Oh Bloody Hell!! Not shopping again!!

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This story contains themes or mentions of mental health issues.

As we all know, Holiday shopping isn't for anyone. I should know.

I cannot stand shopping. Especially for the holidays. You never know what to get or how much to spend.

For example: Whenever I shop, I try to get cheap stuff. Simple, cheap slippers, Those cordial cherries, hickory sausage sets, etc.

But, because I can't stand shopping, all those people, long lines, annoying Santa and the elves, etc, I'm getting gift cards. Plain and simple.

But, being depressed doesn't help either. My marriage fell apart. I'm in an abusive relationship with a guy who is a pathological liar and thief, it's not easy. I'm stressed out so badly, I get constant headaches. Shopping doesn't help much. But at least I get out of the house and get fresh air. Going to the mall is a pain. Seeing all the happy families with fake smiles kinda gets to you when your own life is falling apart. I'm depressed and doing a great job of hiding it.

And having to shop for the holiday meal, oh my GOD!!

The glazed ham. The mashed sweet potatoes. Veggies. The dessert.

Having to figure out who to invite and who not to have over at your place. But a good thing, NO ALCOHOL will be allowed.

Then there is the gift wrapping if you do get gifts. Having to decide what gift wrap to get, careful not to offend anyone, and believe it or not, there are people out there that get offended if you choose the wrong wrapping paper. It's ridiculous.

Then anyone wishing you "Happy Holidays' or "Merry Christmas" really doesn't care, it's just common courtesy to do it.

In different households, there are different religions celebrating the holidays. The pets get fat on the food, while the kids have their expectations of getting what they want, and get very upset when they don't get what they demanded. The way I see it is, be grateful your getting anything at all. Holiday shopping isn't for anyone. Yeah, this story kinda got all messed up on the shopping and I apologize. But shopping isn't for anyone. I just cannot stand it, period. I have better things to do than shop.

Parking is a nightmare. If you try to make it a day of it, you only make it worse. Trying to find a decent parking spot. Then giving money to everyone so they can shop. Then had to meet in a specific spot to everyone together to eat, gripe about what they couldn't afford, have to stay with family instead of hanging out with friends they saw at the mall and seeing stuff they want, but couldn't get.

Shopping is physical and emotional and mental pain and lots of headaches.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, it was easier to shop. The kids back then appreciated the holidays. They didn't ask for much. But, still, Holiday shopping was a pain. The parents had to run after the kids all the time. Shopping was like a rite of passage for the girls. Going to the mall to do shopping was a rite of passage. You'd see all the latest toys, electronics, makeup, and accessories.

But, then, it was shopping. Not many people loved it either. Having to deal with overzealous salespeople trying to make a commission on top of their hourly pay. Pushy ladies trying to get you to buy an outfit that is either ugly or too pricey.

Then the Sales themselves were crazy. You had to buy certain items to get a percentage off, or buy one, get one half off or free, etc. People are pushy for certain things, keep hinting about items they wish someone could get, or dry hinting how they wish they could afford it but hoping it'll be a gift to them for Christmas. Christmas cards are the worst. You have to figure out what type of cat or dog card to get for a certain aunt or uncle.

Have to think about what kind of baby card to get for the expecting parents you never knew were in the family, till they come to you, expecting handouts. Getting toys is a nightmare. Trying to decide on what "Hot Wheels" to get for your nephew or cousin. What "Barbie" to get that won't offend your sister or niece.

And I have seen some of the "Barbies". They are getting very open-minded about how the "Barbie" is dressing, makeup, lifestyle, etc.

And the parents love it or hate it. Everyone has an opinion about what the toys should be like or do, or say.

what color or colors the toys should be, etc.

The same goes for clothes. Should they get the short dress? Or a long dress?

What shoes to go with the outfit. What earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, etc. If you feel the need to dress up as a fashion model to do holiday shopping, don't go, it's a waste of time. All you do is exhaust yourself over nothing. Dealing with some of the greediest people who want to brag about what toy, out, electronics, cars, etc they got. Some people go shopping to brag about how much they spend.

Me? I prefer to get $15-20 gift cards and let them get whatever they want. I don't care if they like it or not. They should be grateful they got anything at all. I'd prefer to stay at home and eat and watch movies than deal with people who feel the need to go shopping and spend money they don't have on stuff not worth the money.

Hell. If I get anything for Christmas, I would be grateful. Because at least someone thought about me and cared enough to buy me something. Whether it was a card, a pair of slippers, a shirt, etc. I'm not greedy. Nor selfish or picky.

Seeing the holiday decorations as part of shopping isn't all that great either. But, people love that kind of stuff. I don't know why.

Shopping is just another excuse to go out spending money you don't have to get items you don't want to buy, but feel the need to so no one gets upset.

December 02, 2021 07:12

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Michael Regan
00:45 Dec 09, 2021

An interesting read. I would have liked to see a little more about the character beyond disdain for Holiday shopping. For example why is he/she depressed; staying in an abusive relationship; is NO ALCOHOL important.


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Boutat Driss
08:10 Dec 06, 2021

a nice tale!


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