Evil is as evil does.

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Black Crime Fiction

“Brush them aside. Sod ‘em, they’re plebs, anyway. If they were any good, they’d not be bloody plebs.”

These were some of the first words that ‘officially’ issued from the lips of the newly elected member to the ‘halls of political wisdom,’ namely; parliament.

Of course, he knew his people, that is; he knew his immediate ‘help-mates’ that would seek to guide him if he ever sought to ‘go off the rails’ to an ‘irredeemable’ position. But, they were ‘children to him.’

They needed kind words; pats on the head from him; but above all, they needed confirmation that what they believed in was reinforced by their leader.


Cardrew Frobisher secured his present ‘employment’ by way of an agenda that the Nazi hierarchy would have been proud to embrace. He privately called his message as one of ‘schrecklichkeit,’ or, terror. He espoused, “If it is not us, get rid of it.”

He was fond of telling people that Jesus hated the Jews so much, that he rejected that ridiculous religion, and became Christian. It was fortunate for him that his followers of his extremism were not as well versed in this particular logic as he was himself. Of course, even though there is no evidence that the man Jesus ever existed anyway, it was so well ensconced in the psyche of every Western ‘educated’ person. He was, of course, able to use this comedy to ‘prove his point.’ It was possible that he could have convinced his evangelical blinkered zealots that God, being all knowing, had provided his mythical son, and his ‘disciples,’ with cell-phones to help them in their ministry to spread the good word.

Frobisher knew what he was doing. He had a brilliant mind! He wasn’t deluded by his own rhetoric; he used it to weave his particular brand of hate. He hated with an intensity that produced in him a constant glow of animosity. He had a mission, and he had the perfect temperament to achieve his aims; the destruction of humanity.

He was born possessed of an inner rage and into an extremely affluent psychotic family; one that was perfect in its ability to nurture and enhance his own psychosis in him. His childhood was one of being subjected to undetectable physical and mental tortures by his parents; that is, until he reached his eighth birthday. During a party that he had organized for himself and his ‘friends,’ he killed them.

Using one of his father’s credit cards, he purchased on the ‘Darknet’ an obscure Brazilian poison. This deadly essence was ‘reputed’ to do its work very quickly, and be virtually undetectable when placed upon the skin; that is, unless specifically looked for by forensic people. It would require of an official cadaver cutter, the same level of ability as those seen on CSI programs on television.

Being a ‘natural’ cynic, he doubted that these beings existed in the usual under-funded pathology labs that serviced the also frequently under-funded police departments throughout the country.

The boy loved the ‘Darknet,’ it was the careful and intelligent serial killer’s paradise!

The super intelligent eight year old had also ordered from a German website, ‘Spanish Fly Pro,’ to make sure that parental coitus would occur on the day of his choosing.

Mixing a liberal dose of his parent’s Viagra with the Spanish Fly in a fruit-juice concoction, he ensured there would be ‘evidence’ of what would be expected by the ‘average’ pathologist to find. Also, they would form a suitable conclusion as to the cause of the would be deaths.

On the afternoon of the organized ‘chaos’ of his birthday party and with an uncharacteristic wheedling attitude, he induced his parents to partake of a glass of the special ‘fruit-juice’ and then made sure that their progress to the bedroom was not delayed.

Later, by way of listening at a partially opened doorway, he confirmed that his parents were engaged in a vigorous salute to a ‘singing swansong,’ he rejoined the juvenile festivities.

Allowing time to go by, he again snuck up to the bedroom to be greeted by parental snores that presaged his next action.

He took the Brazilian poison into the bedroom and very carefully deposited a dab of it to the toes of each parent which was absorbed very readily. It was colorless and he knew it would be undetectable by casual, and indeed, intense scrutiny.

Making his presence very apparent at his party, he caused unnecessary mayhem to ensure attention was drawn to himself among the children present, thus establishing a suitable alibi for himself, if one was needed. Amid the ruckus, he absented himself for a short period to dispose of any trace of the killing substance on his parent’s skin. He left nothing to chance.

It was later in the early evening, that a professional performer engaged for the party, felt it necessary to require that he be paid before leaving that the demise of the parents was ‘discovered.’ The children, being naturally curious beasts, wanted to see this exciting climax of their day’s entertainment, flocked around the bed. They looked in awe at the naked, - obvious to the adult performer – satiated pair of now departed lovers.

 “Death by a high sexual adventure,” as one of the pathology assistants said. And that, couched in a language that these experts are required to submit, was agreed to by one and all.

Cardrew Frobisher’s next years were spent in a residential private school, where he was further trained in intimidatory practices; both from the masters teaching him and other pupils that had the strength to dominate him physically. None could overwhelm him mentally; torture of any kind was grist to his mill. However, none escaped his wrath later in life; many found their companies foundering, regardless of ‘best business practice.’ Some time later, for many of his tormentors he arranged to have killed, if they had been particularly savage with him. He had an almost eidetic memory, no sleight against him went unanswered!

His uncle had made sure he would not be in his hair for many years and arranged a live-in private school for him. In spite of the bullying that seems to be endemic in these types of institutions, he reveled in it. He was ‘at home.’ During his entire period of school attendance, he never allowed his inner hatred of humanity to show for others. He was, however, in the perfect environment to train for a political life.

As a student he rose to the highest positions in the school, all the time making contacts for his future requirements. Through these contacts, he was able to access much privileged sensitive insider information. This enabled him to accumulate independent wealth away from the restrictive executive function of his uncle. It had naturally devolved to his uncle to temporarily look after his parents' money; but not to his manipulating a large portion of it that would never be going to Cardrew. That uncle was on his future list for eliminatory purposes.

He was 20 years old when he departed from that learning institution and with the highest of honors.

He had kept his innermost intentions under tight control, and the school environment had provided him with a unique location wherein he could observe human behavior.

He had developed a deliberate outgoing personality; even though this did not encourage warm friends. People he met felt uncomfortable in his presence, although they couldn’t articulate the cause for their feeling. He was deliberately ‘generous’ to many students, thus obliging them in turn to acquiesce to his requests for information, particularly in financial areas.

As his first employment venture, he moved into a very successful financial brokerage firm by way of blackmail information garnered from the son of the CEO of the business. He had surreptitiously drugged the son with sodium pentothal whilst pretending to be just having a party for the two of them. Cardrew then used suggestion afterward to make sure his ‘confidant’ would not remember any disclosure that he had made unless he was put under hypnotic control.

Being well skilled in the financial markets already, Frobisher was able to use the much greater resource to access really significant amounts of money and rapidly progress his advancement into the management of the company. He easily spotted the weak members of this organization and used them to benefit himself, and frequently also to usher them out of the business altogether.

The stress for many that dealt with vast sums of money, led to copious amounts of alcohol being consumed during their leisure periods and correspondingly, the disclosure of indictable offences and blackmail advantages that were seized upon by him. Frobisher never ever let his own guard down. He would feign drunkenness, but was always vigilant, and alert.

He was generous to the extreme; but this ‘generosity’ was always made to pay off.

He had acquired a penthouse for his advancement purposes and wired it throughout so that all conversations would be recorded during the entertainment weekends he organized. He made sure that the very best liquor was available, therefore, inducing the ‘connoisseurs’ of the exclusive single malts would over-indulge, often to their ultimate financial detriment.

He found that wives of executives could be very indiscreet in their conversations with their peers. Mistresses were often very vitriolic toward their ‘benefactor’ when inebriated, no doubt resenting their lowly position when compared to that of the wife.

Frobisher not only took all financial information gained from this source, but sometimes used the women for his own sexual gratification. However, he was careful about that and more commonly, judiciously used professionals; thus maintaining his image intact.

Very early on in his ‘career,’ he found that police departments were also a lucrative source of information, a source he encouraged by large contributions to individual members of it, as well as to their Associations.

Possibly, the attraction for some of the various members of the police was toward the ‘darkside,’ in their constant rubbing of shoulders with an ‘enemy,’ that often seemed to live a more lucrative life than themselves. To want to deal with the criminality that obviously excited them, was also no doubt due to being half way toward this viewpoint in the first place.

Cardrew Frobisher was extraordinarily skillful in knowing what ‘buttons’ to push in people in order to bring them to laughter or rage. He was able to observe the bodily indicators of attitude and emotion that are largely unconscious, but also so revealing. He held himself on a ‘tight rein’ in this respect and eventually it became instinctive. The ability to portray an appearance of warmth and openness, whilst actually seething with hatred inside was constantly nurtured. This duality in himself would stand him in good stead, particularly in the ‘parade of illusions,’ that tends to be politics.

Dissembling, and ‘sleight of words,’ is ‘grist for the mill,’ for our ‘servants of state.’ Mostly, they start their careers with the intention of bringing benefit and improvements to the society in which they live. However, overwhelm, quite often in the form of relatively insignificant detail pours in upon them, and corners get cut. Under this burden, compromises have to be made. Integrity, for justifiable reasons, starts to erode any conscience they have. On this slippery slope, an entry has been made, and after some little while seems perfectly okay and the ever increasing speed of descent into the rewards, is very much desired.

Embarking on a political venture, he succeeded in getting himself elected to represent a constituency of ordinary voters. On arriving at his new headquarters, Frobisher knew he had entered into a kingdom of people who had succumbed to Mammon; but without his extreme dedication.

He set about wooing his colleagues and bending them toward his way of thinking, a strategy that would lead him into the higher echelons of power.

His rise to the head of a government that was abundantly nuclear armed, was inevitable. Also, being in a position that allowed him access to the means of laying waste of a world that he hated; so he did.

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