Inspirational Coming of Age Bedtime

I looked up to see the sky with twinkling stars smiling down on me. I snorted when I noticed that I began making patterns and connecting random stars. I then see the constellation, Libra. I paused and thought about how different we were. She is said to be graceful and fair-minded while as I am clumsy and indecisive.

I stretched my right arm as if trying to reach the sky.

It's so far away.

As if it's an unreachable goal.

I let my arm down and let out a sigh.

What a pretty sky.

A rustle of leaves made me twist my body and rest on my stomach to see, Marshal shaking his head at me. I grinned at my brunette brother.

"What are you doing here, Libra? You're supposed to be in the kitchen, I don't know- Making cookies? Staring at the telly? Eating ice cream? You should have stayed inside the house. Do you know how angry mom can get?" He began to lecture as he sat beside me. His rough hands clasp to my small wrist. I rolled my eyes.

This boy, I swear.

I swatted him and pouted my small lips.

"Okay, okay, you caught me," I began to say, my hands up in surrender and then I flopped back to my back and turned my head to look at his blue eyes, "I just wanted a break, Mars"

"Yeah and I'm straight." He snorted, which resulted in me bursting into laughter.

Ever since he came out of the closet, he's been pretty open about it to me.

Not mom though. She still denies it and thinks that Marshal is still into girls and is just confused.

I snorted.

Confused my ass.

He then cheekily poked my side, making me slap his hand.

"Don't you dare!" I glared at him playfully, beginning to sit up and ready to run.

"Oh, I dare. Libra!" Marshal pounced and I shrieked as he held my waist when I tried to stand up.

"No! haha! Mars-aha-shal! s-stop!" My laugh was a mix of snorts and hysterics.

I sound like a crazy person when I laugh, I know.

Marshal seems to know my feet neck is ticklish and attacked it while I shrieked and begged him to stop.

He just stated, "Barter."

So that's what it is.

My dinner is gonna get eaten by this buffoon.

I swear, this boy is gonna be the death of me.

"LIBRA CORTEZ GORDON! GET YOUR SICK ASS BACK HERE IN THE KITCHEN!," The shrill shriek of Lily, Libra's mother rang out of the back door," Oh! And Marshal, Dinner's ready!"

Both Marshal and I froze and looked at each other, our faces matching the dread were feeling. I really couldn't stop myself.


Mama Lily is mad.

and If we don't get to the table in the next three seconds,

we're gonna have our asses whipped.

Marshal rose an eyebrow, "Bet?"

"Blueberry cake." I started

"Make it a strawberry." He negotiated,

I turned to the house and grinned,

"My part in the roasted turkey"

Mashal grinned back and we shook hands,



I pushed Marshal and quickly ran to the house. He shouted curses at me while I laughed as the air blew my face. My black cap falling off and letting my bare head feel the cold air. My mother, Lily, is standing outside with a ladle and her apron, looking very mad.

"Ma, I just-"

"Young lady, do you know what could have happened if you got an attack in the middle of the field without any of us knowing?!" Lily all but scolded me. "If you had another attack we would be in the hospital again! Paying bills! money being wasted!"

I looked down at my mudded shoes and my fingers started fidgeting. I don't like this part of my mom. Tears began to form in my hazel eyes.

I'm not gonna cry.

I'm not gonna cry.

I'm not gonna cry-

My mother continued to glare at me, " I don't want to pay any more hospital bills, Libra. You have four siblings who are in college and need money." Lily then sneered and turned around, "It would have been better if you just died in the hospital."

Shit, that hurt so bad.

I waited until she closed the door at me and began to cry. I ducked and pressed my hands to my face. My brown eyes watering like there's no tomorrow.

I didn't want to be sick.

I didn't want cancer.

I didn't want epilepsy.

I didn't want expensive medicine.

I didn't want to stop school.

I want to finish college too.

I want to go out and have fun too.

I want to be happy too.

I want to be normal too.

A hand on my head reminded me that Marshal was still here. I looked up to see him in a stern yet soft face. I then threw myself at him and he hugged me readily. I sobbed softly as he rubbed circles on my back.

"I s-should ha-have d-died, Mars" I whimpered in his chest.

I felt his arms tightened and he began to tremble.

"You're just fine the way you are, sis." His voice steady and strong, "You're strong. You can get through this."

I smiled softly and placed my head on top of his left shoulder, looking at the stars and the constellations. The libra glowing softly in a distance.

She is graceful.

I'm clumsy.

She's cooperative.

I'm stubborn.

She's diplomatic.

I'm hindering.

she's fair-minded.

I'm selfish.

she's social.

I'm an introvert.

I could list all my flaws here all day and could go one the next day.

I'm that bad. I'm that erroneous. I'm that unfitting of my name. I'm-

"You're strong, sis. Don't worry I'll take care of you." Marshal's shaky voice snapped me out of my daydream.

I hugged my brother tighter, his brown lock falling in my eyes.

I blew at it and accidentally hit Marshal's ear, causing him to groan and shake me.

I smiled and looked at the sky full of stars.

They don't look so far away now.

I whispered to Marshal's ear, ever so softly.

"Thank you, Mars."

July 24, 2020 01:17

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05:30 Sep 01, 2020

Wow! Great story


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Deborah Angevin
14:15 Jul 31, 2020

The short sentences in the middle of the story convey the emotion really well... I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Would you mind checking my recent story, "A Very, Very Dark Green"? Thank you :)


Quill Porter
05:45 Aug 07, 2020

Thank You! I would love to read your stories❤


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