This is Everything I Voluntarily Decided Inconsequentially

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How would you counter something like that?

Should you do a mind over matter thing? Should you zap it with a lightsaber in your head or turn it off like a switch?

Indolence is an outright unimportant decision. It should have been's just so hard to not get pulled through in that. (The things I'd be saying are just in my opinion. What's mine is just how my mind works. If the stuff I'd be writing is not as cool for you, I respect that.)

I remember being so industrious with studying when I was a child starting elementary. It was like everything I learn is a world unexplored to me and when I discover it, it makes me feel so wise and powerful. Reading is a staple weekend habit to counter boredom for me but there are more informational books at home than kiddie stories so I would browse those encyclopedias too if I am done reading the story books. Doing chores is also okay for me as I am just doing the light ones but I would like to try the harder ones too though my parents never permitted me yet. We have someone to help us with it. Laziness level--that would be 0% at this time.

Fourth grade came and my enthusiasm dwindled but studying is still in my blood. It still fascinates me but not in the same level I had before. Watching local TV series, movies, cartoons and anime are one staple thing that makes me feel so energetic and industrious to do at these times. It lasted until the end of elementary. Home chores? They're still okay with me especially during black out months after typhoons struck my country. If our helper is there, then I have a chance to practice my illustration skills which usually go from okay to downright boring. And when I got nothing to draw, I read. Reading makes me feel more alive than ever. It took me to places I have never been and maybe not be able to go there too. For this one, I think I may have had a more or less 10% laziness already. 

High school, the crucial part of transitioning into an adult. But really, I love being in college more than in high school. Studying is good yet my classmates are not as fun to me now as before. I do have friends but socializing became a really draggy downhill road for me. I'd rather read my books alone, watch anime or TV series at home, draw or do some home chores or two, take a bath and just sleep through it till I get to college. If there is one person who hates high school, that's me. I can't be accelerated for just a bit of above average knowledge so I just have to wait back then to finish those slug-like days before I graduate. I have no choice but to see those boring faces since I entered high school. They just seemed to be fun when we learned how to play guitars on our own during recess and lunch breaks. I would have done lots of readings but I still have to do household chores like I should. I have no siblings to trade that to. Laziness level--still more or less 10% and stable. 

College was the best for me. Yet it was so fast I felt like I lacked the knowledge and skills for the adult world. I want to to do more and gain more. But it can't be helped, I have to graduate. Household chores are okay except when I really have to finish homeworks and projects first that I feel lazy doing my chores especially in the dormitory. I'm okay with cooking but...I'd rather eat cooked stuff to save time. I like my time spent on studying and me-time to be larger in a pie graph. Movies at this time were a trend in my life, it lasted until now though. I am not a fan of watching TV news already because they seem to just revolve around the same news with different people in and slightly different events. We have no help now at this time. I started reading about my personality but never wondered about my laziness yet. I discovered lots and my mother may have thought of me as indolent when I browse my phone more than do my household chores. For this, I got more or less 13% of laziness.

Working. My first and second work were terrible. I don't want to be a slave of the office. Those jobs were too boring for someone who thinks and daydreams a lot. Who would want to sit all day in an office without something that would spice up your life like an event that could make you feel rest even for just a little time. With those jobs, I switched to another which spiced up my life a bit. I'm enjoying it tbough it also is a bit of having routine but it's not as boring as sitting in the office waiting for a miracle to happen. I also have the chance to study again for graduate school. With that I also had the time to learn why I feel lazy and that my industriousness are just like bursts of energy. Sometimes if I havr those bursts and I exhaust it like crazy, I would usually get so freaking indolent for the next few days after that heavy duty energy reduction. Home chores make me feel heavy now especially during summer break. I would want to think of my hobbies too and not just household chores for the whole summer but I have no choice. I live in a dry, tropical country and we're not rich people to buy air conditioners to cool our house. We have electric fans and they serve well too. Another thing I'd like to complain about during summer breaks, I have no siblings who can help me cut the chores and do it faster. Such an ill-fate for someone who's not 100% lazy but has bursts of energy to sustain being industrious.

The setbacks? I lack that sense of being responsible especially on household chores, social awareness, emotional stability and maturity, and leadership. I didn't learn much on being more responsible. Responsibility is more of focused for the self in my viewpoint rather than something important that I should do to live. Being more socially aware of people is also one setback because not all of them will be comfortable with you and if you can't at least go with the flow with them, you won't understand them. Likewise, being emotionally wise. I don't understand my feelings sometimes unless they're related to sickness, I can decipher them for you but emotions like love or something near that, I am not sure if I do understand those things. And lastly, leadership. I have no clue in leading people much more so a little group of people like my cousins and I for example. I have lived quite all alone (figuratively) as a child more so than being with children my age. That's why my laziness is an unimportant decision for me yet I do it, with significant consequences shooting me right on my face.

May 27, 2021 14:14

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Drei Etsocal
23:06 May 27, 2021

Thank you for the likes for those who did. It's a very noob story though. I apologize for errors and stuff too.


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