Tis the Season

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By Allen Samson

There is this traditional celebration called Ber Month. It is basically where we celebrate September, October, November and December. Mainly, Filipino citizens. And who can't blame them? I myself love celebrating those kind of months because it's when the holidays come in and most people began to feel the festivities and decorate for the thrills and the chills. What do I mean by that? Well, ladies and gents, this is where we will dive into how I look at these months. With that said, here we go!

September is here and it’s that time when summer weather gradually cools down day by day, and school was around the corner for children to either make a sigh or say yay! Well, almost every country. Each leaves from different trees turn from fresh greens to somewhat yellow and orange crisps and fall gently from high above to a low ground sidewalk for many people to walk by and embrace the ambience of autumn. Autumn would arrive on the 22nd of this month and it’s that time the weather officially cools down to a chilly one that many people have been looking forward to for a long time. To the point where many townsfolk in most cities began to prepare for each upcoming harvest festivals, filled with hays, pumpkins, scarecrows and carnivals for each tourists to feel the thrills and feast on snacks and treats. And it usually happens next month. This month is where reality comes back and educates not only children, but adults, about life ahead of them. Whether it will be English, or math, our society has it’s bright and dark moments for us to understand and make decisions that can really affect our lives both present and future. We can choose to work hard to make our destined future real, but at the same time we can also take time for ourselves and enjoy every moment that surrounds us, for this month is the month where a present year is close to an end and it allows for gratitude to enter through our heart and minds for each and every moment we’ve spent throughout our journey. Gee, this really is what I would call an educational month!

October is here, and it’s that time the night started to cool down to an eerie, but cool, chilly ambience for every person who walks out on the street at dusk whether for exercise or a simple fresh air. For every children in every town, they feel the excitement for most of them have passion the spookiness of monsters and superstitions as well. And that is where the thrills and chills come in. Many of the youngsters prepare their costumes to not only receive candies and treats, but also scare their friends and foes for the sake of fun. Aside from scare, they also dressed as their idols simply because they admire them and wanted to let others know how much they adore them. For adults and older, they enjoy thrills and chills, as well. Though, they rather relax and watch scary movies, as well as thrillers like Hitchcock movies. Most of them even read ghost stories and listen to any unsolved crime stories and mysteries just for the sake of thrills and chills. As time of this month goes by, there comes that sense of silence and loneliness as the night grow darker and more eerie with each harvest moon rising up week by week. Loneliness can be either a good thing or a bad thing. Good, because you get to taste all the excitement for yourself with no one to stop you from fulfilling your happiness and satisfaction, if you know it’s good for you. Bad, because loneliness can lead to madness possibly caused by isolation. But then again, in the real world, there is no good or bad. It just depends on how you want to look at loneliness as it is. 

November is here, and everyone is free from any certain darkness and are about to enter the world of thanksgiving. It’s that moment where Daylight Savings Time will be set back, which is without a doubt a great relief for every working man and woman. Many autumn leaves continue to fall onto the surface of Earth and family and friends get together to not only feast on turkeys, mashed potatoes, and many other tasty treats served on the table, but to talk with your loved ones about every journey and ride you’ve been on throughout the year.And every story you tell will be something that is worth reminiscence and make every listener be fascinated and inspired to appreciate every single moment that they have been through throughout the past month or even their whole lives. Whether it was good or bad, experience is experience when it comes to discovering something that may change your life forever. At least for the good of knowing how to live well. Aside from that, holiday music starts to play early for all to listen and get into the spirit of Christmas, which is around the corner. And with that spirit going on, every fellow citizens will begin their early holiday shopping to prepare festive feasts and glorious gifts to give out to their beloved family and friends all around.

Finally, December has arrived, and the true holiday spirit has just begun and choirs start to raise their voices once again as family and friends began to gather around in each houses and churches to rejoice and celebrate the goodness of each gifts that they are about to receive. Chilly weather is officially here as well and on a very cold night, lights began to turn on in every little town around the world and every adults will run around shops and malls, shopping around every stores that carry clothes, toys, and many other valuable items to give to their loved ones, while children seizes their day by simply running around the snowy area and play snowball fight. Or even build a snowman, like any youngster or young at heart usually would. As days go by, Christmas Eve comes and it is that time when families take time off of work and gets the opportunities to spend Christmas with their each and every beloved members and celebrate the joy and happiness that has triumphed over rage and sadness, thanks to each and every wise message giving by those who have experienced it all. Heck, even experience itself is the true teacher to every individual who is venturing out in the real world by foot. And after that, Christmas Day comes in and every person discovers many great gifts they can ever receive in his or her lifetime. If you were to ask me, I believe two of the greatest gifts any person can ever receive is love, that is surrounded by beloved family and friends, and redemption, that is something we need for a new year ahead. A good chance for us to relive our lives and start over to make things better and new. After all, the future ahead remains a mystery while we are aware that spring will regrow, just like us living on Earth.

Bottomline, two of my favorite seasons are Fall and Winter. For me, those months bring so much joy and magic into my life. As well as everyone else's in their lifetime. Whether it'll be thrilling and chilling, it's always something to be excited for. I mean, tis the season, am I right?

November 06, 2021 02:33

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