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Halloween night finally arrived, the four Valmir brothers will go out to ask for sweets like every year, but this time they won't do it all together, each one will go in a different direction to collect as much candy as possible.

Mike Valmir, the eldest of the brothers, went to the north of the city, the richest people in the city lived there, the houses were huge and that night they were full of Halloween lights and ornaments. It was not easy to order sweets there, there were many guard dogs that did not let the children approach the door.

Mike was in the street waiting for someone to leave… suddenly a butterfly approached him ...

- "Why are you alone here?" Asked the butterfly

- “Oh! You can talk” said Mike, shocked.

- "Yes, come with me" said the butterfly

Mike followed her to a back door of one of the houses ...

- "If you want sweets, you must open that door" said the butterfly and disappeared

Mike opened the door; it was a room with many things made of gold. There were hundreds of chocolates on a gold cupboard, Mike climbed to reach them and began to eat them, suddenly the gold that was on the floor began to move, and in minutes the whole floor opened and the gold disappeared, Mike also disappeared.

On the other side of the city was Daniel Valmir, the smallest of the Valmir brothers, he had already collected many sweets, but unexpectedly some cats approached him and took the sweets away, Daniel was very sad and sat next to a tree of a Park

- "If you want sweets, this tree you must climb" said the butterfly that had just appeared

- "Will you give me candy if I climb the tree, magic butterfly?" Daniel asked

- "Climb and you'll know" said the butterfly and disappeared

Daniel climbed, but one of the branches broke and he fell, but he did not hit the ground, when the branch broke, immediately a hole in the floor appeared, Daniel fell into it and disappeared.

Ron Valmir found in his way a cute puppy, who accompanied him to ask for sweets, suddenly the dog took away the sweets and ran away, Ron chased him to a fountain in the center of the city, there appeared the butterfly

- "If you want sweets, you must enter the fountain" said the butterfly

Ron asked nothing and entered the fountain, suddenly the water covered him, and Ron disappeared.

Finally, the butterfly tricked the last of the Valmir brothers, Bill.

The four brothers met in a strange cave ...

- "Are you all right?" Mike asked.

- "Yes, where are we?" Asked Bill.

Suddenly they heard the barking of a dog ...

- “Oh! It must be the dog that took my candy off” said Ron as he entered the cave following the barking

- "No, Ron wait, don't go alone" said Mike, they all followed him

The Valmir brothers left the cave, but not precisely to the city where they lived, but in a large city of sweets. Of course, the brothers ran to eat everything they saw, but once they touched things, these things disappeared, these became smoke.

The butterfly appeared, but this time it looked giant and the Valmir brothers were very small.

- "Welcome" said the butterfly.

- "Where are we?" Mike asked

- "It's Halloween land ... here you can get all the sweets you want" replied the butterfly.

- "It's not true, we tried to eat those sweets, and they disappear magically" said Mike.

- "To get the candy, you must win them" said the butterfly

- "What do you mean?" Asked Bill.

- "You must defeat the three guardians of this place, each one will give you a mission, if you fulfill the three missions, you can return with more sweets than you can eat" said the butterfly.

- "Well, where are those guardians?" Mike asked

- "Follow the path in front of you, there you will find the first guardian, and your first mission" replied the butterfly and disappeared.

The Valmir brothers walked on the road until they reached a large chocolate tree, suddenly the leaves and branches began to fall, and the rest of the tree became a man with armor ...

- "Are you one of the guardians?" Ron asked.

- "Yes, I am the first guardian ... you must bring me that candy flower" said the guardian pointing to a cliff.

- "The flower is in a very dangerous place, we could fall" said Daniel.

- "Let's try to climb" said Ron

Ron tried to climb, but the rock was made of caramel and slip, it did not fall to the floor, disappeared into the air and suddenly appeared on a rock three meters from the ground. Everyone was surprised, Ron kept climbing from there, and again he fell, this time he appeared closer to the candy flower, tried again and again and finally reached for the flower, tore it off and fell, Ron appeared in front of the guardian.

- "Very good child, you have shown that you are very brave ... go ahead, you can continue your way" said the guard and became a tree again.

The brothers kept walking, to a large lake of milk, in the middle of that lake was the next guard, with cookie armor ...

- "Welcome, I am the second guardian, your mission is to find the candy ring in this milk lake" said the guardian

- "The lake is huge; how will we find a small ring?" Asked Bill.

- "I'll go, you don't know how to swim," said Mike.

Mike entered the lake, but could not see anything and he had to leave quickly or he was going to drown ...

- "It's impossible, I can't find it if I can't even see it" said Mike

Daniel climbed a tree and said:

- "I found it!" Daniel shouted.

- "Where is the lake in?" Mike asked.

- "It's not inside the lake, the lake is the ring" said Daniel.

- "Very well, you found it ... yes, it is true, the candy ring is the ring that surrounds the entire lake, and prevents the milk from spilling ... very well, they have passed the mission, they can continue," said the guardian.

The brothers went on their way, entered a forest, where the floor seemed to sink, so the brothers decided to climb the trees and continued walking on them, until they found a beautiful house in a tree. They did not approach. Mike threw a stone Against her, the last guardian suddenly appeared.

- "Welcome, your mission is to destroy that tree house" said the guardian.

The brothers said nothing and gathered together to come up with a plan. After a while they began to move, as they supposed, the house became a warrior. They soon found their weak point, the warrior used the trees to move, just like the Valmir brothers; there was no doubt, if the warrior touched the ground it would sink quickly because it was much heavier than children.

Mike made the warrior lose his balance, that's why the warrior held on to some branches, before he could support himself, the other brothers jumped on him and made him finally fall to the floor, only pieces of cookies remained on the ground, the house had been destroyed.

- "Very well, you have finished their missions, you can return to your world" said the guardian.

- "How will we return?" The brothers asked.

- "I'll take you" said the butterfly that had just appeared.

The children woke up in front of their house, Daniel ran to open the door, their parents were waiting for them; Mike looked behind them and a large basket of sweets was there, the butterfly had fulfilled its promise.

The Valmir brothers will never forget that Halloween day.


The end 

November 01, 2019 16:32

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Bobby Gupta
17:44 Nov 07, 2019

That was a fun read. I enjoyed it a lot.


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