The long awaited day had arrived. 

The day that everyone knew about, but not everyone completely cared for. 

Today was the day to feast.

The day to rencounter people long lost. 

And the day to bring back the old problems as well as the new. 

Today was the day for Thanks.

And the day for giving.


“Mother. I don't want to go this year.” Little Annie whimpered from the back seat of the family car.

“What was that dear?” Came a shout from up front. 

“Nothing.” Annie called back.

Nothing at all.

See, the thing was that every year on Thanksgiving, Annie and her family would drive all the way to Annie’s grandmothers (which for the record was hours away) and see the whole family. The only problem Annie had with this was the fact that every one of her family members hated each other. (and the drive of course) That was why she’d have rather stayed home this year, but sadly. She knew she didn't have a choice.

When they arrived at the fabled “Granny’s House” Annie stayed in the car.

She was pretending to sleep.

She hoped her mother would leave her here for now.

Let her rest.

She was wrong.

“Wake up Annie! Were here!!!” she called while she shook her daughter awake.

Annie got up and slouched out the car door.

“Okay.” She said and slowly, reluctantly moved towards the tall house.

Annie entered the house bracing herself for impact. Last time she’d walked through these doors she had come face to face with a huge fight. There had been screams, shouts, and flying objects.

A mushy potato had hit her face that day.

But today was different.

As she entered the home, she was surprised to find that nobody was even speaking a word. Instead they were all glaring daggers at each other from various places in the living room. It was strange to Annie. She was used to her family constantly brawling and screaming.

“Hello?” she spoke.

“Annie! Your here!” her grandmother cheered as she waltzed across the room with her arms outstretched, coming to hug her.

Annie shoved her away.

Her grandmother was not the hugging type.

In fact it was quite the opposite. Annie’s grandmother despised hugs and anything that had to do with showing affection.

“Hi Grandmother.” Annie said as the customary greeting.

“Call me Granny or Grandma or something! No need for such a formal way of introduction!” Her grandmother said, seemingly forgetting that Annnie had just shoved her.

Annie turned to her mother.

Her mother didn't look back at her.

“Mom.” she whisper-hissed. “Why the heck is Grandmother acting so loopy?”

Her mother smiled down at her.

“This thanksgiving.” Her mother explained. “We’ve decided to invite a new guest to our little party!” 

“Who?” Annie gasped, now filled with curiosity.

Was there a family member that Annie had never known about coming to change her family!? Who was this person? And how did they accomplish such a feat.

“Something that hasn't been present within our family for years.” her mother sighed.

Wait something?


“Love and care.”

Annie frowned,


“Were trying to invite love into our lives and kick hatred out.”

Annie groaned at how cheesy her mother's words were, but nodded her head anyway.

Her cousins were running around the carpet, actually smiling.

Her aunts and uncles were conversing without fighting.

Annie couldn't believe the whole “Inviting love” thingy was actually working.

She decided she would like this new family of hers.

November 26, 2019 19:32

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Whitney Trang
22:54 Dec 04, 2019

I liked how it ended. Their surprise "visitors." Much love to Annie and her family!


Cam Croz
01:29 Dec 05, 2019

Awwww! Thank you!


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Unknown User
07:28 Dec 04, 2019

It was okay. The minimum words are 1000 and you only did 586. I found that a bit disappointing.


Cam Croz
14:56 Dec 04, 2019

Ah! Sorry! I wasn't expecting it to get approved... Not sure why it did.


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