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Friendship Fiction

This is the story of thick two friends David, a young boy from a wealthy family and Toby, a boy who is of same age as that of David. Toby was from an impoverished background. David was a student of an international school; however Toby never went to school.

David’s father Bradley Oliver is a capitalist and a wealthy hotelier. Bradley Oliver always wanted to gift his son, David a hotel when he will get married as a wedding present. He had decided a land for this purpose and co-incidentally belongs to Toby.

Toby had turned down many good offers before this because the house and the land belongs to his ancestor and he don’t want to sell the land of his ancestor, his father, his grandfather, his great-grandfather everyone had lived in this house.

One day David was in the market where he met Kira a very beautiful girl and David fell in love with her. Kira was florist and David brought a gift for her and proposed her. Kira agreed to marry him. When the marriage was over, Bradley was said to take the land from Toby to build a hotel. 

Bradley asked David to go and request Toby to give them a part of his land for building the hotel. Bradley convinced David that he will make sure Toby get half of the share of the hotel. On hearing these things David agreed to go and request Toby for the piece of the land. When David requested Toby, latter agrees because they go a long way back. However at the command of Bradley, his manager drafted agreement in such a way that David and Bradley becomes the sole owner of the land. David was not aware of the fact that manager has made changes in the agreement. Toby was having good faith in David and so he put signature on agreement and lost his ancestral property.

The 5-star hotel was ready and on the day of opening, certain group of people started trolling Toby because of his old and broken house which was on the same premise as that of hotel. Those people keeps on calling Toby’s house as a black spot on the hotel and were convinced that his house needs to be removed. David was convinced by the comment made by the people. David offers a new house to Toby. Toby was very sentimental about his ancestral land and house due to which he lost his temper and slaps David. This made their bond of friendship weak.

When the construction of the hotel was going on, Toby saw a beautiful girl Mili, she was a laborer. When Toby asked her to marry him, she refused the proposal. Toby goes to help her and impress her everyday till the work of the hotel was going on. After seeing all this Mili agreed to marry Toby.

Noah was one of the most trusted workers of Bradley Oliver, but Noah was a corrupt man. He took the full advantage of misunderstanding between Toby and David. Noah takes Bradley into confidence and calls a roller to demolish the house of Toby. Noah claims that the last night when David was drunk he asked him to demolish the house and his hotel.

David believes on Noah’s word, and asks Toby to forgive him for what he ordered Noah to do when he was drunk. David offers to rebuild the structure for him. Toby does not relent, he declares that one day he will himself built a chain of hotels which will be better than David’s hotel and he will outshine David. David was hurt by all this, but he didn’t say anything.

Toby was given shelter by his most trusted friend, Trent. Trent was a lawyer by profession. Toby shifted to his house with his poor mother, his sister Sarah and his wife Mili. In the meantime David got to know about Noah being a traitor and he had thrown Noah out of his house and his business. Noah joins hand with Toby who he perceives to be on the way up.

Toby had sanctioned a loan from the bank to build his first hotel near the David’s hotel. After his first hotel project became a success, he fixes marriage of his sister Sarah with Noah. David was also asked to attend the wedding ceremony but due to Kira being pregnant he had dropped his plan of coming to attend the wedding of Sarah.

After few days of their wedding David decides to visit Toby to congratulate him for his sister’s wedding. He and his wife sat on the car and started the journey, but unfortunately they met an accident and Kira got injured very badly. Kira was taken to the hospital as soon as possible. There she gave birth to the baby boy and dies soon after that. David named his son Thomas so that he can call him Tommy which sounds similar to his best friend Toby’s name.

Gradually Toby became more and more successful in his business. Toby’s wife gave birth to a baby girl whom they named Ravi in memory of the lost friendship. Noah knew about the success of Toby, he made Toby sign some blank papers, thus becoming Toby’s equal partner in business.

After many year David’s son and Toby’s daughter went to the same college and fall in love with each other , despite knowing about the relation between their families. Toby’s wife Mili decides to visit David’s house before the matter goes out of hand. When she goes there she overheard David on a call who was talking to someone and asked the person to pass the loan to Toby so that Toby can become more successful.

Toby’s sister Sarah was suffering from physical abuse by her husband Noah. One day she got to know that Noah is willing to make a plan against her brother to kill her brother, Toby. Sarah became scared she goes to ask help from David. David asks Sarah to stay with him not to back to the Noah.

Toby’s wife told Toby about what she had heard at David’s house. Toby was shocked to know this thing, he goes to David’s house to ask him the reason why he had passed the loan for him. When Toby reaches David’s house he saw Sarah there. Sarah on seeing Toby runs toward him and tells him the entire story.

Now both Toby and David knew the truth. Now the TRUTH HAD COME IN THE LIGHT all the misunderstanding is removed.

May 02, 2021 14:15

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The Cold Ice
15:46 May 02, 2021

Wow the tittle was awesome. Wonderful story. Keep writing. I loved it. Well written. Amazing,keep going. Would you mind read my recent post. “The book reader”


Satvik Gupta
10:14 May 05, 2021

Thank you, I will check your stories too.


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