Drama Fiction Friendship

Binita and Reema were great friends who also happened to live next door to one other. They went to the same school. However, because it was a college period, they split ways. Binita eventually decided to pursue a career in fashion design and became a prominent designer in a short period of time. Reema is a math professor at a prestigious college. Binita is in Mumbai, while Reema is in Bhopal. Reema was traveling to Belapur for a seminar one day. Unfortunately, her phone rang in the middle of the road, and it was a call from her home, which shocked her to the core when she learned that her mother had died. She was really close to her mother. Leelawati Sharma (Reema's mother) was a basic stay-at-home parent who was naturally calm and patient. She was a sewer, and she knew how to sew things during those times when there was no technology. Binita was inspired by her aunty when they were tiny children and desired to become a fashion designer by learning Leelawati's techniques from her, which she used to teach Binita totally because Leelawati considers both girls to be her daughters. Reema, on the other hand, was never interested in this line of work. She used to study in the corner while Leelawati taught Binita to sew, and she and her closest friend played together the rest of the time. When the news of her death arrived, both of the girls were crushed. Both girls make their way to Kanpur. It was late at night after the funeral. Because it was December, the weather was frigid outside. Reema was sitting in her bedroom, glancing at old images of her mother and crying uncontrollably, when her gaze was drawn to the cupboard near the bed. She stood up and opened the cupboard, becoming emotional as she remembered her mother. Leelawati used to make Binita and Reema's outfits herself when they were kids since she treated both of them equally, thus if she created something for her own daughter, she also prepared something similar for Binita. Binita appeared unexpectedly as Reema was remembering her mother by gazing over her childhood clothes embroidered by Leelawati, which she had outgrown now that both Binita and Reema had grown up. Binita stood by Reema and placed her hand on her shoulder, and she, too, began to cry. After a few hours, they were able to manage their emotions and became silent. Reema asks Binita: Reema: Mom created all these outfits for me, now what should I do with them?

Binita: Simply give them to local NGOs and orphans.

Reema: But how will I offer these clothes that are so dear to my heart, as well as the last item that will remind me of her?

Binita: I, too, have lost my sole inspiration, who has propelled me to where I am today! It would not have been feasible without Leela Masi.

Reema: Ok! Thank you, Rem, and I adore you. You are my one and only best friend.

Binita: Same here, and I adore You!

After performing all of the rites together, the females went to their different workplaces. Reema begins her hunt for NGOs and orphanages in Bhopal, but no one is willing to accept the garments. So she contacted Binita and confronted her about it one day. Binita rushes to Reema despite her hectic schedule to assist her only best friend. Both girls open their own orphanage in Bhopal and begin distributing boxes of Reema's old clothes. Soon, their orphanage grew in size, and they began to accept outgrown children from other orphanages. Binita also gave away her outdated clothes, which were handcrafted by her beloved Masi. This orphanage has grown in popularity throughout the years. It is administered by Reema and Binita funds who go from Mumbai to their orphanage on occasion. They call the orphanage "REENITA ORPHANAGE." And many of the children stay and finish their studies there. Reema also provides extracurricular activities and teaches other skills such as sewing and cooking. They also house elderly individuals who come out of their houses freely because they are unable to withstand the misery their children inflict on them. The elderly stay here as if it were their own home, treating the children as if they were their own grandchildren, and they participate in all of this by teaching the children activities that each of the elderly knows. Many children grow up in this orphanage and become responsible citizens. And they marry and have happy marriages with their wives or husbands and children. After Reema and Binita's deaths, their children oversee the orphanage. As both of the girls never abandon their connection, their children continue it, and one-day Binita's son, Veenit, marries Reema's daughter Siya, taking their friendship to the next level and continuing to administer the orphanage. Aside from that, Veenit is a software engineer, and Siya, like her mother, is a teacher. And everything is passed down from generation to generation. Even though Reema and Binita are no longer alive, their orphanage has become the world's most famous orphanage. Many interviews are conducted. Many elderly folks were formerly orphans at the same orphanage. Even in today's age, where technology is at its zenith, old clothes are dispersed and all the children joyfully wear all of those things. Despite the fact that the youngsters understand how to use computers and the internet, they are able to cope with the modern world and connect with the global world. Many orphanage children from this orphanage hold prestigious positions in various sectors of society. There are also places where you can sign up to stay for free at an orphanage for the elderly. Many children also open blocks for this orphanage where they share their experiences and post them so that more children might come to that "REENITA ORPHANAGE." In front of the "REEINTA ORPHANAGE" gate, there is a large image of Reema and Binita. Everything is possible if friendship and bonding are true.

March 31, 2022 15:50

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