I skipped merrily outside to get the mail. Checking the letter box, I saw a red envelope inside. My heart skipped. It was unusual, if not impossible for someone to give me and my mum a letter. Grasping it, I delicately ran my hand on the paper and returned back to my house. I loved it dearly, but most people were not so poor and they would call it a hovel. Crawling under a hatch, I greeted my mother. She too, had thought that there would be nothing. We just go to pretend that we aren’t so poor. Ever since father abandoned us, taking all the money we had with him, we were the poorest people on earth. We only had four things, and these they were:

• One crumb of bread,

• Two sheets, used as blankets and clothes.

•Two hair ties to tie up blankets.

• And…. That's about it.

So actually, we only have three things. Anyway, I ripped the envelope open and started to read the letter. It said:

Dear Bella

Please come to Angelina’s 16th birthday party . 


Tomorrow at 11:30 AM -8:30 AM

It is a sleep over.


39 Crimsoms Road. 

See you soon!

Laura, Angilina’s mum.


I stared in awe. This, this girl I didn’t even know invited me to her party. I was actually quite nervous and didn’t want to go because the last party I ever went to didn’t turn out very well and plus, my dad left at that party. I don’t want my mum to torcher me like that to Thugh I don’t think mum would actually do that.. But also, on the other hand, it’s my only chance to find a friend and I wanted one. So nervous as I was, I was going to Angelina’s party.

Walking to Angelina’s birthday made me realise that I was so close to finding a friend. I also realized I was self conscious, embarrassed that everyone else was wearing fancy clothes. I finally found my way to 39 Crimsoms Road. Taking a deep breath, I knocked. The door flung open and a girl wearing the fanciest clothes in the world and a big bright smile came in sight. It was only then that I remembered that the (used to be ) 13 year old that lives at 39 Crimsons Road was a royal. It was indeed the very same girl, just 3 years older. “Please come in.” Angelina said. My nerves were higher than anyones would ever go and my breathing started to shallow. “Hello.” Was the only thing I managed to say. I took one foot into the (I now know) palace and was dazzled by the beauty. But before I can explain how stunning it was to you, I was whisked of by servants and had a bath and massages and got dressed in fine clothes. Only then, could she go to the party. Other fellow royals were there and, walking up to Princess Angelina, I began to talk. “Um… Your Highness?” I began. “Oh. No need to call me that deary.” Came the reply. “Oh. I’m sorry miss. But what I wanted to ask was, why did you invite me?” Angelina looked hurt. “Oh. Sorry miss.” I quickly said, trying to make my hostess happy. “What I meant was… You are the princess and I am the poorest of the poor.” Angelina’s face softened. “My dear, it doesn’t matter about ranks or wealth. It matters about what you look like in here.” She said pointing to her heart. And I knew just then, that I had finally found a friend. “But… Before we start I want to tell you that you will never be poor again. She was right. Indeed she was.

I walked home, my glamorous dress full of gold. Me and my mum bought a house and were never poor again.

May 13, 2021 05:57

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