The Loneliest Time Ever

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It was March 22nd 2020,

 Annabelle had just heard about the epidemic that was spreading around the world. She had just come back from a retreat which she had enjoyed a lot. She hadn’t seen anyone of her friends that she knew for such a long time, she knew the retreat was a time to catch up with all her distant friends. She was excited and so happy to see her friends. But she didn’t show how much that she cared because she was not sure how to express herself in front of quite a few Ladies.

 It was a holiday she would remember, also saying goodbye to some friends that were not able to make it anymore to the catchups was so sad for her. She felt a sadness, it was a sadness she had not experienced before, Annabelle was going to miss them alot. She was on the plane by herself, though she had got on board with one of her friends her name was Gretal. who was at  the retreat who was sitting in first class. Anabelle hoped her friend was doing okay.

 Her thoughts were distracted when she looked outside the window, and saw nothing but the clouds in the sky. She imagined jumping from cloud to cloud. She remembered a story being told about jumping from cloud to cloud, then she took one look down further to see if she could see the ground, all she could see was just all the blue ocean. She took a real good look and realised how blue the sea was, and how calming the effect was, and how she was enjoying the whole experience.

 All of a sudden one of the Air Hostesses came up beside Annabelle and asked if she was alright and that her friend was asking after her. That made Annabelle smile, “Oh how nice” she thought. She looked at the Air Hostess with a smile and said “I’m fine thank you” the Air Hostess nodded with a smile and went and let her friend know.  A couple minutes later the Air Hostess came again by Annabelle and asked Annabelle if she would like to sit up the front with her friend. “Awww okay” said Annabelle and she got up and took her luggage from the top of where she was sitting and followed the Air Hostess to where her friend was sitting.

 They enjoyed each other's company, she was sitting with her friend and trying not to be so sad, because she was not sure if she would ever see her again, since she came from another country. Annabelle and Gretal enjoyed each other's company and found out a bit about each other which was really a good time to share what was going on for them. Gretal said she had lost her husband Annabelle said ``Oh my deepest condolences, “I have lost my Mum just last year,  they were quiet for a moment. “I am going to stay with some family in Wellington’ my Nephew and his wife.” said Gretal. “Have they got any children Gretal?” said Annabelle. “Yes they have 3 girls, oh really that must be a handful thought Annabelle to herself. They chatted for a while.

 And then they both got off the plane together, her friends nephew and wife, plus the three girls were waiting for Gretal when they both got to the end of the travelling foyer. Gretal turned to her friend Annabelle and said are you okay, how are you getting home. Annabelle turned around and said to her friend I already have somebody picking me up, “I really enjoyed talking to you on the plane” Gretal said to Annabelle. Annabelle wanted to give her friend Gretal a great big hug, but started to go a bit red in the face thinking about it, in front of all these people, she wasn’t sure what they might think, She was too shy to ask. She didn’t want to cry in front of all the people that were at the airport.

 Annabelle saw her friend Crystal; she waved out to her and raised her eyebrows to give her some acknowledgement that she had seen her.  She walked up to Crystal and asked how she was doing. “I’m okay Annabelle’ how are you feeling”  “Oh okay” said Annabelle

They went out to the car park and got into the car, Crystal was looking for her keys. “Oh I think I left them in the building be right back.”  Annabelle couldn’t wait to get home. She had some things to sort out, she waited patiently for Crystal to get back. Annabelle was waiting for a while and realised that Crystal was taking her time getting back to the car. She was about to go and look for her, but she realised she might need to get back into the car later if she couldn’t find Crystal. 

Annabelle stayed in the car until Crystal came back to the car. “I found the keys, they were handed in,” said Crystal. Annabelle started to think of what she had just thought and felt a bit of anxiety creeping up. Crystal got into the car and they went to pay at the tariff gate, but the gate wouldn’t open, this made Annabelle smile, she wanted to burst out laughing and had to control herself. The gate would not open, Annabelle suggested that they try the other gate to get out. Crystal said I’ll ring up the person who looks after the toll gates. She dialed the number and got the response to try the other gate. “Oh okay” she went to try the other gate but it wouldn’t open.  Then Annabelle said “have you put your card in properly, it didn’t slip in properly”. Crystal then gave the person that looked after the toll gates another call on her phone to explain what was happening. The person on the phone said to try the other gate again, they went to try the other gate. Crystal slipped her card in the slot to pay and yahoo  it worked, they looked both relieved 

“How have you been Annabelle?” said Crystal “I had a great time,” said Annabelle with a smile on her face. Then Annabelle talked all about her trip on the way home. When Annabelle reached home she got out of the car, and said Thank you and waved as she went down the stairs, she then took out the key and unlocked the door to her house, it was quiet and she thought it was good to be home to a bit of peace and quiet. She was just putting things away and there was a knock at the door, it was her friend, he had come to see her. She smiled when she saw him. ‘Hello how you’re doing?” said Annabelle. “Alright,” said Dave. smiling at her. 

“Well that’s good” said Annabelle.” Do you want a coffee, make yourself a coffee and can you make me one too.”  Said Annabelle. “Okay” said Dave. Annabelle started to talk loud, the kitchen was at the other end of the house, Dave could barely hear her, they had a catch up.

 Dave stayed for a couple of hours and went home afterwards. Annabelle wasn’t sure when she would see Dave again because she was busy doing her own thing when he didn’t come over to see her. They were married but they decided to have a break from each other for a couple of weeks. It was nice to see Dave coming to see her when he did.  A month had gone on and then the news of the World Epidemic came over the news. There was a Level 4 put into place where no one was allowed to leave their homes only to stay on their property, and if they were out and about to keep a distance of 1 metre. Annabelle found it lonely by herself, especially in the evening she felt really lonely no one to talk in person, it was a real hard time. 

In the coming months it got to Level 2 and everyone was able to go to the supermarket and get their items for their households. Even though Annabelle was really lonely she was able to enjoy her own company and realised she didn’t need to go out to socialise as much as she would want to 

She could ring people on her landline, or text them. Or talk online if she needed to. 



June 12, 2020 02:57

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