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Emma hides from Maleficent.informs her that Mary Margaret, David and everyone in Storybrooke needs her help. Emma, with no memories of Storybrooke or her parents, asks him to leave, which he kisses her, hoping to stir up her memories. Emma slams the door in his face, and returns to eating breakfast with Henry.

That night she meets Walsh at the place where they had their first date. Emma is surprised when he proposes. Walsh claims to love Emma and Henry, and wants them to be a family. Still deeply troubled from her abandonment issues, she tells him she needs more time. Returning home to Henry, he tells her that he's grown to think of Walsh as a part of their family. He also let's Emma know that he hasn't seen her this happy since Walsh came into their lives. Emma seriously considers Walsh's proposal, but has another run in with Hook.

During the Second Curse

Hook restores Emma's memories with a potion. Knowing now that she cannot accept Walsh's proposal, she goes to gently let him down. Walsh pleads with her to reconsider but she cannot. To her horror, however, Walsh mentions that he was starting to like her, in a sinister tone, then morphs into a Flying Monkey and attacks her. After taking care of "Walsh", she seeks out Hook and the two return to Storybrooke with Henry.

They find out there has been a new Dark Curse caused by Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West. Reuniting with her father, David informs her that they've just recently returned and that their memories, as well as all of Storybrookes memories of what occurred after Regina reversed the first curse has been erased. They assume that it has at least been nine months since they first left, however as Mary Margaret reunites with her daughter, in the last trimester of her pregnancy. She also finds out that people have been disappearing, which they later discover is the work of Zelena. This is confirmed when Little John escapes the Witch's grasp, but to everyone's horror, violently transforms into a Flying Monkey, much like Walsh had done.

She finds Neal trapped within Mr. Gold's body, thus causing him to lose his mind. Neal asks for Emma to free his father by killing himself to defeat Zelena; she reluctantly agrees. Regina later helps Emma to strengthen her magical powers, though they are removed when Zelena curses Hooks lips.

After the Second Curse

After Regina kisses Henry and breaks the second curse, everyone's memories are restored. Gold stabs Zelena and she is killed, however, her time portal is activated and Emma goes to investigate it with Hook, however, it sucks the two in.

After Emma and Hook are dragged into Zelena's time portal, she accepts Storybrooke as her home, regaining her magic to re-open the portal to the present where she begins a relationship with Hook. However, unaware to her, she also brings a previously deceased Maid Marian to the future, shattering her growing friendship with Regina, whom Emma hopes will accept her as a friend despite their differences. The two later regain their friendship to defeat the Snow Queen with Elsa, who helps Emma to finally embrace her powers fully and control them. When Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff leave Emma learns that Mr. Gold is back to his evil ways. Emma also learns that Gold has Hook's heart and she gets it back and puts it back in him. Emma later learns that Regina wants to find the writer of the book.

After Cruella De Vill kidnaps Henry, Emma, Regina, and Captain Hook had to go to rescue him. Isaac later tells Mary Margaret and David that Emma will give in to darkness as it was foretold. When Cruella has a gun to Henry's head, Emma angrily uses her abilities to push Cruella off the cliff they are on to her death. Mary Margaret and David arrive too late to see what Emma has done.

Maleficent asks Emma to help her oke arrive, having hitched a ride on Zelena's twister headed for Oz, which they redirected towards Emma to help free her from the Dagger. While alone with her, she entrust her Dagger to Regina.

King Arthur and his Knights of the Round arrive and welcome them to Camelot. Arthur announces that their arrival was foretold by Merlin and the entourage escort the residence of Storybrooke and Merida to his castle and Merlin. Thinking things are looking up for Emma regaining her light, Arthur shows that Merlin has been encased in a tree, and only the Savior can release him. Regina claims to be the Savior in Emma's stead, so that her darkness can be hidden from Arthur, Guinevere and the people of Camelot.

During her time in Camelot, Emma, despite her initial resistance, begins to give in more and more to the darkness, while always finding a way to justify her actions. She begins uses her powers including chocking Merida over the Wisp, thinking it's the only way to find Camelot, saving a mortally wounded Robin, though at Regina's request, and ripping the heart and controlling Violet a young girl that had shown interest in Henry, to acquire a tear of regret from her son and immediately returning her heart afterwards. After Hook is injured, she uses some of her dark magic to heal him. Later, after freeing him Merlin encourages her to destroy the Darkness one and for all. When she does so by fusing the dagger and the sword, her healing magic is undone, causing Hook to start bleeding again. Realizing that the wound could kill him, she tethers his life to Excalibur, causing him to become another Dark One.

During the Third Curse

Emma taunts Regina and Henry.

Six weeks later, the rest of her friends returned to Storybrooke, but with a horrifying and shocking twist, their memories were wiped out once again and wearing Arthurian attires. As it turned out Emma made an appearance as the Dark One, with her new attire. Henry asks what happened to her, and she told them that they all went to Camelot to remove the darkness from her and they failed (except Henry). Emma with her powers turned Sneezy into stone, proclaiming that there's no savior in the town. Emma surprisingly gave the Dark One dagger to Regina with the intention that if she goes too dark Regina would be the only one that would willingly "put her down". Shortly after this, Hook attempts true love's kiss with Emma in the hopes that the Dark One's curse would break, but ultimately failed, as Emma has fully embraced the darkness. Unbeknownst to the others, Emma currently has possession of the Excalibur in a locked room inside of her new house. She intends to make Excalibur and the Dark One's dagger whole again, as with it she will be able to snuff out the light forever and become invulnerable. However, she must recruit a hero to do so, as she cannot remove the sword; the hero she chooses is her predecessor Rumplestiltskin, who she tells finally has a chance to become a hero.

After everyone finds out in "Birth" that Emma had transformed Hook into a second Dark One; she planned to siphon the darkness out of both of them and put it Zelena, who she forced into an accelerated labor to avoid killing Robin's child, and slay her. She regains her memories of what Hook plans, by resurrecting all the Dark Ones as part of his revenge. At first, Emma plans to absorb all the darkness inside her and kill herself. Things do not go according to plan when Hook steals it from her. Killian orders her to kill him, taking in all the darkness and Emma reluctantly kills him with Excalibur while the darkness is removed from her, reverting to her old self.

After the Third Curse

Hook, I will find you. I will always find you.

―Emma's promise

While mourning Hook, Emma starts to hear whispers calling to her. She follows the whispers to Mr. Gold's shop, realizing that it is the dagger calling to her. Gold tells her she is imagining things, but after some further pressing from Emma, Gold reveals he has the dagger and is the Dark One again, but this time, he now has the combined power of every Dark One that ever existed, including Emma's dark magic. After blackmailing Mr. Gold, she and her friends and family board the boat that will descend into the Underworld, planning to split her heart in half and share it with Hook, like her parents did during the Second Curse.

Emma's vision of Neal.

While on her way to the Underworld she has a vision of Neal. The two appear in her Yellow Bug within the Amusement Park that they would constantly break into. When she questions if she's dreaming, he tells her that she isn't and that he is reaching out to her. She finds herself overjoyed when she realizes that it really is Neal with her at this moment in time. He asks her how Henry is doing, and she mentions that he is doing very good, but still misses his father. She tells him that their son is growing up so quickly, to which Neal shares a brief moment of pride with her in their son. Neal goes on and warns her against going to the Underworld. Neal elaborates by telling her that while he knows she is doing so out of love for Hook, that it is also a dangerous endeavor, and it will be a very difficult place to leave. Emma promises Neal she would have done the same for him had she known it was possible, but Neal assuages her guilt by letting her know that she will not find him in the Underworld. Margaret and David's arms back on the boat calling out his name. At that moment, her old flame's father alerts them all of their arrival to their destination, the Underworld.

Emma and her family in the Underworld.

She and the others later discover that the Underworld is, as Neal had told them, for those with unfinished business, and they decide to help others move on, while they search for Hook. With the help of Milah; Neal's mother, Hook's late lover, and Henry's paternal grandmother, Emma manages to retrieve Hook from Hades' captivity. However, she is unable to split her heart, as Hades has decided that she, Regina, and Snow are to remain behind for freeing the souls of Prince Henry, Hercules, and Megara. It is discovered that the only way they would have a chance to return to the living with Hook is by overthrowing Hades. In order to defeat Hades, Emma and Hook receive help from Hook's brother Liam; however, it is soon discovered that Liam betrayed them after being blackmailed by Hades. Fortunately, Henry agrees to help undo Liam's work by using his powers as the Author.

Emma finally learns that she cannot save Hook, and unwillingly leaves the Underworld through a portal made from the fallen clock tower with the others at his insistence to stop a now freed Hades. When they return to Storybrooke, she, Regina and Robin all attempt to un cloud Zelena's refusal at the truth due to her feelings for Hades, and rescue Robin's daughter. In the process, Robin is killed and Zelena destroys Hades.

After Hades' defeat, Emma tearfully looks on Hook's grave before he's resurrected.

Before Robin's funeral, Emma stands at Hook's grave and cries, trying to cope with the fact that he is truly gone now. Suddenly, a wave of magic flies through the air, causing her to stumble. She hears her name called from behind her and turns around and is shocked to see Hook. She happily embraces Hook, who tells her Zeus sent him back as a reward for his prominent role in Hades' undoing. After informing him that Robin was killed, Emma decides to break the news about Hook's return to Regina as delicately as possible. However, when an earthquake occurs, Hook rushes to see if Emma is okay. It turns out the earthquake was caused by Mr. Gold tethering magic to the Olympian Crystal fragment. Emma works with Regina to find it, only to later have Gold explain that Henry used his Author power to steal the crystal to destroy magic (again). Both follow Henry to New York, where it turns out Gold got the crystal back. At the same time, Hook, David, Snow and Zelena are accidentally sucked into another realm, which they could become trapped in without any magic in the Real World. Henry succeeds in destroying magic, only to be later convinced by the Dragon to get enough belief to recharge the crystal. It works and everyone is brought home. Once back in Storybrooke, Emma shares a passionate kiss with Hook.

In Storybrooke, refugees arrive from the Land of Untold Stories. Emma experiences tremors and visions; an arrested Hyde helps her receive an oracle's vision of a hooded figure killing her. Dealing with Hyde, the hostile stories of the refugees, and Regina's evil half, Emma confesses to her family of her visions. They all decide to have faith they can change this after reuniting Jasmine with a former Savior, Aladdin. Eventually, the Evil Queen places Emma's parents in dual sleeping curse. Emma and Regina try to imprison her in the Mirror World, but end up trapped in the realm themselves. Fortunately, Henry and Hook free them before they're killed by the Dragon.

After helping Belle entrusts her and Gold's baby to the Blue Fairy, Emma discovers the sword that will kill her in Gold's shop and realizes it can kill the Evil Queen without hurting Regina. The Queen steals the lamp, holding Jasmine hostage, and wishes Emma to an alternate reality where she was never the Savior; Regina follows her. In the "wish realm", Emma lives as a meek princess before Regina manages to restore her memory. Regina frees Rumplestiltskin in exchange for a magic bean, but the portal to Storybrooke closes while Regina is distracted by the appearance of Robin Hood.

Emma and the Black Fairy.

When Henry discovers the page in the book that reveals Emma's heart will make her stronger, not only does it embolden Emma, it prevented Fiona from crushing it, but Fiona still tells her the battle is still on. On wedding day, Emma and Hook finally marry just in time for the dark clouds to release a new curse that will set up the final battle. Eventually Emma defeats the Black Fairy and her controlled grandson. She briefly dies but is brought back from a true love by Henry. Soon after, everyone is living a happy life without chaos and drama.

A couple years have gone by and Henry is about to leave home to find his own story. Emma is reluctant to let him go after having missing so much of his childhood due to her choice of giving him up. She tells her husband that she's nervous that she might not get a second chance at motherhood but he reassures her. More years by, and when a travelling Henry has grown up and needs his family's help, he gets it from his adoptive mother, stepfather, and soon, his birth mother. Emma reveals to Henry that she is pregnant and had Hook not tell him because she was worried he'd go back from his travels for her sake, but her first child is thrilled. Emma and Killian then go back to Storybrooke.

Sometime in this, Emma gives birth to her and Killian's newborn daughter whom they name Hope. She is shown arriving late with her husband and their daughter to Regina's coronation of becoming the Good Queen. With her son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter Lucy, Emma congratulates Regina on her happy beginning as Regina gives an eulogy.


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