Sad Inspirational Romance

My name is Maya Ophelia Wartenz, I am 30 years old, I have one boyfriend, Martin Oswald , yes I was named after the talented Dr Maya Angelou and a character from the legendary Shakespeare’s play Hamlet and I love order, a schedule and a plan upon a plan and I am a Librarian.

My alarm clock beep once I turn and sleep on my stomach and do five push-ups,

 It beeps twice I turn and do six sit-ups

 It beeps thrice and I get off bed and make my bed in the meanwhile I discard my clothes by the time I reach my washer to load my pajamas I turn to my wardrobe and pick my beige ankle-length dress and my almost ancient navy boots and toss it to my couch,

Hit the shower and spend five minutes(it’s a minute longer since today is Tuesday and I had to wash my hair)

I head to my room, spin drying my body and stylish my towel-dried hair(blows out a breath) (The struggles of being blonde)

I wear my dress,careful not to dislodge my messy bun and pay no heed to the fact that I am bra-less fortunately I have a young boy’s chest and I can go commando and no-one can see or question me , I almost jump into my boots and apply a lip bum on my lips, take my keys and lock my flat.

A minute and a half I am at the bus stop and groan inwardly when I realize Mr Marthinus is here and he will definitely talk me up at least five minutes which means I will have fifteen minutes to call Martin and find out what he’s up to in China.

“Great weather neighbor” he said showing his toothless smile

“Indeed it allows people to go out and disturb other peace loving people” She spoke to his left ear because it’s bad and he won’t pressure her to speak some more

“See you I guess, I just came for the paper” He left her all alone on the bus stop

She quickly dialed Martin’s number and waited five excruciating minutes it took before he heard his voice

Martin: Hy Mar

Maya: Hy Mat, how is the investigation going on?

Martin: (coughs) Its real honey uhm sorry I meant to say Maya this new disease travel fast and it kills the host in a blink of an eye

Maya: It’s okay you can call me sweet things I know being with me must be hard but that will change when you come back I promise

Martin: I know my time is almost up but I want you to know that I love you My Fairest Maya,(coughs) I don’t want you say the words now but I want you to know that I love you with all my might and if I could, being here has shown me how little time is and we should treasure every precious moment we’re given.(coughs) I love you Honey and I am glad to have such a person in my life

Maya: (in tears) Please make sure you wear warm clothing your coughing is persistent, just get back Buster and I will tell you how I feel about you, promise?

Martin: If it’s within my might I promise

A minute later a bus stops for her and she hurry inside and sit one seat behind the drive, her favorite seat pulls out her to do list and continue planning Martin’s surprise

Guests: Martin’s friends all invited and has accepted

          Martin’s Pastor booked and confirmed invite

        Martin’s sister declined since she’ll be in Venice but agreed to video call him

My friends? Rose can be told a minute before and Lord know she’ll be there

Venue: Cleaned and decorated

Food: Orders placed and paid for

Cake: I need to check with Fiona

Suit: Clean, Fitted waiting to be worn

Dress: Flip I forgot about my dress, what kind of a bride will I be ? The one who walks down the aisle naked? Wait until the Journalist get my second name and I will be ridiculed

Okay calm down

How about white lace dress?

Satin princess gown?

Ballroom gown?

White? Red? Black?

I don’t know a thing about fashion I think I should ask Rose anonymously else she’ll go overboard and steal my show

Lingerie: Martin loves red I think lacy red will do wonders for our wedding night I hope I don’t fumble after all I have never done this before but I am sure Martin will know what to do I am positive else we’ll make it ours

She returned her writing material to her bag and pressed the bell

A minute later she was standing in the robot, waiting for it to turn green,Green it turned after fifty five clicks and she crossed and made it inside the Library,placed her bag on the table and switched on the lights, first her desk, then the kitchen, the restrooms finally the Library halls from the Kiddies Corner to the Adult erotica section. She sat on her desk and checked her emails replying to the ones that needed her priority and delegated the ones that weren’t her priority.

It was midday when she opted for a cup of coffee but somehow the whole cup ended on her dress, she rushed to the restroom and she slipped on the floor and injured her leg, she felt her rosary on her base of her neck and started praying holding on too tightly on it when the beads fell on the floor and she was on her knees again, she felt an in explainable pain in her heart, she was certain something was wrong , too wrong.

The door opened and a pain-stricken Rose entered with tears down her usually made-up face

“You’ve got to see this Maya it’s …” She said blowing her nose in the tear-stained tissue on her face

She opted to crawl following her leg was stiff and probably bleeding because of the impact of the fall but she felt like she had to see what made Rose broke down

She turned the corner and was amazed to see Martin’s photo on the news with caption


News Reporter: Mr Oswald is said to have died after contracting this deadly virus after befriending Aola, a 12 year old who had…

Rose: Maya you’re scaring me are you okay?

Maya: (softly) Can I still marry him upon his return?

April 28, 2021 10:42

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Nancy Drayce
20:08 Apr 30, 2021

Hi Yvone! Congrats on 12 submissions! I hope you are doing good. I thought of you and wanted to open reedsy to check your newest story. I really like this one, the ending was really sad though... I am so glad you are active and writing! Keep up the good work!


Yvone Mthembu
18:13 May 01, 2021

Thanks 👍 It's good to have you back


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