Blame It On The Rain

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Coming of Age Friendship Inspirational

"I don't want to hear it, Frank! I just want to go home now," I said as we left Qanilla's parlor and I walked ahead of Frank. I was just told that I would be lonely forever so clearly I wasn't in a good mood right now for anything of the sort.

"But Nigel, it's just a fortune," said Frank still trying to reassure me. "It's only by chance that you would remain alone. Don't take it too much at heart. The future will always change."

"Yes," I replied frustratingly. "But it doesn't help that I already feel alone as it is. I came to America to make something of myself but my parents just left me without giving much of a second thought."

Frank pitched in: "From what you told me, Nigel: your parents did it for your own good so that way you can be the best of yourself."

"That's correct but I still feel lonely at times, Frank."

"But you got me, Nigel. I ain't going nowhere."

I responded harshly: "Yeah, but you'll never know how it feels like to be abandon by your own people and not have many friends."

Frank then sadly goes: "Unfortunately I do know how it feels..."

I turn around to see Frank depressed as he lowered his head standing there. For the time I've known Frank, he was always so positive and optimistic that I've never seen him this way. Words finally left my mouth as I go: "Frank, I had no idea."

Frank slowly lifts up his head and replies: "It's alright. You didn't know buddy."

I came over by him and placed my hand on his right shoulder. The next thing I did was ask: "Did you want to talk about it?"

"Sure, if that's alright by you," Frank softly responded.

"It's alright by me. Come, and let us sit down," I said as I guide us to the nearby bench. As we sat down, I could see some stars out with some clouds coming in. Hopefully no rain will come down. I never liked the rain. Always messed up my hair. I waited patiently as Frank settles to tell his story.

He eventually goes: "Before I was a beer taster, I had no friends and no family to count on. You see, all my life I was a disappointment to my family. I never wanted to be a lawyer, doctor or part of the marines, I wanted to forge my own path. But my parents neglected my dreams and ambitions that once I was 21, they kicked me out of my home which then left me homeless. I had to survive out there looking for ways to make ends meet while also finding shelter for the night everyday. Sure, I've meet a lot of people during that time, but my confidence of today wasn't there back then.

"For the next two years, I had been through the rain, snow and heat trying to survive being a homeless man until one day I came across a job flyer. They were looking for a beer taster in Miller with great pay. I gathered myself and all the money I had saved up to the dollar store to get the equipment I needed to look good for the job opening. I bought shaving cream, two razors, some cologne, detergent, hand soap and hand sanitizer. After I freshen up when using the nearest bathroom, I headed to Miller and got the job with my new confidence and charisma for I finally found my purpose in life.

"Eventually I made connections and friendships along the way. I even helped the homeless people that I knew throughout the two years to get jobs themselves. I was basically the job agent of the homeless and I still am today. I go down there every week helping them out to find a purpose in life just as I did for myself all those years ago. It's been ten years since.

"When I saw you Nigel, I wanted to help out as much as I can. I can reassure you that it wasn't out of pity, not one bit. I felt that it was my duty to help anyone no matter who they are or where they came from to get back up their feet for I've been there before. I'm a pursuer as much as I'm a dreamer."

After Frank was done, he went back to lowering his head. I was very moved by his own story. I had no idea that a guy like Frank has been through a lot just as myself. Eventually I go, "I'm glad I'm not alone in any of this especially with having you as my best friend."

Frank's head quickly lifts up and he immediately asks me directly: "Did you say best friend?"

I nodded and replied: "Why, yes Frank. I never had one of those and I consider you as one."

Teary eyed, he smiled while replying back: "The same goes with you Nigel."

I held out my hand as I asked him: "Best friends to the end?"

He took my hand with his and responded back: "Forever and always!"

It then started to rain and Frank quickly got up from the bench responding: "Oh shoot, I wasn't paying any attention to the weather. Let's make a run for it, Nigel! I know how much you don't like your hair in the rain."

Yet I continue sitting there just not a care in the world. I replied nonchalantly: "It's all okay, Frank. My hair can survive for one night. If anything, I'll blame it on the rain later like Milli Vanilli once said on the radio. For right now, I could use it."

This left Frank surprised yet he nods in response. Shortly, I got up from the bench and went to the open area of the carnival as Frank continue to watch over me. I lifted my head up to the sky as rain poured down on my face. It honestly felt go when doing so. Eventually I spin around and was laughing. I started dancing like a fool out there. Yet I didn't have a care in the world. I was finally expressing myself through this rain by dancing the nerdiest and goofiest of moves. Frank smiled there as he saw all of this and I could hear him say: "Going to have some hot tea once we get home."

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