Special Agent Marcy Abraham had just been assigned to her first case, one that was apparent no one else wanted. Marcy was being assigned to provide protection for the child of a visiting Indian diplomat. Marcy was not excited about the assignment. After all, she had joined the Agency for excitement, not to be a babysitter.

Upon arriving at the Embassy Agent Abraham was introduced to Arjun and his daughter Sana. Marcy found it interesting the names of the father and daughter had very similar meanings. Sana meant Brilliance while Arjun meant bright. Marcy placed her palms together in front of her chested and said "namaste" to Mr. Arjun and his daughter. This traditional Indian gesture means "I bow to the Divine in you.”  Mr. Arjun was quite pleased to see that Agent Abraham had taken the time to study Indian customs before meeting them.

After everyone was excused, and the meeting was underway, Agent Abraham was left in the room with Sana. This assignment was scheduled to last for the length of the meeting which would be about four or five hours. Marcy thought to herself, “What could possibly go wrong in that amount of time.” Little did Marcy know that her world was about to be changed forever.

Marcy and twelve-year-old Sana were sitting on the couch watching an Indian television show. Sana could not speak English and was therefore unable to verbally communicate with Marcy. Sana sat almost perfectly still as she was apparently watching the show and showed no emotion. Marcy almost jumped off the couch when Sana screamed and began sobbing hysterically and turned to her with wide fearful eyes.

Sana laid her hand on Marcy’s arm. Marcy froze as images began flowing through her mind. She was unable to move while Sana had her arm in her grips. The images were showing Arjun standing at a podium, giving his speech. Marcy was watching an event play out in her mind. As Arjun was speaking a man in the audience stood, pulled a gun, and shot Arjun to death at the podium. It was clear to Marcy that the man who had shot Arjun in the dream was a Secret Service Agent. Agent Abraham was also able to see a clock on the wall behind Arjun that showed it to be 10:55 a.m. 

Marcy did not know how to react when Sana removed her hand. Agent Abraham did not know whether she should take the images as a credible threat or as an overactive imagination. Just as that thought ran through her mind, Sana touched her again. This time Marcy could here the girl speak although her mouth was not moving. “I am able to see the future pertaining to my father. Please help him. You are the only one that can bring him back to me.” Sana then removed her hand again.

Agent Abraham looked at the clock in the room and noticed it to be 10:30 a.m. She had enough time to get another agent in the room and get to the speech hall before anything happened to Arjun. Marcy decided that she had to act on what she had just seen even though if it was wrong, she would be labeled as crazy and lose her job.

As Marcy ran towards the meeting hall, she was rehearsing what she would say is the threat was credible as well as what she would say if it was not. Marcy was wondering to herself why she was reacting to something that she viewed as impossible. It was as if the girls had a certain level of control over her. Being an Agent, Marcy was able to get to the stage entrance with only five minutes to spare, if the images were correct.

Just as the clock hit 10:55 a.m. Marcy noticed the man in the images begin to stand, drawing his gun. Before he was able to take aim at Arjun Marcy was able to tackle Arjun knocking him out of harm’s way. Other agents also noticed the man drawing his weapon and were able to take him down without anyone being hurt. Marcy was shocked that everything that she had seen was playing out right before her eyes. Arjun was also shocked not only that someone had just attempted to take his life but also that someone had been able to identify the threat and act so quickly.

Agent Abraham’s supervisor, Harold Garrett, was the first to speak with Marcy after the incident. “Marcy, how did you know something was going to happen here? Where is Sana?”

Marcy was glad that she had rehearsed her answer. “I heard someone talking in the hall about killing Arjun during his speech. I knew that it was imperative that I get someone to watch Sana and stop the assignation. There was no time for me to notify anyone else.” Marcy knew that she could not tell anyone about the paranormal event that has taken place in the room.

Harold Garrett was glad that Agent Abraham had reacted the way she did. “Good job Marcy. You have just prevented an assignation that could have thrown several countries into a bloody uprising. You will be highly recognized for your actions today. Be ready for a promotion.”

Arjun had now finished talking to investigators and had walked over to Marcy. “May I speak to Marcy privately?” He began speaking to Marcy after Harold had walked away. “Thank you for saving my life. Most people would not have taken my daughter’s gift seriously. It is important for our safety that you never tell anyone what really happened here today. This is something that only my daughter and I were aware of until today. I am the only one that has ever been able to see her visions before now.”

Agent Abraham acknowledged Arjun. “It will be our secret. After all, who would believe me anyway?” Marcy knew that this secret would be one that she would have to take to her grave.  

January 16, 2020 20:34

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