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Have you felt the pain of betrayal? No, not the usual heartbreak one. Betrayal when you have given up your life for them. I have experienced it. It pierces your soul like a slow knife.You can feel the dagger going slowly deep inside making a room for itself. I have seen my family crumbling down. I have seen my dear ones going away for the cause. Now all I get to know it's all waste

Gupta's and Choudhary's were two very powerful and rich families of Sitamgarh. As expected, they were rivals. They couldn't stand each other at all. As a result, the village of simple poor people were divided into two. Each one of the prestigious family would pester people on how dangerous and cancerous is the other one to the society and how their continuous existence in the society would deepen the gravity of the situation. A repeated lie becomes a truth in mind. And the silly naive people like us would believe them . We considered them gods and now our own gods have betrayed us.

I can't remember from when it started. Since I can remember my name, Raj Paswan, I knew it had been enrooted deeply. My Father and uncle supported the Gupta's. At one time, they could leave us but not them. For some cheesy pleasant words, they were in their service and servitude. At one call, they would be at their service. They would not go to the factory but be at their service in exchange for nothing. Hence they would always been in the hands of starvation. A small meagre income of their mothers and later them would keep the family moving.

I had one best friend, Raju. We were one soul but two bodies. We would do everything together- from going to school to doing the chores. But one day a fateful day came , and his father changed his group. From that day he never saw his friend and never would. He was killed by my father. It was such a terrible sight . The blood on his father's hand . The cold death stare in his eyes. Someone has rightly said, ' Eyes never lie.' I could feel strong resentment in his eyes.

The big families are big. Just as their money never ends, in a similar way, their holocaust over your family never ends. They follow you like your shadow. Time passed. Love grew between the two opposite parties. I'm sorry. Between the two members of opposite parties. My sister and Rakesh. How love between them grew in such a horrific condition, no one knows but I guess love is like a perennial river, it finds its way in the dryest of lands. Affairs like this can't stay unhidden in small village like ours. The families got to know about the 'morally wrong' case. They restricted each other from meeting. Oh my god! What a huge commotion was made that day. There was ragging, crying and nagging- all sort of negative emotions resided that day.

Like a typical family, they decided to discard of their burden before the mass denouncation and defamation. In a wink of an eye,her marriage was fixed with a fat, not so good looking man who looked like a father of five children was fixed. His smirk. Oh my god! I can never forget it. It was like a child getting a new toy. Day and night, I thought how my sister would survive this creature. The possibility never came into existence. She drank poison. Her face . Oh Lord! Pain could be sensed in that vacant stare, still features.

I couldn't suppress my agony. Her lifeless features repeatedly came in front of my eyes. I could never forgive my father for this. My eyes fell on porcelain flower vase bought for the dowry. I banged it on my father's head. Time paused. I could see the remains of the vase touching the ground before the dark red blood. His shocked state. My mother's abhorrent face. The guests veiled expression. Everything. He died. I was sent to Jail for murder. I'm released few days ago. Now they are enjoying after spreading the fire. Today I ll take my revenge.

Today as they say is the big day for me. I should be nervous, happy and thrilled, on the contrary, I feel nothing. The rivalry has costed huge to the village. It takes someone's sacrifice to bring peace. In this case, it will be of Abhimanyu Choudhary. I could never forget the sight. Her death stare in the pool of blood. She has given so big a sacrifice. Let the village remember it. Today is the new beginning. Let past be the past.

The music promised everyone of joy and happiness but a beginning of destruction to me. My ' wedding dress' lay on the table. They say red is the colour of passion but they forget it is of blood too. The 'kajal' to be applied promises every bride protection from the evil but they forget it is the colour of evil. Today the ' wedding joda' I wear will be the symbol of all those dead in the feud and those who will be.

Someone called, " Avni get ready fast. The baraat is about to come." Yes, I have to get ready. Always woman has to sacrifice. In every story, a woman sacrifices, medal goes to the man. If the alliance is even a success, people would think great of Abhimanyu. How great he is, left the girlfriend for his village, married a harrassment victim . ' Who would have married her if not Abhimanyu Babu? How great he is. He has walked her life like god.' He was a nemesis. There is no count to the lives of girls like me , he has terrorized and disturbed. What sacrifice did he give? He will continue to bed multiple women. I just gave him a reason to leave his girlfriend. He was a psycho. When his girlfriend threatened him to expose his true nature, he killed her. And now he makes them think it as a sacrifice. Psyhic he and pyshic villagers. I just hope everything goes as plan . Like Raj and I decided....

The time has come. I can feel it. I can see my bride coming. Oh ! In that colour she looks the epitome of perfection. Her deep red lips symbolising passion , face that screams beauty, perfect figure. When did I become so lucky? Journey of life would be beautiful.....

As the time is approaching, I'm feeling more nervous. I can feel my heart trembling. All are happy. I can't destroy their happiness. A small girl came. ' Di you look beautiful.' She has the perfect reflection of mini me. I'm going to do the same thing as my family. Destruction. Hatred. Longing for dear ones. I can't do it. No blood on my hands. I'm ready just to exist. Not live. I have to stop him.

Oh! They are happy. They would be. They had not lost anyone. It was us- the blind faithers- who were destroyed. Enjoy. Enjoy your last hours. The beautiful palace will turn into crumbled dung. Mishevelled bodies lying here and there. Those mushed faces would be my oinment.

There he is. Look at me. Look towards me. He turned towards me. I nod my head in disagreement. He smirks. Oh lord! He has done it. I can't see anything in his hands. Oh lord! I plead him through my eyes. You can still do everything right. He has turned a deaf ear. He turns to leave.

Where is my dear looking at with such a sheepish face? A man . A handsome one. He is surely her ex. I should close this chapter. No one looks at my lady except me and my lady looks at no one except me. He should know what's the result messing with Abhimanyu. I get up . I start walking but I stumble. The gifts fell down. The next instant..BOOOM......

Smoke rises up in the air. The beautifully decorated palace has turned into an earthquake site. Just as I had expected. I feel hot. I feel fluids all around me. I was not destined to be here. Everything is hazy. I see no one except a small boy. I can't believe my eyes. It is Raju.

"Why me?" I say. He smirks and slowly his features screamed anger. He says ," It's all because of you. I lost my life because of you. You killed my family. Your sister died because of you. You poisened her .You were so engrossed in your madness and believing you being innocent, your mind deleted the wrongs done by you. Your father always protected you and what did you give in return . The innocent will live and all will receive justice. The innocent will carry hatred for you just as you experienced." He turned his head towards the sky . Two lights descended from the sky- a beautiful golden one and a black one

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