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CW: contains scene of gun violence and robbery.

" I remember.." - I said finally. Turning to face the two well- suited detectives, already seated in our living room, interrogating dad and mom over the incident that happened three nights, prior to this day. The case seemed to have taken a whole lot out of them, both their time and energy. Making them look pale and weary, almost to the resemblance of a "zombie character" like in the popular " Z's nation" Hollywood show .

The detectives were still in the process of trying to find a concrete explanation, or an evidence to solve the mystery case of both the "Robbery and Murder" incident. But had no reasonable information to begin with.

They had been to over ten houses on the street earlier in the day, interrogating every adult they find in the household and getting a bit frustrated to not finding a clue that would help them out.

Our house seemed to be next point of visit for the detectives. Situated on the eleventh lane in the order of lining of houses on the street. Luckily for them. It turned out to be the golden key, that would help unlock the mystery "case" box of the whole crime matter.

They knocked on the door. And mother was quick to answer. Already aware of why the detectives were visiting, she welcomed them in.

The detectives, still hopeful to get something useful. Something of a piece of information- an evidence weapon or a reliable witness. They spoke at length with Dad and Mom. Still getting no information. Mom stood up from her wobbly chair in the living room and turning to the detectives. She said.

" Want some coffee"- mother asked, in her caring words.

" Yes, please"- replied a detective.

She entered into the kitchen to make the coffee, while detective "Fletcher" ( I read from his badge), sat in front of me to ask a few questions.

" Young man, do you wish to tell us everything you saw on the night of the incident?"- he asked.

" Yes, I will. To the best of my memory"- I said.


July 16th.

It was raining lightly. I had awoken as usual to use the bathroom at 11:00 pm. Then I heard this sound coming from outside my window but a little distant from my house. It was very dark and lonely that day. I saw some flash of light from the headlight of a black vehicle that appeared to me that it was already parked. Then I saw a figure from no where jump out from a garden close to the parked vehicle, pointing a thing that looked like a small gun, and walking towards the vehicle, shouting " get out of the car!! get out now!!. The man wore a black hoodie sweater and a white sneakers track shoe, with black hand gloves. He seemed to be in a hurry, grabbing the driver of the vehicle by the shirt and hitting him to the ground, still shouting " Stay on the ground!! Stay down!! Don't f**k with me!!. He searched inside the car hurriedly. But shortly came out and went towards the driver (already lay on the ground) and continued yelling at him.

" O my God!! It's a robbery"- I said. Watching through my window. The whole neighbourhood seemed to be dead in their sleep. They failed to hear the yellings of the robber, that not even a soul came out to care to know what was happening.

Few minutes later, I heard two shots fired. " Bang! Bang!.

" O my God!! He's shot! - I said to myself trembling. My heart beating so fast, I could hear its rhythm. I still hid behind my window glass, peeping from a tiny spot to continue my watch again.

I saw the driver lay flat on his belly to the ground covered in the ocean of his own blood. The robber searched through the car again and was able to take away some stuffs in a black brief case and a small bag pack, which I couldn't see the logo clearly.

He threw his gun into the bushes close to the house there.- I said, pointing towards a house on the opposite of the street.

He took off his gloves and threw them into a recycle bin before running towards the west direction of the street. I said.- ending my conversation with the detective.

Officer Fletcher looked me in the eyes before writing down the last piece of word I said to him in a small book. He took a sip from the coffee mother had prepared for him and his partner some minutes earlier.

" Good one Michael"- he finally said. Tapping my shoulder twice. As he stood up with a lot of effort, trying to lift his pumped up body which has badly suffered the wooden chair. He was sweating profusely under his tight well -fitting suit and his strangling tie that seemed to squeeze out all the air contained in him. Obviously he was too fat to bend and grab a small white towel off the ground initially, when he dropped it by mistake.

"This will go a long way in helping the authorities solve this case" - he said to my parents.

" Do well to communicate with us anytime you find anything suspicious"- his partner said.

" Thanks so much"- officer Fletcher appreciated again.

They were both relieved to have gotten in details some information about the night of the crime before making their way to the door.

"Now it's left to them to nab this vicious criminal"- I said to myself. Hadn't it been for me, the officers wouldn't have gone back, relieved to their station- I boasted.


Two weeks later. The local news reported, that the murderer was being captured by authorities and was taken into custody. He was an average man, probably in his late thirties- I guessed. Who was handcuffed on both hands and legs and escorted by the cops into a building. He was taken to the court of law and charged on two counts of felonies. He was later sentenced to life in prisonment as ruled by the presiding judge in the court room.

I stayed in the sitting room and followed up with the case, until hearing the jury's final decision. I couldn't stop thinking and trembling from the incident of that night, but somehow i was able to console myself of having created the foundation to which this case was developed and cracked by the authorities.

" Thanks to me again"- I said, sipping a glass of orange juice and beating my chest repeatedly with such pride and joy.

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