep her at home giving her all his love and spoil and comfort her until any signs showed him she was suffering ,then he would put her out of her misery. When that day finally came he felt it was the hardest, most heartbreaking day of his life, even more so than when he’d lost his Mother some four years ago. Cindy was his Mother’s dog and when his Mother died he took over and looked after her.

Over the next few days Brenden alone in his London flat was in agony with grief, he would only have to think of something that reminded him of Cindy and he’d break down and cry uncontrollably. 

As the days rolled by, Brenden thanked God that he had taken numerous pictures and videos of Cindy over the years with his mobile phone, mainly in his flat and over the local park. He would still get upset, but looking at the images comforted him.

Although Brenden never married he wasn’t alone he had plenty of support from his sister, Jenny and brother David as well some friends. He also took great comfort watching YouTube channels from pet intuitives and psychics, explaining how dogs and cats have a soul and that they cross over to the other side and live on. They even try to contact their owners, and that there are various techniques to make contact with your pet, and there are signs to watch out for that your dog, cat are trying to show that they are okay and want to communicate with you. The difficulty most people have is that they are so deep in grief that they are blocked from making contact with their beloved pets. 

Brenden had been trying out these communication techniques for a week or so now, without much success. Except in a dream he had had a few days after losing Cindy, he saw a kind of black and white, dull image of her. He hadn’t observed any signs or anything at all showing that Cindy was visiting him. Still, he continued believing one day he would get in contact with her somehow.

Anyway, today he had planned on visiting his sister Jenny, her husband Steve and son Alan. He was looking forward to seeing them, and the family dog, six year old Bobby, one of Cindy’s litter. 

“Hi Jenny, Steve at work?” Brenden said as his sister let him in. 

“Yer, and Alan is doing his football coaching.” Said Jenny, putting on the kettle.

Just then Bobby started barking and jumping up to greet Brenden. Tears ran down his cheeks as he cuddled Bobby; he could see the resemblance to Cindy in Bobby’s eyes and face, although Bobby was a little larger, with a fluffier white coat. Bobby began wagging his tail excitedly wanting to lick Brenden on the face. Suddenly, Brenden could see a superimposed image of Cindy over Bobby’s body. He rubbed his eyes not believing what he was seeing, but the image was still present over Bobby.

“Are you alright Brenden?” Asked Jenny.

“What? Oh yer, I’m just a little emotional that’s all!”

Bobby finally calmed down and lay next to Brenden’s shoes as Brenden sat down. He noticed now that Cindy’s image was gone from Bobby’s body. Still taken aback by the experience, he found it hard to concentrate on what Jenny was saying to him. After an hour Brenden decided to make his way back home.

That night he sat in his flat looking over some photos and videos of Cindy. He flicked back to a video of her as a young dog around one or two years old, sitting on Francis, his Mother’s lap. Tears filled his eyes as he began to sob. Just for a moment he could’ve sworn he felt something rub against his legs, but the sensation soon stopped.

Just before going to bed Brenden did the technique he had learnt from a pet psychic on YouTube, asking Cindy to visit him in his dreams. His sleep however soon was interrupted, in the middle of the night when he had to go to the bathroom; feeling disappointed he hadn’t had a dream or couldn’t remember dreaming. Brenden was now beginning to doubt ever making contact with Cindy, after trying for some time now without anything really happening.

As Brenden started to drift asleep he suddenly could hear a dog barking in the distance. At first the dog sounded like it was outside. But then Brenden had realised the barking was familiar to him. He heard the barking getting louder and closer. It sounded just like Cindy’s bark. Looking at the end of the bed in the darkness he gradually saw a glowing orb forming into a small dog, it was Cindy. She glided towards him and then landed on his bed. At first Brenden was scared, his heart pounded rapidly, but when Cindy materialised now as a solid dog, just like how she used to look when she was younger, his heart slowed down and tears streamed down his cheeks. Cindy then moved right up close and nudged him to stroke her. 

“Oh Cindy how I’ve longed to see and cuddle you again my darling!” “But how is this possible? ”Brenden said as he kissed her on her head. He could smell her familiar scent, her fur was as real as when she was alive. But she is alive?

Brenden thanked Cindy for visiting him. As he stroked and cuddled her he began to doze off; but just before he fell asleep he saw Cindy float up and walk to the end of the bed, she then turned to Brenden gave one bark then her body started to mist over. Suddenly an orb of bright blue light appeared above the bed, then it grew as large as four feet. Cindy turned around and barked a few times more before rising up and glided toward the light, jumping through what seemed to be a kind of portal; a second later it closed up and disappeared, by now Brenden was asleep.

As morning came and Brenden sat in his armchair drinking a cup of tea, he reflected on his experience with Cindy, and took great comfort in knowing without a shadow of a doubt that Cindy really did visit him in the early hours, to let him know she was okay!

He was so excited about his experience with Cindy he picked up his phone to ring Jenny and tell her what had happened. But then he just stopped himself, he had remembered how she was when he spoke to her about the psychic pet videos he’d been watching and how she told him it was all nonsense, and that such things would only prolong his grief. 

As the day continued Brenden wondered if Cindy would ever visit or make contact with him again. After all, she must have had plenty of time by now to have adjusted to life on the other side? And now with himself coming to terms with his grief surely it would open all sorts of opportunities for communication again with Cindy, especially after she was able to visit him!

Later that day, Brenden sat watching the evening news on TV.

There was a “Newsflash!”

“Good evening, here is the six o’clock news:

There have been hundreds of reports across the UK of strange sightings of people claiming to have been visited by their departed loved ones from the otherside!” 

Brenden sat shocked and excited at the same time as he heard the unbelievable news.

“Some witnesses claim to have been visited by their late Mother, Father, husbands, wives and children. Some even claim to have seen their departed pet dog or cat!” Continued the newscaster. 

“A Professor of psychology at Oxford University, Dr William Crosswell, believes that all these mass sightings of people seeing their lost loved ones is due to some kind of mass hysteria!” 

“And now to some more sensible news….”

“Mass hysteria! what a load of...Cra!” shouted Brenden as he angrily switched off the television. 

Brenden pondered on what he had just heard on the news. 

Was it just a coincidence that he too saw his departed dog? 

This certainly was an unusual event that had never been reported on the news before. Something strange was going on and surely all those people who saw their loved ones can’t all be hallucinating? He thought.

But over the next few days, not reported on the mainstream media on the TV or elsewhere there were reports all around the world, not just in the UK, of people and pets who’d died and had come back to visit their loved ones.

Brenden had been looking on his laptop and had discovered that Psychics, mediums, etc on YouTube were saying that both the Earth and the heavenly realms reached the stage now where their frequencies have come together so that is why we are seeing so many reports of visitations around the world. The matrix is now collapsing, causing a bridge-like effect to occur, causing a portal; thus allowing not only one-sided visits from those who passed on but vise-versa, in other words, people from the Earth realm could also now visit the Heavenly world without actually having died! 

Apparently, as Brenden continued watching one of these YouTube videos, Earth is very close to becoming a fifth dimensional planet. And that means we have no real need for a physical body! There had seemed to be a great deal of evidence for this with actual footage of the sky appearing to be splitting up and cracks appearing. Even some footage seems to show portals opening up in the skies around the world!

There was certainly no doubt something massive was happening around the world. And be it slowly, more and more people were now becoming believers in the afterlife. 

Even Brenden’s Sister, Jenny was opening her mind to believing in life after death. She had called earlier in the morning about the news last night and said:

"Maybe there is something in this after all!"

Later that evening Brenden got an unexpected phone call, there was a lot of cracking and interference on the line….

“Hello! Hello! Who is it?” Brenden said. He could hear a faint voice but he couldn’t make out what they were saying. The caller was unable to speak any louder, to the point that it was inaudible, finally, Brenden switched off his mobile.

Just seconds later his sister, Jenny phoned him again.

“Brenden, I keep getting these strange calls!” As she explained, he realised the calls she had had were very similar to his phone call earlier. She then went on and said their brother, David was also receiving odd calls.

Later, that night Brenden received another call just before going to bed. This time it was much clearer!

“Hello Brenden, It’s your Mum, Francis!”

His heart started to pound as he froze, the muscles in his mouth and throat felt paralysed and prevented him from speaking. Francis had passed on some four years ago from cancer!

“Listen son, I know how this must be a bit of a shock, but It really is your Mum.”

 Brenden listened carefully, still unable to utter a word.

” Let me try and prove it to you.” “ I know you had a visit from Cindy a few days ago! I’m right, aren't I love? You did see Cindy didn't you?” 

Brenden’s heart raced even more. He hadn’t told anyone about his experience with Cindy. How could this person possibly know? He wondered. It certainly sounded like his Mum, with her distinctly, cockney voice.

“Now Brenden hear what I’m going to say carefully. The Earth and the heavenly world are joining ever closer, every day. Soon everyone will be able to see and talk, even touch their loved ones, just like you did with Cindy.” “Love ones from the otherside are attempting to make contact with those all over the Earth plane, to prepare them for this immense occasion. Soon there will be no need for mediums and psychics as everyone in the 5th dimension will be able to make contact with the departed as easily as taking a breath. Those who wish to ignore this evolutionary, progressive step can be slaves to the physical Earth if they wish, everyone will have a choice. Stay or leave!”

Just then, the voice began to fade with the interference of the sound of cracking again, Finally, Brenden couldn't hear the voice anymore. Stunned at what he had just heard, he got a glass of water and sat into his armchair. He pondered on his Mother’s message. Certainly the message was fantastic, but he believed it to be true. And he decided to be ready for when the bridge from the otherside would link up with planet Earth. In fact he was excited about the future and looked forward to seeing his Mother, Cindy and other loved ones again on the other side!


Dedicated in memory of Cinders my beloved Bechon who was put to sleep on her 12/1/2 year, on this Earth on 4/10/2021

October 29, 2021 15:20

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