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Getting blamed for something you didn’t do is one thing but getting a life sentence is quite another. I wasn’t even there the night my friend was murdered but according to fifteen witness they saw me stab Ruby. The only reason I received a life sentence was because I was too young to receive the death penalty, at fifteen years old I am the youngest person ever to be sent to prison, the judge decided that because of the nature of my crime I was too dangerous for juvenile hall so It was don’t pass go, go straight to a maximum security prison. The prosecutions case was airtight or that’s what that’s want they made people think. My school sweater was found covered in blood at the crime scene as well as the murder weapon, but there where no finger prints found on the knife handle . What my public appointed lawyer neglected to mention was that It was stolen from my locker two days before. He also forgot to mention that I wasn’t even invited to the party because the girl that was throwing it would rather get major dental surgery without general anesthesia then invite me. Also, my parents testified that I was in my room all night studying but that was a waste of time because supposedly I could have snuck out when they went to bed. Because of this and a whole bunch of people that hated me said that I was there that night and they witnessed Ruby and I fighting about some boy, when she refused to stop talking to him I flew into a jealous rage and stabbed her twenty times in front of a crowed of people. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard but I was convicted, that is what you get when you have an attorney that is working for peanuts. I have lost everything; my friends won’t talk to me or return my letters and my family believe I am a cold blooded killer and that I had indeed went out after they where asleep and committed this awful crime. I have only had fifteen short years on this earth and I will spend the rest of my life in a six by eight foot cell, I have tried to convince my parents to help me appeal my case but they said that they will not spend the time nor money when they know in their heart that I am guilty. What kind of parents give up on their child so easily, six months after the trail they moved out of state and legally changed their name, I only know this because I receive one letter with on return address on it, the letter basically stated that because they could no longer handle the press harassment and the fact that my little brother was being tormented at school they thought the best thing from them to do was leave and start a brand new life. I guess I understand why they did it but it still hurts. I have had a year and half or my life feeling sorry for myself and after two suicide attempts I have learned a couple things, trying to take your our life with a homemade shive does not work when you are under constant surveillance and also after a long stay in the infirmary your new home for the next six months is solitary confinement. That is what the first attempt gets you, the second attempt gets you all of that and one way trip to looney town, yep my new home is the psychiatric wing of the prison which total ruins my chance of every getting out of here but now not only was a cold blooded murderer in the eyes of everyone one I knew I was also crazy. I mean I guess it has it’s perks, the meals are better and the beds are way comfier, the down side is now on top of it all I was housed with woman who have done some horrific things, don’t get my everyone in here has done some unspeakable things but nothing like this. The guards showed me some mercy and put me with the other inmates that where there for the very same reason I was, there where even a few that actually believed that I was innocent. Even though that was not going to help me in any shape way or form, it made me feel much better knowing that someone believed me. The only way out of here is to either break out or fake my own death, either way I am not going to need help but who do I trust? The inmates or patience as the guards call them are completely untrustworthy, they would snitch on me in a second, so I am on my own. I also must consider that If I do escape, I have no where to go, my family left me and so have all my friends. So my only option is to fake my own death and try to start over once I am out, the only problem is without any help there is no way of preventing the guards from throwing me into the incinerator because there is no one to claim my body. The other problem is the how, how I am supposed to carry out my plan with all eyes on me? It is worse now that I am on constant suicide watch. These may seem like drastic measures but like have stated before I have no way of proving my innocence.

That night I laid in my bed staring up at the celling when I heard my door slowly open, it was one of the nurses, but I wasn’t scheduled for any medication at this time.

“Sorry to scare you but I thought on my favorite patient before I went on vacation.”

I slowly got up from my bed, I smiled when I noticed which nurse it was. Everyone including the guards said that we could pass off as twins. We had the same pale skin, tall and tin with long dark hair. Hers was a little longer then mine but I knew that I could make it work. I looked everywhere for something to knock her out with. I slowly got up; the nurse looked at me strangely it was because I wasn’t talking to her. I decided to make small talk so that she wouldn’t panic and run.

“I am so glad you came, you’re the only one that treats me decent in this place.”

She just smiled at me, nurse Maggie always had the sweetest smile, I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. How could kill her, that would make me guilty of the very thing that they accused me of. I broke down and cried, she just held me. If she only new of the horrible things that I planned to do to her she would not have done so.

“Oh, Kathy what is the matter honey.”

When I told her what my plan was at first, she was horrified then relieved that I didn’t go through with it.

“I can’t stay in here, I am innocent. You have to help me.” I begged with tears rolling down my face.

“I believe you, honey I really do and that is why I am going to help you.” She reached in her bag and pulled out a spear uniform. She told me to put it on and to give my prison garb so she could put in her bag.

“Good now take my key, I have a spare. When you get outside there is a blue mini van parked fifty feet from the door. The tail gait is unlocked open it and get in make sure no one sees you leave, or the plan won’t work. After an hour I will leave this room and make sure some see’s me leave. I will tell that you required meds to sleep that way they won’t check on you until morning by then we will be far enough away to get a good head start.”

I just gave her a hug and did exactly what I was told, the hallway poorly lit so when a bunch of guards passed me, they thought I was a nurse leaving for the end of my sift. I had my head down and tag covered, when one of them greeted me I just gave them a head nod and headed out the door. The plan worked perfectly and about an hour later nurse Maggie joined me. She told me to change into something that she had in suitcase. While I changed Maggie made a few phone calls, judging by the look on her face everything was going as plan.

I am now free, new life, new look and of course new name. There are pictures of me everywhere, well the old me. Nurse Maggie of course ask for a transfer to another hospital that is not in the prison system because she needs better hours to take care of her niece that had to come live her due to unfit living conditions. I start my first day of school next week and I can hardly wait. I hope this time everything works out because If the police find me, I promise you they will never take me alive. 

November 30, 2020 21:14

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Loved this story!


Amber Brownlee
23:41 Dec 01, 2020

Thank you so much.


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