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- have you seen the new neighbor in the colony ? - asked my neighbor, Sarah, a long – natural blond - haired mother that I think I have never seen her without those braids nor Dolores the so called and famous chicken she owned and treated like part of her family.

- the new woman in the colony ? I think she is not part of the colony , judging by the way she dresses herself with that extravagant colors and heels, all that extravagant things that  women wear in the city.

- Just in  the city ? C’mon , you do not know how those girls that went to the city dress. It is simply abominable, a perjury against the sacred laws of heave , that should be punished according to all the strength of the sacred words of our books.

- but as you know, times keep changing, and most of our rules and principles are being degraded by the social development.

- let it be. But do not complain, as you know this is a lack of modesty and against our pacifist traditions and teachings.

- That is true. But I am not complaining. I only think that this woman should be excluded, totally kicked out from our community - expressing herself by opening her eyes the most.

- so ? What do you think we could do ?

- let’s propose a meeting with all the female members of the community, so we can decide what to do, because we have to keep our community safe from the world and all its - fine. Let’s go it. I think it will be the best solution, but, until we do not have a final solution, let’s avoid her.

- you.mean, freeze all communication and all social contact with her ?

- yes.

- Fine for me. To tell you the truth, she does not fit in this community. 

- I agree with you.

In that exactly moment the new neighbor went out from her house.

She seemed to be in a hurry, as she was showing some discomfort in her breathing and some hectic face in her walk.

The ladies from the community just looked at her swagger.

And closed their eyes, covering it with their hands, in order not to see her, and not to have a pinch of her worldly way.

The new neighbor whose na.e was unknown, suddenly glimpsed to them.

And saw their coveted faces, as if they were ashamed of something.

- good afternoon! – the new neighbor greeted to the ladies.

They just nodded their heads, like greeting her too.

The new neighbor got closer, in a defiant gesture of trying to offer her hand without a ring to shake it with them.

They just looked at it, refusing to give their hands to her.

The new neighbor took her hand away , a little puzzled.

- anyway, it is so nice to meet you.

They did not answer.

- Fine, ladies . Sorry, but I have to be going, I am late for my appointment to the hairdresser.


The ladies simply started to pray :

- our heavenly father, we beg your assistance to protect us against the devil .

Over and over again, until if waz dark a d they had to go back home.

On their way , they meet a man, a foreigner one, that asked them :

- sorry, but do you know where the woman that lives here us?

They covered their faces again and run away, without answering a thing.

And they hot into their house, watching everything from thei window.

- so we can take action and demand for na emergency meeting – and, they kept on the window , watching that the man got into the house of the new neighbor.

Turned on the lights. 

And sit on the couch, drinking beer.

The ladies astonished and basically horrified , thought that the man was her husband.

- She has no ring in her finger. She is not married - one of the ladies said, with a pale face.

- in that case ...what is the relationship she has with that man ? 

And, ti make things worse, the neighbor arrives, with her hair done, bottles of beer and smoking a cigarette  

-She goes into the house.

And kiss the man in the mouth.

- but she is not.married! – they exclaimed., getting nad and closing their eyes again.

The man stayed in the house the whole night .

And came out the next morning, kissing   hugging , and touching the new neighbor – being g seen by the ladies, who were taking their kids to school. 

Mad about it, the ladies decided to call the female leader ic the community in ordf to have a meeting in the community. 

‘ ok – she said – but I am afraid that we cannot do anything, as this person bought the house, so she is legally settled  

- but it is against our pacifist traditions and principles!

- yes it is. But you can do what you feel is right. The leadership cannot play a role here because of community will be involved in a federal problem that is not our concern.. 

- fine – and 

the ladies visited everg house in the community, explaining to each woman of that houses what was going on.

It was a general agreement that :

- that woman must leave this community, for the future of our families and traditions - they agreeded.

- we must do something now - looking outside.

- yes!!!

So, they did : they waited for the woman to get out from the house

Waited, and wsited.

Half a hour later, it happened: the new neighbor went out of the house, in a hurry.

The ladies together with tem other ones , stood in front if her house.

Carrying stones and sticks, were waiting for her.

And, when she gave her first two steps outside , twelve modestly dressed women hot closer her.

- hey bitch ! It is time for you to meet our standards of normal people here – and this lady took a stone from a bag she was carrying. 

And threw if ti her.

A first, the new neighbor could not figure it out 

But that, was na attack.

She realized it when a stick hit her legs, and a warm liquid went out from it  ?blood? 

No way !  

Another stick hit her head.

And another.


Eight sticks hit her face and her neck.

Her back.

Her head.

So, she fell down.

And died.

In the name of peace.

Of the radical ladies mind.


September 16, 2020 01:05

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Indiana Plant
21:46 Sep 23, 2020

I found the formatting of this story a little confusing and jumbled, but I thought the general idea had some potential. I think your themes would be more eloquent with added subtlety. Thanks for the read :)


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