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"Surya ! Just attend my birthday party tomorrow!" invited Anitlin. By hearing that Surya felt bad. She was not ready to go to the party. Surya is a student in Mahatma University. She stays in the hostel for her studies. She is from a beautiful mountain - state called Tamil Nadu. She is simple and homely. She had certain principles to live her life. After the invitation of Anitlin, Surya's memory clicked on to her past happenings of her life. 

That was a beautiful evening. She went to attend a party with her school friend. It's the first time she attended such a party. She was so eager to attend as her friends created desires in her heart. She dressed up with a beautiful pink gown and a pair of high heel shoes. While she entered the party hall, She felt a bit nervous. The disco ball made everyone attract. She got shocked to see the culture of drinks. Her friends drank up cups of wine and beer very casually and they danced and the way of holding others made her irritating. A man blew fire through the wine and the disco ball fell on the party floor and damaged it. Surya screamed, bringing her into the reality.

"Surya! Surya! What happened to you?"

"Are you okay?" asked her roommate Sathya.

She opened her eyes and said "Oh! I got a bad.. Ahhmm Ohh I'm okay" said Surya to her friends and realised that it was her memory.

 Surya got up from the bed and started thinking of ideas to avoid Anitlin's party.

She questioned herself, 

How will I manage those smells of alcohol? 

Why are these people irritating me? 

Sathya came to her and said "Surya today we have a party, remember? So come to the hostel on time. We have to dress up well and rock the party".

Surya nodded and went to the college.

Surya was so confused about, whether to attend or not. Her mind reminded her of the previous fire accident at the party hall. She never attended parties thereafter.

In college, Surya attended American literature class of Prof. Clara who was teaching and I and Silence by Naomi Wallace. She found Surya mentally absent in her class and questioned. In a jerk, Surya answered "fire!!!! "

"What happened to you Surya? "

"Are you listening to the class? " asked Prof. Clara. 

Surya nodded and sat down. She returned to the hostel, her friend Sathya waited with all other roommates. Surya tried to avoid the party as much as she could but all her efforts were in vain. 

   Sathya brought a red velvet sleeveless gown for Surya. She was hesitant to wear that. Her friends forced her, there was no way she could escape she thought and wore the dress. After wearing, she stood in front of the mirror and felt uncomfortable as the dress was too short.Afrin gave her a pair of high heel shoes saying, "Surya wear this. You'll look gorgeous!". While stepping down from upstairs, everyone in the hostel looked at her with a smile, 'cause she hadn't worn any modern dress all these days.

" Surya, Is this you? "

"You are so beautiful!!!".

She moved fast holding her dress and rushed to the gate where the car was parked. She got inside the car and went with them hesitatingly.

She was nervous. She closed her eyes and took some breaths. “Ta-da! we have arrived” Sathya yelled happily. “Oh no!” Surya thought in her mind. All her friends stepped out of the car, she also stepped out anxiously. Sathya held Surya’s hand and they went to the party. Everyone in the party glanced at Surya as she was so beautiful in that dress. Surya felt weird, Sathya giggled and said, “ Look at the Party star’’. Surya told to stop it.

While they entered inside, Anitlin rushed to them and hugged everyone. The boy friends of Anitlin hugged Sathya and others, but Surya was hesitant. She ignored them and gave them a handshake.The boys were surprised at her attitude, yet started to flirt with her.

“ Hey, hot babe , come for a dance?” one of them asked her.

“ You look stunning! Shall we have a drink?” another one asked her. 

“Will you be my partner for this evening?” another one asked her, Surya was speechless. “No, No, No” She replied.

Surya moved to the corner to escape from dance and she sat near a table. Seeing her, The waiter placed cups of beer near her.

Jeni, the friend of Anitlin came near her and asked, "You too became tired of dancing?" And she took a cup of beer and started to drink. Surya was helpless and she didn't know what to do. She somehow managed looking here and there for a while. 

“Don’t you have a drink?” Jeni asked her. 

“ Uh! I will have water” Surya said and took a glass of water.

“You’re still a baby” Jeni mocked at her and went to the dance floor. 

Surya held Jeni's hand when she was about to fall.

"Tha...nk youuu" said Jeni and went to the dance floor with her boy friends. The behaviour of her friends in the dance floor made her irritate.

“ Is it a dance?” Surya thought to herself. 

All of her friends were dancing in the party. Surya thought to leave as she was unable to keep her emotions in check. As she got up, a boy completely drunken dragged her arm, “Come on babe, let’s dance” and lead her to the dance floor. She struggled.

“Leave me’’ she cried. Due to the noise, no one could hear her plea. She somehow managed to let go off the grip and quickly went out of the party. She stood outside, the cool breeze of night comforted her, she looked up the sky and saw the stars twinkling. It relieved her. she waited at the parking lot for her friends.

Some of them came out, completely drunken. They were unable to walk steadily and were crazy. 

“What kind of people ?".Surya thought in her mind and she felt ashamed to come to such a party. She waited for hours and finally her friends arrived, laughing crazily. Surya was happy on seeing them. “ Suryaaaaa” Sathya fell into her arms, the smell of alcohol irritated Surya. She managed to help Sathya stand, “ Hope the party is over” she asked Sathya. 

“Hell .... Yeahhh” Sathya replied, glad the party was over, Surya thought to herself and they headed to their hostel.

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