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American Christian Drama


Jill Gilbreadth boarded the plane at LAX to her visit to the holy land. She so much wanted to visit the birthplace of Jesus and where he ministered during his life.

Her flight took 6 hours , but she made it to Jerusalem and checked in at tge Double Tree Inn. A much nicer Inn in modern days than when Joseph and Mary were trying to stay in an Inn , yet there was no room. Plenty of rooms here, tho. 

She decided to walk to the town center and look for a good place to eat. She found an outdoor plaza with several eateries. She chose a place and had a large salad and tea. Trying to watch her wait and being diabetic has to watch her A1C. Last time it was up to 6.7 . Normal would be 5. She decided to have it checked when she got back to the states. 

Next morning she slept in till 9:00. Had breakfast sent in of toast, fried eggs and Orange Juice. She was ready to visit Bethlehem and his birthplace and wanted to see the Garden of Eden then places in Jerusalem.  While in the Garden of Eden , she found all kinds of trees. She was sure in this day and time the actual apple tree or the tree if knowledge of good and even did not exist anymore, so if she did take a bite of the apple it would be just an apple. Anyway, Eve already had eaten and gave Adam the apple and that's when their eyes were open and they knew they sinned and would always sin, so that part of history has already been done and we still are a part of their indiscretion. So she picks an apple off a tree and eats it , while touring with the group. She does it cautiously in case people aren't suppose to pick the fruit. All of a sudden a bright binding light engulfs her vision and burning hot waves engulf her body. Jill let's out a scream and a second later she wakes up on the ground. She doesn't see the group or the guide at the Garden. Everything is creepy silent. There is many trees than before. Where is she at and how did she get there? A few minutes later she hears footsteps. She is frightened and hides behind a tree. She notices the figure is a woman and she is naked. What is going on? She asks. No. I must be dreaming. Is she? Is she Eve? Have I traveled back to the creation of the World?  as fascinating as it is , I must somehow get back to my life as I know it. 

Oh nooo!!! It's the serpent the devil tempting Eve to eat the apple. Wait, what if I killed the serpent and then Eve doesn't eat the apple then we will all live forever on Earth enjoying all that God provides. If I stop it , Wil I live my life in this time or be born later on when I'm actually born? Living forever without sin sure is tempting , but Will I change everything, will I not know my mom and dad or my siblings or will they just be totally different people. Will I even have memories of my past life. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? 

I want to live forever!!! I want to live forever!!! 

She runs from behind the tree and yells

Eve!!! Eve!!!! Stop!!! Don't eat the apple. You or Adam nor I or future generations will not live forever.  We will all die, but we will have eternal life if we accept God's only Son. But it would be so much better to live in a paradise with no sin, but if you eat of it we all will physically die.

Who are you? Did God create you too from the dust of the ground?

No, but in a way yes. I am from dust from the ground cause God said from dust thou art and dust thou return. I was born inside my mother womb as a baby and I grew into a woman. Not like you . You were created fully as a woman and Adsm as a man , so you both could populate the earth. So I come from you. So we and the whole world are related to you both. 

But, this will make us wise and know things as God's.

Do what you must. I'm foolish to even think that I can change what God has already planned

You are a very strange woman and have this knowledge of things to come. How can this be? 

No , I did not eat the fruit of the tree of  good and evil, I'm from the future and somehow ended up here in your time . I so wish I knew the secret if how to get back to my time. 

She walks away knowing that time will go on and that the world will know and seek after sin.

Eve is tempted and eats and shares the apple with Adam. They are cursed by God to work by the sweat of their brows to eat and live day by day. 

Jill watches like seems 24 hours as events pass before her eyes. The flood, the Miracles of Jesus,  his crucifixion, all the events she read about in the Bible. She is exhausted and lays down in the Garden and sleeps.

Miss? Miss? Are you all right? What happened? Looks like you passed out? 

I passed out? 

Yes you had just taken a bite from an apple and you fainted. 

I am diabetic. Let me check my blood sugar. She checks it and it's 23. Oh my God, I was close to going into coma. 

Here honey you can eat my ham and cheese sandwich and bottled water. Said an older lady. 

Thank you and God Bless you. 

You know God has a plan and nothing I or anyone can do can change it. Even in a Dream.

By Brian Smedley 12/11/23 

December 11, 2023 12:02

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Mary Bendickson
19:34 Dec 20, 2023

Interesting story.


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