Two Years Later (Part 4: Family Reunion)

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Mystery Suspense

Thomas couldn't believe his eyes; there was a scar that crawled up the side of Reanna's face, and it wasn't just one long scar. It split up, like branches on a tree.

The Detective, though worried about the scar, examined the rest of Reanna, making sure the rest of her was un-harmed. There was a couple of bruises, but thankfully, the tree-like scar was the worst of it.

"They're gonna pay for harming her." Thomas thought to himself, clenching his jaw. Reanna was trembling, and wouldn't look up to meet his gaze.

Thomas wasn't the only one ticked off at Jaxon's actions; a growl escaped from Bella, and he rushed up to her cousin before pinning him to the wall.

"How dare you do that to her! Giving her amnesia was enough torture!" she shouted. Jaxon remained unfazed by his cousin's attack.

He calmly pushed her away, and put his hands in a surrendering gesture. "All I was trying to do was get Reanna's memories back. The scar was just side effect."

Bella clenched her fists tightly, until they lost all color, and without warning she slammed it right into Jaxon's jaw-line causing him to stagger to the wall.

"Was it worth it? Did you even get her memories back?" Bella spat, as she stared down at Jaxon.

Jaxon took a couple of deep breaths before getting back up to answer. "Actually dear cousin, I did. She remembers her whole life, don't you Re Re?"

Thomas stared at Reanna, horrified at the news that had just been revealed; Did she really remember her life? The life she was desperate to get away from for so long?

Reanna finally looked up, and met Thomas's gaze. With tears welding up in her eyes, she chocked out, "I tried to fight it..."

"Take them back down to the cellar." Bella ordered, looking away from her twin sister. She wanted to get payback on Reanna for not joining her, but this was just taking it too far.

Harris pushed Thomas into the cellar, while Jaxon pushed Reanna back down; she didn't even struggle against him she was that broken.


Minutes later....

Thomas and Reanna were alone, tied up to chairs in the cellar; Bella, Harris, and Jaxon had went up stairs to talk things over.

The Detective struggled against his restraints, though his wrists were already trickling blood.

"Thomas, just stop, there's no reason." Reanna muttered. Thomas turned to her in utter shock and disbelief.

"Red, this isn't you." he told her, trying to get her spirits back up.

Reanna's head snapped up, and turned to him, and there was a scowl plastered on it. "Don't call me Red."

Thomas flinched back, and Reanna's face softened when she saw him do that. "I'm s...sorry, I didn't mean to come so aggressively." she stuttered, turning away from him.

"No, no, it's fine. It's just the aftershock from all the pain I'm guessing." Thomas reassured her, but Reanna still wouldn't face him.

Sighing, the Detective took a look around at the room; the cellar was mostly empty except for a table to the left of him, and some shattered glass scattered on the floor. Not much to go on.

"Thomas..." The Detective perked up, and faced Reanna when he heard his name.

"Yeah? What is it?" he asked her.

"Does this change anything between us?" Reanna didn't specify what "this" was, but somehow Thomas knew she was talking about the scar that had taken over half of her face, and the fact that her memories had returned to her.

"No, not even a little bit." he told her, meaning it with all of his heart.

"Be truthful with me Thomas." she protested, glancing up at him. Why didn't she think he was being truthful.

"Reanna, I am being truthful. I always have been, why would I stop now just because you have some scar?" he exclaimed. Thomas watched as tears welded up in Reanna's blood-shot eyes.

"I told you two years ago that if you remembered anything painful that we would get through it together, and I'll make sure we do just that." Thomas continued.

Reanna looked at him, and gave him a small smile as a tear ran down her cheek. Thomas smiled back at her, and for a moment there was nice peaceful moment between the two close friends.

However, all good things come to an end, and the moment was ruined by the sound of the door opening, which was followed by heavy footsteps descending down the wooden stairs.

A defiant look came across Thomas's face as Jaxon appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

When he glanced over at Reanna to see how she was doing, Thomas was happy to see defiance on her face as well.

"Did you two have time to catch up?" Jaxon asked, tauntingly. However he kept talking before they had time to answer.

"Well good, because after tonight, you'll never see each other again." Thomas's defiant look melted away into an expression of pure terror; what did he mean by "never see each other again?" Jaxon smiled menacingly at the sight of Thomas scared

He took out a pocket knife, which caused Reanna to flinch, and give out the smallest whimper. Thomas defiant look returned when he saw Reanna flinch.

"If you touch her, I promise you won't make it out of here alive." he growled at Jaxon.

In response to the threat, Jaxon left-hooked Thomas in the upper jaw, causing the Detective's head to violently snap to the side, and a pained grunt escaped from his clenched mouth.

Jaxon then made his way over to Reanna, who tensed every muscle in her body. Her cousin took the pocket knife and cut Reanna's restraints, before hauling her to her feet.

"Say goodbye to your Detective boy-friend Re Re." Jaxon smirked, before dragging Reanna away up the stairs.

Thomas struggled against his restraints even harder, as Reanna was taken from him again.

"No!" he shouted, as the door slammed behind Reanna plunging the cellar into darkness once again.

Thomas started to struggle so hard that he, accidentally tipped the chair over, and it landed on it's side. The Detective banged his head against the concrete ground, and his vision scattered.

As Thomas laid there, moaning and trying to regain his vision, his fingers rubbed against something a bit sharp; a shard of glass.

Thomas did his best to get a hold on it, and after a few tries, the shard was in his grasp, and the Detective was busily cutting away the ropes on his wrist.

Two minutes later Thomas cut his last bond on his ankle, and stood up while taking a few deep breaths. After catching some much needed breath, Thomas sprinted up the stairs, and tried the door; locked.

"Oh come on!" he exclaimed, pounding on the door, though he knew it wasn't any help.

Out of options, Thomas gripped onto both sides of stairs, lifted his leg, and front kicked the door. He repeated the last two, until he was once again exhausted, and rested against the wall.

However, a smell filled his nostrils, and his muscles tensed once he realized what that smell was and what it meant; smoke.

They had set the house on fire, and if he opened the door to get out, Thomas would most likely be burned alive, but if he stayed here smoke would fill the room and suffocate him.

To be continued....

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