Buzz Buzzz........The bee entered through the small opening on the wall. Derek rolled and rolled in the squeaky bed. His tummy grumbled and complained. Buzz Buzzz.....a second bee came in. This one flew directly to his ear. Derik waved the bee away. He tried to sleep but the hunger pangs couldn't let him "Why are you bothering me you little things?"

 "We are your friends." He couldn't believe that he had heard the bees talk. He opened his eyes wide and cocked his ears. The security lamp shone through the window. He sat upright on his squeaking bed. The Italian metallic bed gave a sharp scream. The bees came and settled on his pale palm. Derik squinted to see the two little creatures landing on his palm. They had wings but had human figures. One of them (according to Derek) was a boy, the other a girl. The boy wore a striped Polo shirt and a green jeans trousers. His moccasin s matched his shirt and cap. The wings captivated Derik. They were colourless yet shiny. Derik thought they were plastic and tried to pull them "Ouch!" The boy screamed. "That hurts!" Derek stopped." I'm sorry He said. He looked at the girl her silky hair flowed down her slender back. Her pink ballerina reflected the light so naturally that it lit the room .Her golden wings glittered. "Oh my, what a beauty Derek exclaimed. "Thank you" the girl replied to his astonishment.

               "My name is Gift and she is Luck" We have come from faraway land. We came by our spacecraft . "I'm Derek!" "Oh we know who you are. We hung on your ceiling every evening and we know everything" Luck snapped ."Did you see how the stale bread I threw landed on the beautiful dandelions?" Derek asked Luck. "We hated the woman for mistreating you, we have come to propose to you. Please be our friends. We must hatch a plan to help you." Derek twisted "Hey Slummppy ! " Madam Rosa called turning the door knob .The bees buzzed off to the ceiling. She turned the lights on. "You are disturbing my sleep. If you cannot sleep on your rusty bed, spread your rugged bed sheets on the floor" She slammed the door and left. The bees buzzed back to Derek. "Who is she?" Luck asked. "She is my new mum. She came to live with us after my parents divorced. She hates me and treats me badly but dad doesn't seem to give a damn He is too obsessed with his women and bottle to care" "oh my , I heard the way she addressed you." Gift  said .Derek yawned "  I'm famished .Did you bring any food from the spacecraft?" he asked. "No l will give you a speck of gold from my wing. When you sell it you'll bye food on your way to school." Luck said. Derek took put his gold in his drawing book and slept heavily .In the morning, his new friends were nowhere to be seen. He thought it was a dream. He checked his drawing book. The shiny little thing sparkled brightly. He spread his beds, tidied his room and rushed to the bathroom.

                 He passed through the dining table just in case Madam Rosa made him breakfast. Of course,It was too early. The table had dishes from the previous evening meal The bones lied on the table mats. He compared the stale bread he was served with what he was seeing here .He wrapped some of the bones with the aluminium foil wrap and left .Tammy howled.  Derek spread the bones on the wrap and left him crushing them. He opened the gate stealthily .He dreaded Madam Rosa's screams .He had to take care not to awake her, at four in the morning. His father who had swam in his drink could have been too tired to realize even if the next room exploded. He would wake up with a hangover, then take a bottle to kill it and yet another. He didn't care about work. After all he inherited a multi-billion empire from his father.

                "Hello Derek, I hope the wicked lady hasn't sent you this early without breakfast?" the tawny eyed man spoke raising his round -framed eye glasses. "No sir, l have gold to sell," Derek said "Really? Can l have a look?" Mr Alexis asked. Derek took the gold from his drawing book. Derek opened a new leaf of his life . His disappearance was all over the media.

              Derek began searching for his mother. He had learnt that she left the city after the messy divorce and went to live in the countryside. His only image of her is when she stood in the doorway trying to escape more beatings from her husband and his mistress. She managed to pick the baby girl and fled. He blamed himself for not defending her,What followed was a rigorous court process which made her lose the custody of her children. Her husband managed to convince the court that she was mentally unstable; therefore she wouldn't be fit to have children under her care. She convinced a jailbird who was out on Presidential pardon to change identity and escaped to a mysterious destination with her valuable-a baby girl. Her new name-Melissa Jap. Derek looked at his mother's passport photographs again. The young lady looked so pretty. She didn't in any way resemble the frail bleeding woman at their door .Sandra could now be ten years. She was barely six months when they disappeared for good. At fifteen, Derek looked small yet old for his age. The hunger, stressful life he experienced during his formative years may have stunted his physical growth but thankfully his mental growth wasn't affected. He bought a laptop which he used for personal Studies.

His fruitless search made him depressed. How he longed to meet his mother and sister. He prayed earnestly begging God to avail them. At times, he changed his prayer asked to be shown their graves. He had given up and was living his own life when I almost met him at the computer workshop. I didn't have the slightest hint that this computer whiz was the son Ieft behind when my matrimonial life was crushed by strong addictions . How I was looking for a computer expert who would help Daisy with her own project. I wasn't able to get him following his busy schedule so l had to try a different computer whiz.

            After the computer congress I was walking on the Koinange street with Daisy when he came up to me and smiled. "Hi"  He stretched his muscular arm. "I'm Derek." I almost fainted. In my secret place I had followed the news of his disappearance, his mutilated body retreaved from the well to somber funeral prior to his burial. The newspapers gave a detailed explanation. My photograph - a beautiful me holding him in a file photo. Yes, I could see the birthmark on his left 'cheek. The mark that flows through our blood from my great grandfather to Daisy. Daisy who had helped me mourn the brother she never met recovered from the shock pretty enough and jumped grabbing him with the biggest hug. Blood is obviously thicker than water. Our reunion was highly sentimental .I believed and understood his reason for escaping from home. Honestly, to date I neither believe nor understand his alien guardians or his gold narrative,or should I trust this narrative?

July 25, 2020 17:33

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Deborah Angevin
07:25 Jul 31, 2020

This is a unique take on the prompt, Pamela! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :D Would you mind checking my recent story out, "A Very, Very Dark Green"? Thank you!


15:52 Jul 31, 2020

Thanks,I read the story but was somehow confused check my comments. I can't forget to thank you for reading my story


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