Adventure Mystery Holiday

Tis the season

And bless it with a merry delight

However many can commit treason

Even on this very night

On Christmas Eve,many get drunk

And act foolish in town

Many ships here have sunk

And of course mysteriously go down…

Deep below from the top

To a dark,cold place

No one knows why they sink

Only that all are erased

A man in the nearby bar

He shouts about a beast every year

I think his story is too far

And that he had a lot of beer…

He shouts of a beast hidden in the water

That possessed giant colorful scales

He claimed it had teeth as big as him

And that it was the size of the whale!

He calls it the “Leviathan”

A huge fiend,not a friend

A giant snake lurking deep in the dark

Waiting to bring the end

Gigantic and black

With luminescent skin

It is said that it’s scales give wealth back

For the lives in which it sinned

It is rumored that the Leviathan only shows

At a very exact time

Only right before dawn

Will you see it’s skin brightly shine

It moves swiftly along the coast

Waiting for arriving prey

This is why many stay within the light

It keeps the monster at bay

It waits to strike in the dark

Such a blind sight as you sail on

One moment you think you are hit by a shark

And the next minute you are gone…

This old man dragged on the story

As if it were a tall tale

However I believed him for one reason

No one came back after they took sail…

The surrounding people stare

As I sit quietly on the bar stool

I would not go out in the water on a dare

However the tall tale seemed cruel

The man was old

Older than me,and only one eye

Why should I trust this man?

For all I know,this is a lie!

I smelled the tequila,cocktails,whiskey and beer

And I continue to listen to the old man

He sensed my disbelief

And then he decided to stand 

“Someone close,will die Christmas day”

The man said,then he stormed out

Did this man just threaten me?

I chase after the stranger and call out!

I pushed past the big wooden door

And looked around

However it was quiet,and dark

And the man was no where to be found…?

Star struck,and curious 

As I went back to my seat

I drunk a bottle of beer

And soon,another came up to meet

She was pretty,tall

And had short blonde hair

She walked into the bar

And of course plenty of the men start to stare

“Get me a tequila please” she says,as she takes off her scarf

And her coat

The bartender hastily hurried

And soon began to gloat

He was a blubblering fool

Stumbling over lines to ask her out

However it was not long till he spotted her ring

And once again stood professional,and stout

I just stare..not because of her obvious beauty

But her partially dark eyes

She was trying to hide grief

And was wearing a convincing disguise

As she drunk more throughout the night

Just two seats away from me

She knew her eyes did not hold their sight

And as they stare,she was let be

She wanted to be alone

Even if that meant wearing a short dress

An outfit to let the men stare

As she hid the mentally awful mess

She throws up after her third shot

Then many turn back to their drink

I guess if they once thought she was hot

They now thought she needed a shrink-

What could I do? 

I was also drunk and alone

However you would not want creeps looking at you

Even if you were a mess and stoned…

I got her coat and scarf

Then called my friend Jake

It was not thirty minutes

He arrived,and I met him by the lake

Every winter,the water grew cold

However it never froze

I chose to take the girl to my home

But I sure as hell was not gonna be bold!

Not tonight,no,not with her

A stranger I just met

She probably had enough problems already

I would be willing to bet

In the distant,I hear a great loud bang

As another ship set sail

It was too dark to see clear

But I thought I saw a tail!

I look out the window,big eyed

As Jake drove on past the scene

My heart jumped,and almost died

As I tried to erase what I had seen

It was almost midnight

And my heart beat quick

Could Jake be the one

That the man predicted,and picked?

Jake and I had been close friends

Since beginning of our years

Even now,if I am stressed

He will take me out for beers

His wife pasted,not too long ago

And right before Thanksgiving day

She took her own life so quickly…

She left,with nothing to say…

I hope the man was crazy

And drove by fear

That would of course mean nothing is true

And I would keep the friend I hold dear

Jake taps my shoulder

Breaking my train of thought

I then look to the back seat

Seeing the girl,in the dress she had bought

She was snoring loud

Peacefully sound as she tossed and turned

I knew I was anger bound

And when she woke up,she would be ready to burn

She would probably hit me,or throw a pan

As I run for dear life

I will withstand any,because I can

However that does not mean it will not hurt-

A lump in my throat formed

As I thought of her future words

After all,I was a stranger to her

I realized it may have been better to be seen,and not heard…

I was facing an anger,smaller than me

As she slept in the back seat

When she wakes up

I better be ready to beat feet!

Thank you once again for reading along!

As I write another tall tale to be read!

However I feel bad for this man

Only the worst awaits for what he has to dread…

And of course,she is married!

What could this mean to be?

Maybe he left because she found a secret he buried…?

Please wait,and you will continue to see!

Or make up your own ending

That is up to you

Will Jake survive this Christmas?

Or will he also be lost in the deep blue?

So many questions

And not enough time

Thank you for reading once more

And I hope you enjoyed the rhyme!

November 27, 2023 12:11

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Vicente Batista
12:16 Nov 29, 2023

aahhh I was curious about the ending lol surely that woman must be the monster


13:31 Nov 29, 2023

Perhaps,or she could be the cause to the actual monster getting him,hell for all we know his best friend could be planning to kill him


Vicente Batista
13:40 Nov 29, 2023

So many paths, history really touches our imagination lol


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