12 June 1981

Dear Dairy

It me the game freak Tommy here again. I am a legend of playing games. All the games know my name. Games are apart of my life, I love and enjoy playing games. Today was the best day in my life but before I tell you about my great news that happen. I want to share my gaming experience with you.

Dairy, the first time I experience playing game was on my sixth birthday ,when my best friends name Steve, Jack ,Howard, Harry, my mother and I went to the game arcade played games and had eaten pizza all day celebrating my birthday.

My mother planned the entire surprise birthday party at the game arcade and she did a great work. I must mention like always that I love my mother because she never disappointments me and always tries to make me happy.

I could never forget my birthday that year it was awesome, unforgettable and the best birthday I ever had so far in my life. I got to play free games all day because of the birthday special treat offered. That day on my six birthday I was the happiest boy alive.

Harry loves to play Q bert; Steve loves Street fighters, Howard loves Mario bros, Steve loves Galaxian and my favourite that I love most is called pac man a true classic game. I am better game player than all my bestfriends and I would always defeat them in games.

I love playing game since as 6 year old child that couldn't tie my shoes lace and urinate my bed. When I sleep most of my dreams are about playing games, playing game wasn't only in my reality but dream also.

Sometimes I wonder if when I was in my mother womb I was playing game. I could imagine myself in my mother womb playing games. I would ask my mother many times if when after I was born an arcade game machine came out behind me.

My mother would laugh and said" I have a wild imagination". I feel a connection, joy and happiness when playing games. There is no word to describe how I feel when I play games.

Every afternoon after school, I would save my coins head to the Jackson game arcade and play games on the machine. Everyone in the game arcade calls me the game wizard I have won every game at the arcade game name Jackson Game arcade; the only game I never won is the game called donkey kong, with the enemy a ugly gorilla called donkey kong that always smashes and kill me by throwing barrels at me.

I have played all the games at the arcade and I know all the games name at the arcade as well. Donkey kong, Pac man, Galaga, ms pac man, space invaders, asteriods, pong, frogger, dig dug, street fighters, Galaxian, Mario bros, Q bert, Robotron, Battle zone, Mortal kombat, Bubble bobble, Break out, Tron, Burger time, out run, Xevious, Dragon lair, the king of fighters, golden axe, contra, the simpsons, wrestle mania and final fight. I am addicted to playing games and I have obession for playing games.

Today after eating some cereals and milk then dressed in my lucky jacket. I ride my four wheel bicycle in style down layne street headed to the game arcade, where the annual game festival called champion league was being hosted.

I would normally participate annually in the game event but every year I won all the other games except donkey kong. This year I was prepared, determined and trained myself to succeed and win the game arcade competition.

My friends and I were at the arcade together the game arcade together; players of all genders, religions, ethincity and ages from all over the city came to participate in the competition.

I was the youngest player at the game arcade being 10 years old. When I finshed winning all the others game I was happy but when the game I fear name donkey kong started I was nervous, my heart was pounding and my fingers trembling anxious about losing the game. I overheard my bestfriend Howard said, "Oh no its donkey kong his nightmare game".

I closed my eyes and I said, "I am the game champion and I will win this year game competition". I filled myself with self esteem and encouragement.

Then I began to play donkey kong, while I began moving the game control up and down; jumping over the barrels with my mighty hammer I knocked out the donkey kong earning a prefect first time high score and I won the game competition. It was a first big experience in my life today winning the competition and the game I use to fear.

After winning the arcade game today. I was happy and excited. I screamed so hard I could be heard in space, as I jumped up, victory at last!.

I could still remember the speech from the owner and how it inspired, caught my attention and motivated me.

John the owner of the game arcades said, "That in the future, donkey kong along with other games wouldn't be as awesome like the old days because it will be more graphics and sad to say the true original classic will go out of style, only game kid legends born in the 90's will no the true classic experience feeling of donkey kong game and game arcade will be a thing of the past because technology is advancing but trust me legends were made at these game arcade and legends don't die".

I wonder if he is true, will the arcade games be upgraded in the future, will they be greater or worst than now ? , will people still play arcade games? , only the mysterious futures have the answers to my questions but in my opinion a true classic is the best, never forgetton or dies.

Kids in 90's like myself will always remember the legendary game arcade no matter how many graphics or upgrades are made to games. The first school that taught me to play game is the game arcade and even if advance technology would replace it game arcades, it is still a legend in my book as a child born in the 90's.

April 06, 2020 22:09

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