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Spring brings new beginnings.

The girl, music in her heart, joy, pure and unbridled. Laughter and adventure. Discovery and growth. Days filled with sunshine and rain, with games and stories, with hugs and kisses. Nights, soft and warm, with lullabies and goodnight stories, with dreams and hope.

Parents, amazing and wonderful, their love and guidance, their support and sacrifice, shaping her into the person she’d become. Memories, woven like a tapestry, of picnics and trips, of holidays and birthdays, of moments of pure joy and wonder. Childhood, a time of wonder and innocence, of hope and happiness, of a love that would last a lifetime.

Trauma, a dark cloud, descending, shattering her world.

Loneliness, a heavy weight on her heart, alone in a sea of faces.

Isolation, a wall of her own making, a fortress built to keep the pain at bay. 

Addiction, a temporary balm, drowning out the sorrow and the fear. 

Despair, a constant companion, dragging her down into the abyss of her own making. 

Secrets kept hidden in the dark. Turmoil and heartbreak. Searching for a way out of the darkness.

Summer heat brings adventure.

The girl, backpack slung over shoulder, passport in hand, heart heavy with longing. Memories, flooding her mind, a kaleidoscope of faces, places, and moments. Grief clawing at her, the thought of leaving all she knows behind. Doubts, plaguing her, wondering if she’s making a mistake, second-guessing her choice.Hope guiding her, the promise of adventure, of new horizons, of growth.

Farewell, whispered softly. The girl slips away, unnoticed and alone.Silence, following her, the streets empty, the world asleep, her heart pounding. Regret gnawing. Perhaps she’s running away, not towards. Freedom, beckoning her, the possibility of chasing her dreams, discovering herself.

The girl, disappearing into the night, leaving it all behind, wondering if anyone will miss her. Life, blooming, a tiny cry filling the air, a new soul entering the world. Daughter, in her arms, fragile and perfect, a miracle of love. Doubt creeping in, wondering if she’s ready, if she’s enough, if she’ll be a good mother.

Love, overwhelming, a fierce and powerful force, propelling her forward. Days blur into nights, feedings, diaper changes, and sleepless nights. Patience tested, fatigue setting in, wondering if she’s doing it right. Guidance sought learning from others, listening to her instincts, finding her way. Moments, cherished, a smile, a coo, a first step, the joy of watching her grow.

The girl, now a mother, wondering if she’s enough, if she’s doing it right, hoping that her love will be enough.

Anger boiling, a storm in his eyes, a fury in his voice. Words, sharp and hurtful, cutting to the core, a betrayal of love. Heart breaking, the girl pleads with him not to leave, tears streaming down her face. Fear, consuming her, the thought of losing him, of him never coming back.

Silence, his only answer, a stubbornness in his soul, a resistance to her pleas. Hope, fading, the girl watches as he walks away, leaving her alone.

The girl, watching, wondering if he’ll ever return, if their love was strong enough to survive the storm.

Autumn leaves fall like memories,

White everywhere, snow stretching out to the horizon, endless and pristine. Husband, beside her, hand in hand, a smile on his face, his love warm and unwavering. Home, cozy and small, a refuge from the icy outdoors, a place to build a life.

Alone, she feels, in this vast and unfamiliar land, a stranger to its secrets and mysteries. Doubt creeping in, wondering if she’s made the right choice, if she’s ready for this.

Strength, rising within her, a new adventure, embracing challenges. Hope, guiding her, a new beginning, a fresh start, a chance to grow. Stepping out into the snow. The cold bites at her skin. Wondering if anyone sees her now.

Father, frail and weak, a shadow of his former self, nearing the end. Regret, gnawing at her, the thought of missed opportunities, of words left unsaid. Love guiding her. The need to be with him, to hold his hand, to say goodbye.

Memories flooding her mind, a lifetime of love, laughter, and lessons. Words of wisdom and comfort. “Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines, it will shine out the clearer.” She reads from Tolkien.

The girl, sitting by her father’s bedside, holding his hand, hoping for a happy ending, hoping for the sun to shine once more.

Winter’s chill brings reflection,

Years, passing by, a blur of joy and pain, of triumph and defeat. Children, grown and gone, their laughter and tears, their hopes and dreams, filling her heart. He is there, a constant in her life, a rock of love and support.

Wonder, filling her soul, at all she’s achieved, at all she’s overcome, at all she’s become. Struggles and sacrifices, of the hard-won victories, of the moments of pure bliss. Gratitude, overwhelming, for the love that’s sustained her. Peace, settling over her, a sense of contentment, knowledge that she’s lived a good life.

The girl, now a woman, happy and fulfilled, basking in the sun's warmth, and looking forward to the adventures that still lie ahead.

Breath, shallow and weak, a flicker of life, a spark of hope. Family gathered around her, their tears and love, their memories and gratitude, filling her heart.

Husband, long gone, a memory that still brings a smile to her lips, a love that still fills her soul. Faces etched with sadness, hearts heavy with loss.

Words, spoken softly, a comfort to them all, a reminder that life is but a journey, a story with a beginning and an end. “The great tales never end,” she whispers, her voice barely audible, but her message clear. The family, holding her hand, listening to her words, feeling the weight of her wisdom, and the light of her spirit.

The girl, now a woman at the end of her journey, at peace with the story she’s lived, ready to join the great tales of the ages.

February 22, 2023 17:28

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Kathy Trevelyan
13:57 Mar 03, 2023

This is beautiful and moving. You use imagery so effectively to conjure your character and her experiences. There are lots of lovely snippets, I particularly like 'Autumn leaves fall like memories.' It's so evocative.


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Susan Catucci
00:32 Mar 03, 2023

Well told story of a life, JD. Snippet after snippet, snapshot after snapshot said it all. By the end, the circle is complete, the story satisfying. Life is never one thing and your words took through the ins and outs. It is, as you include in the final sentenced, a journey. I love that you include the word peace. It's what we're all after. And you remind us with the great phrase, "ready to join the great tales of the ages" that every life has importance. A final note; the dog in your profile pic is gorgeous! :)


18:45 Mar 03, 2023

Thank you for the read!


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